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RiSiCO's Hack Faq





If you are unsure about anything or are new to this subject then please take a few moments to read through this Faq and get to know the inside and out of the beautiful thing we call hacking.


If you have any queries after reading the Faq then please don't hesitate to leave a post in the Support section of the specified game, if it doesn't have a support forum just post it in the main area or PM me or any Manager/Supervisor online and they will be happy to help you out.





Q. What is a hack?

A. A hack is an executable file that injects into your chosen game. Most hacks will provide you with a Wallhack, Aimbot and ESP and other features that I will go into later. The hack is generally used to give you an advantage over your fellow players and if used well, you can be classed as a very good player.





Q. Is it possible to be caught using a hack?

A. Unfortunately you can be caught by the numerous anti-cheat systems in games such as VAC (Valve Anti Cheat), which is the anti-cheat for Steam games such as Counter-Strike Source and 1.6. Punkbuster, which is the anti-cheat for Americas Army and Battlefield and there are other various anti-cheat systems out there for most popular online games. You will most likely be caught if using an old hack, so I suggest never using a hack that is more that 1-2 weeks old (depending on the popularity of it).




Q. Is it possible to have hacks that are anti-cheat proof?

A. Yes, these hacks are called Private Hacks and can be found on numerous websites on the Internet. Sadly these hacks don't come free and you can be paying anything from $30 to $100. If you are looking for a private hack ******** strongly recommends it's closest affiliate sourceindustries.net. They have the best quality hacks at great prices.




Q. What sort of features do most hacks have and what do they do?

A. The average hack will have a Wallhack and Aimbot. Along with a menu that will give you access to the ESP, Anti-Flash/Smoke and No Recoil plus many more features. Now that I have confused you I will go into detail.


Wallhack - The Wallhack is the main hacking feature in all hacks. It will show you where people are before they get to you. You will either see them through the wall via an ESP (more info on ESPs below) or you will be able to see through the transparent wall if you have installed material Wallhacks. It basically give you the advantage of seeing your enemy before they see you or get to you. Nifty eh?


Aimbot - The Aimbot is the other main hack feature in all hacks. When activated the Aimbot will automatically aim at the enemy, great for close quarter battle or long range precise shots. Instead of having to aim yourself you will effortlessly be able to kill your opponent in just a couple of shots. Although there is a downside to this wonderful device. Setting a hack up can be difficult so if you need help with setting yours up don't hesitate to let us know in our support sections.


ESP - ESP stands for 'Extra Sensory Power' or 'Extra Sensory Perception'. The ESP is 1 of the main functions of your hack. It works along side the Wallhack and is the text that tells you the enemy's name, distance and weapon. The ESP can be setup via the hack menu. You can choose how small you want the text so it's easier to work out the enemys name etc. It also shows you where the dropped weapons are and there names. Each object targeted by the ESP has a different color. For example - a terrorists name will be red whereas a dropped grenade will be yellow. The ESP is an easy function to get used to and soon enough it will be a huge part of your game.


Anti-Flash/Smoke - This is the ability to not get Flashed or see through thick Smoke. Once activated, the hack will remove the particles that make you blind when flashed or get rid of the Smoke particles completely as if it wasn't there in the first place. These functions should be used with caution though because if you are trying to look legit and you own someone while Flashed, it will look to suspect. Or when you snipe or headshot someone through thick smoke because you can't see it. That will also look suspicious. So once again, use with caution.


Anti-Recoil - This is the ability to remove all Recoil from your gun. This means when you shoot your gun will have no movement therefore making the bulleting spray in 1 direction on 1 spot. Basically, this is the perfect shot. But once again, there is a downside to this feature. It is viewable by spectators. For that reason I choose not to use it as it is to obvious.


Other features include the ability to Bunny Hop by keeping the Space bar pressed down. The ability to Speed by pressing the designated button. This will make you run at insane speeds, which is always fun! The ability to change your Crosshair to a more appropriate 1 for aiming. The ability to spin round fast which often makes you hard to hit and freaks other players out. The ability to shoot faster with your Pistol by keeping the shoot button pressed down. There are many more features on hacks and you can find them out by accessing the hack menu, often by pressing Insert. Or you can read the readme.txt to get the info on the hack.



Q. How do I install a hack?

A. This is often just a case of extracting the hack folder to your desktop and injecting you .exe by double clicking it. Make sure the .exe and the .dll are named the same, other the wont inject correctly. It is as simple as that.


If you are installing a material hack you will have to put the material files into the specified directory. Usually these hacks will come with directions to read them carefully. Don;t worry though, you can't brake your game by putting files in the wrong directory's. Material hacks are mainly for Source games though so this may not be the case for you.




Q. What is a material hack?

A. You will usually find a material hack for Source games. These hacks replace your game texture files with texture files that make the walls/floors/doors etc in the game transparent. Therefore making you able to see through them at your enemy's. If you install one of these don't worry. They are completely VAC Proof and nobody can see them except you. Although you can be 'kicked' from a server if using them if the servers consistency settings don't allow the type of file in your materials folder. Being kicked is not being banned.




Q. Where can I find hacks?

A. If you need to know this then you must be stupid because your on a hacking site. But nevertheless I will tell you anyway. You can find most gaming hacks at specified sites on the Internet that focus on the sole purpose of providing hacks for the cheat scene. You are currently on the #1 Hacking Site now, so I suggest you head to our Cheat DB if you a re looking for hacks.



Q. How do I activate my hack?

A. This is usually the process of injecting your .exe. Go into your hack folder and double click the .exe . Then open your game. It's as simple as that.




Q. Is it possible for me to be infected by viruses from hacks?

A. Yes, there are some shady coders out there and they will go to the length of putting Malware and Trojans into they're hacks. I suggest you scan your hacks before injecting them if you think the hack you have is infected. Two good websites for scanning your hacks are virustotal.com and for a more thorough scan go to norman.com/microsites/nsic/Submit/40980/en.


There are also a few things you can do yourself to check if your hack is virus free. You can scan it with your own AV such as NOD32 and AVG etc. You can also use other Security Programs such as Windows Defender and Ad-Aware. Check on forums or use Google to search the hack and see if their are any reports of it being infected or dodgy.




Q. I think I have the wrong keyboard setup, how do I change it?

A. To do this go into your Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel) and choose Keyboard. Choose 'Language'. Choose the language and properties you want and click apply to finish.




Q. My hack is in a .zip/.rar file. What do I do?

A. You will have to unzip your hack. Firstly you will need to download Winrar. Go to rarlab.com and download the latest version.


Once downloaded your hack will be zippable. Go into the .rar and drag the contents of the folder onto your desktop. A process will occur and your file will be extracted to your desktop. If they are scattered everywhere make sure you organize all the components into a folder. Making sure the .exe and .dll are together.




Q. My hack says Dll not found, what do I do?

A. This means your .exe isn't with the .dll or the .dll doesn't have the same name as the .exe. Simply put the .exe in the same folder as the .dll and make sure they are both names the same. (Example - Hack.exe and Hack.dll)




Q. I can see the Hack's ESP working but I cant get the menu to show, what's wrong?

A. Most likely its your screen resolution, check that its 1024x786 or above.




Q. How can I tell which version of Windows I have? (Relating to 64bit problems)

A. Go to mvps.org/marksxp/WindowsXP/xp64.php and download the script and run it. It will tell you.



Q. How do I make it look like I'm not hacking?

A This is different for each hack you use. A rule of thumb is turn or all anti-recoil settings/no spread settings. Turn any auto-shoot settings off, set the aim-smooth setting to at least 4 and put the FOV as small as possible so that the thing doesn't spin around shooting people.




Q. Can I be banned by VAC from a demo?

A No! This is against steams stated policy so it isn't going to happen. Worst that can happen with a demo is that you get banned from that server or steambans servers.



Written by RiSiCO


- - - - -


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extremely good guide. Question:( I do not know if this is relevant to the topic but i will mention it-I think it is relevent)

fighter fx v 7.2 improved edition from this forum I have followed step by step what hax0r told me but when I press play FFX I enter the game and nothing appears. Why this hack file doesn t work on me??(cs 1,6) Can anyone try it and find out? thanks                    K4rma if you could thanks once again

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wow iv never seen a topic so full of just ty msg agreed is a great share but 2 pages of thank you msg's lol a lil much

Long time no see bud!

Topic is now cleaned.



Also whoever can't read this:

Written by RiSiCO


PLEASE don't reply!

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