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interlude [L2J]L2 Insignia


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Hello and welcome on L2J Insignia, will be a pvp-pve mixed server so we start
Rates: x35 Exp,SP
Item drop x 1
Adena drop x20
Safe +3 
Max +16
All rates are retail, blessed,crystals
Gatekeeper (You pay for teleports)
Npc buffer (Got all buffs except Cov,Summoners) only prophets,Songers,Dancers
Minutes that buffs are staying are: 60 mins
Cov, prophecies 5 mins  and summons (Retail Like)
No custom items:
S grades will be Obtained with Adena or craft

Armors will be with Adena and only... (high prices, armor/weapon)
Team vs Team (reward 10kk Adenas)
Gm events will reward with S grade equipment (All types) or scroll 
Subclass - Need quest
Nobless - Need quest
Boosted Adena zone will be ketra orc and the drop will be around 2million - 2,5 milion adena (After 1 week of uptime)
No Special pvp zones, i guess the high rate zones will be a massive war zone so retail is better as staff decided
Donations will be opened after 1 week of uptime and the list will be
Donations will be high priced and not over enchant check our site when its up it will be just armor / weapon s grade
Nothing Else

TvT top player will get extra 5kk adena
tvt times will be : 8pm (lithuanian time) 9 and 10


some grand boss quest items will be in shop also Bog can be farmable and bought from gm shop

Ancient adenas will be the new currency so catacombs will be a playable place too


# Full time - a fight + wait (default 10 minutes)
AltOlyBWait = 60
# Waiting for the battle (by default 5 minutes)
AltOlyIWait = 60
the only non retail configuration on oly
Edit: Decided to set teleporting free.. so you wont give adenas for teleport


Discard items is setted not in use
Offline trade/Craft enabled but after restart they wont be restored
Songs like champion,renewall wont be in buffer same for ressists 
Dances like siren Aqua Guard etc wont be in buffer
Mammon Spawn will be announce
Castle Lords will be announced
Olympiad is retail like except Wait time will be instant 
A gm will check everytime olympiad is on cause we wont delete class based games
1st from cat and costs adena 1000
2nd from cat and costs adena 10000
3rd Quest


You can augment your weapon but skill chances to get a skill are 0 so no skills on our server!!! No active no Passives..
Auto learn skills
No auto pickup
Site  www.l2-insignia.l2jfrozen.com


we wait for the dns activition


Servers Live Today at 22:00 GMT+2

Vote reward only for hopzone and you will get a vote coins that you can only buy accesories nothing else, this feature will be added after 1 week of uptime and approval
Max subclasses are retail like




server patch http://www.mediafire.com/download/717b9vv0912yrrf/L2+insignia+patch.rar

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Server goes live in the next 2 hours patch is on the topic, site is ready will be up in next few hours we wait the dns activision so download it from here and w8 for live  http://www.mediafire.com/download/717b9vv0912yrrf/L2+insignia+patch.rar

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Update: Player reported that Quest/spoil and drop rates was low indeed we just forgot on change them while we gave basics to other problems



x15 drop

x2 Q reward

x5 Quest Drops

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