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interlude [L2J] Lineage 2 Ghost X100


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XP Rate: 100x

SP Rate: 100x

Adena Rate: 300x

Spoil Rate: 2x

Drop Rate: 3x

Safe Enchant : +3

Weapon Max Enchant : +16

Armor Max Enchant : +16

Jewels Max Enchant : +16

Normal Scroll : 65%

Blessed Scroll : 75%





Interlude skills working 99%

Auto-Learn Skills

Balanced Classes

Wedding System

Clan Hall System

No Clan Penalty

Castle Siege System

No Weight Penalty

Grade Penalty

Sub-Class System

Hero System

Duel System

Augmentation System

All Noblesse Skills

All Hero Skills

All Augmentation Skills

Retail-Like Enchant Skills System

Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 2 Hours

C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills

Interlude Skills 99% Working

All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters

All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations

Unstuck Command 15 seconds

Protection Spawn 7 seconds






Custom NPC Announcer

Server  Info NPC

Top Players List NPC Info

Custom Gatekeepers

Global Gatekeeper

Clan Raid Boss Teleporter

Raid Boss Teleporter

Epic Boss Raid Informer

Castle Siege Teleporter

Vote Shop

Gm Shop

Town Buffer

Scheme Buffer

Wedding Manager

Life Stone Trader

Class Manager

Dyes Manager

Donation Manager






1) Cave Of Trials: Safe Farm Area

2) School Of Dark Arts: Farm Zone 

3) Abandoned Coal Mine: Farm Zone

4) Primeval Isle: PVP Zone 1

5) Primeval Wharf: PVP Zone 2

6)Pavel Ruins: Moonstone Farm Zone

7)ACM:Spoil (Life Stone) Farm Zone

8)Crypt Of Disgrace: Moirai Farm Zone

Custom Starting level

Custom Spawn for new characters

AIO Buffer

Custom Events

TvT Event

CTF Event

DM Event

TW Event.

Events every 2 hours.

Vote Coin

Customized Cloak: Mage Cloak / Fighter Cloak | HP/CP +1000

Moirai Armors

Moirai Coin

Custom Messenger in every 5 pvp kill in row

Custom Legend aura for 20 kills in a row

PvP Color System

Raid Boss Respawn Announce





.deposit / .withdraw





Olympiad Battles time - from 18:00 To 00:00(GMT +2).

Olympiad Period - 1 week.

New heroes appears  every  Tuesday 12:00(GMT+3).




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