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I decide to create this topic so people can find w/e they want here and don't search to all pages for codes!


P.S. I make this topic with shares only with "Code" Prefix!


[GR]Αυτοματο Hidden Drop Event By Rizlaaa

Bug Report NPC For L2JFrozen ExCaLiBuR®

PvP Skills Reward By An4rchy

[Hot] Anti-bot protection for L2J (better than lameguard) By KderD64

Custom Clan Halls By borntobeahero

Clan War Zone (l2jfrozen) By `Romeo

Announce Clan Leader Login By Ta®oS™

L2J Players Statistic Script,very good By Memorials

Trance's Rebirth Manager By Tяαnce

Achievments Engine Interlude By madarismenos

Hiding Behind the Truth(Quest) By Zake

Auto Announce Online Players By Dεbian

Icon Parser for Interlude By xdem

LeaveBuster By An4rchy

Hopzone & Topzone Vote Reward Systen By An4rchy

Uber Cancellation By An4rchy

Bug Report Manager By valanths1990

DressMe for aCis By xdem

Rank PvP System 3.6.6 [iL-H5] By matthewmaster04

Mass Siege Informer By Dεbian

.Repair Character Voice Command By Aurora

PK Cleaner NPC By Lekino

Hero (+Clan) Manager By `Heroin

LoL Flash to L2 By An4rchy

Donators Skills By Lekino

L2WalkerProtection Fix! (Anti-Bot) By ◦Cobra◦

Alternative Damage for Dagger Skills By xAddytzu

The new subclass stuck skills protection By ScRaB4ever

GM (Battlefield) Announcements Interlude. Rights `Heroin By papaditsa

.xpoff .xpon Commands By Revail

Ping System(Ping Count) By NikosP

Admin Voiced Command //recallall By Tokenlt

Famous Player Engine By Fanky

Olympiad Anti-Feed,The Smart Way By ScRaB4ever

Mob Drop Panel Freya/H5 L2JServer By LioNa

Solo Event By An4rchy

Automated Text System On Enterworld By TheOldOne

The Real Anti AFK TvT System (Freya) By MIDNIGHT

Custom PvP Zone (Freya-H5) Up-Dated By NeverMore™

Inhabitans of the forrest of the dead (Quest) By Zake

GM Yellow(Battlefield) Announcements By `Heroin

Animated Color Tittle By Nost®adamuک

Vote Reward System(FREYA) By GoldenBoy™

Advanced Party Teleporter By `Heroin

Enchant System For Custom Servers By xAddytzu

PC Bang Points Event By vagos123

Voiced Command .heal .cancel By ◦Cobra◦

Add Exp And Sp At PvP By ◦Cobra◦

Screen Message By ◦Cobra◦

Double Exp/Sp in Saturday By sefirot909

Freya Hopzone/Topzone Vote Reward By extr3me

DeathMatch Event By Emrys

Sell Buff System 1.9.0 (Interlude) By matthewmaster04

[FREYA] TvT Commands By FFs

Fame Manager By xAddytzu

Voice Command TvT CTF For L2Emu By ◦Cobra◦

Clan Notice System By Rizlaaa

Christmas Gift Java L2J Server Full Core By ◦Cobra◦

Custom Class Master [JAVA] By ◦Cobra◦

Press On Item,And it show HTML Code By ◦Cobra◦

NPC Crest For IL By sokianos

Killing Spree (L2JFree) By ◦Cobra◦

Hero mxc On Epic Set Wear By Lekino

Special Shift Click Panel, Drop/Spoil/Quest [Reworked For Freya] By Aurora

Pvp Clan Leader Reward System By ourat1995

[interlude][Event] Blessing of Experience By Colet.-

[share] Dimensions System By Pauler

Siege Pvp Reward System By ourat1995

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Good Job man! Thks ^^  O0

Thanks mate :)

They junked my AIO with 100+ shares becouse And it was sticky.



i think i remember this AIO and was helpful but i search before somedays cauz i wanted to find some codes and never found it and it was bored to search one by one code that's why i decide to make the AIO shares..

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