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Duelist [H5 Only]

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You can view it better at:


So, this Guide was for sale (you could buy it and view it) and there were RU and EN versions. Now, it is shared for free. However, just in Russian Language. So, here is the English Language, and maybe an older version..

Also, don't know if I'll be able to fit the whole guide in here ^^






This is the second version of the once famous guide, that I wrote for my fans in 2011, March. Let's just say that it was my first introduction to the guide structure. And I'm not saying it was succesful or perfect.


HELL NO! - It was terrible in the literal sense, and before I posted it on the Defo's forum, I had to fix a lot of mistakes in the guide. Even after the release, I found a lot of bugs that should have been fixed.


This time, I put into it everything that I knew. And i decided NOT TO ALLOW the old mistakes to happen again, and to write a guide from nothing, based only on my experience. It will not have 50% of the content erased as last time, now it will be informative and interesting.




"But what about the copy - paste from my first guide on Defo's forum?


As many of you probably know already, I used to have my own personal and unique way of thinking that you couldn't find anywhere. What good would it make to copy EVERYTHING that has been already read a long time ago?


People want something new - and I will give it.


By the way, a little bit about the uniqueness of the New Guide ...





Selection of the server - it is always a very difficult decision, because you can not find the server that you like that would work as an official or would live for years as an official server.

  Therefore, I will describe as much as possible on this issue.




And just a little bit about the people on JAVA and PTS for the general perception of the subject.


Many people do not give a simple fuck where they are playing. They just enter to OverWorld (or equivalent LostWorld) as a complete jerk, as seen advertising "the most bitching, best of the best, all like on official" and they sit there like suckers. They do not even suspect that the performance of these servers doesn't even reach 60% of the functionality and performance that is on official servers.


And many people do not fuck with "WHAT" they are. "Well here is L2 and i don't care" - By this, I mean two types of platform, JAVA and PTS (L2OFF).


How many times was that people were not playing on official servers, in search of a new "best project for 2 months of life lost" are PTS HF5, and do not know what it is, but just see that everything works like on the official server (well, you'll be a fool if you see the word "OFF" and think it's fucking awesome!).


They come in and wonder about the bugs, because they see...absolutely the wrong L2. If they can kill everyone on JAVA, then on the PTS server they will fail arround, maybe not, but not as much as before.



'What do we see after the game on JAVA?


- Well...first, we have the charges disappear by themselves, you are naturally puzzled by the server and so it starts to bother you.

- Second, you clearly notice when using the TSS at the enemy, but he throws it and you can not use it again, because you do not have charges. You certainly can afford to at least pull your hair and break the teeth, but the charges on the official server are lost before you hit the enemy, and you understand that with time.



For our class is very important, where we play. It's like fuel for the Mercedes - it does not digest the shit.






o, what do we need to choose to get quality gameplay and movies for our class?

There is only one correct answer, and that is clearly not JAVA, and obviously not javaPTS built on JAVA...

The answer is - Official server.


And since we are talking about it, and you do not know how to determine which platform you're playing, it is possible to learn from p.11 Results and Advices. "Define a server platform"


What is better? You can write the whole day long, but I just point out and show obvious defects pirate version of the server.




Java - it is in the first programming language. On that language was written a pirate version of L2 server and was called "Java Server", it's more flexible, eating less resources. And perhaps at the last stop.


Why less? because it is not just another programming language, the server machine calculates the data several times smaller.




A bit of my thoughts...


By default only NCSoft and Innova have official server build (L2off), and it was created in multiple languages, more complex, including C+ +.


Therefore, people are beginning to create their own, absolutely without proper experience, and most of them have not played and do not play on official servers, and that THEY CAN NOT KNOW how that should work. Most of the admins can only read about it from the goha and l2guru portals.


Consequences - many people are playing in JAVA servers and are walking in ignorance, without even knowing it ...


Do you think the admins of Asterios and OverWorld are playing on a official server? If they were just little gamers like you and me, they wouldn't have created this shit called L2 Java and called themselves the best servers there are with the best files. Asterios created, OverWorld stole and improved, even though the question is - what has he improved?


As it was created by shit it was left by shit: : Olympiacs aren't working properly, many skills are not working as it should, tilting and dropping back, what about the epic quest? - I do not say anything, there is darkness and a complete mismatch with the official.


Well, for example: For several years, the administration of Asterios project can not fix a bug with nonvanishing index of HP after a battle on the olympiad. My friend, who develops Java servers for many years (he is from Euro Off), fixed it in 10 minutes.

If that is so easy as he claims, then why Asterios/OverWorld administration can not fix these "bugs"? Because they haven't got a fucking clue as to how it should work!


And this is a function you can see on their banners? Think where you play.


'What's important for them is only getting your money, and what happens on the server - they don't give a flying FUCK about it.


Java servers - NEVER will operate at 100% on the official server...These are totally different people, teams, and of course the self-taught. And as it turned out above, most of them do not know the system of this game...And they hardly ever will.


Keep this in mind and look for the quality and functionality only on official servers, or on certain projects that have proven themselves.




Used to play alone? Can not find a team? You want to kill everything alone and keep the hero or even be a hero alone? All of your efforts - initially a failure. Remember when I wrote above that I will only write from experience? Here's the truth.



During the entire eight years of playing L2 and five years of playing for the duellist I could understand - that whatever happens in this game - we need to have a clan, guild or cp, we do not have to be alone and can not accomplish something in a solo, it's just a figment of your imagination.


What did I do when I had no team? When I first started? To get ahead, to outstrip rivals and even entire clans - you need to invest real money.



All official server celebrities became famous only because of their clan and their cash investments (excluding only those sooo few who played Theon and became famous there) and I even know them, I talked to them, and at the Olympics, they would have been nobody without their equip and support.



CP / Const-Pack


If you decide to find a non-large group, just for fun and exp/farm, then CP is for you.


But it is very important to remember, no need to search for CP on the forums of your server, usually all CP will fail before starting the server: Players simply forget about it. And those who stayed - sooner or later will scram.



How can this be avoided?

First, you should find a place in the clans, usually there are times when they need new members. It should not be fresh clans with randomized players, it should be an old clan/cp with experienced Members/Clan Leader.

Second, CP could create a man well versed in this, but it takes a long time, the selection of people - it's hard work.

Third, You can join the CP, if they need a DD.




Clan / Guild


So, what can be achieved in the clan, being more than a year in it and/or being one of its creators?

To reach it's essence can be VERY MUCH. It all depends on which answers and actions you will choose throughout the life of the clan.


If you are PL(Party Leader), what will you give to the clan? One of the most important tasks of the clan - the distribution of loot. Each pack has its own place for the epic jew, the first are usually the ones who are important in the mpvp/pvp, on the farm, and in clan life.


Of course, the first will be the clan leader CP, then his deputy (or one of the founders of the clan), and after that are less useful cp in skill and in gear...It's important not to be in the end, otherwise you will not benefit from clan.


Why people create clans and how to show themselves in clan?

For dominating. Not everyone can do that, but many who have a lot of time and nerves of steel, as well as who have the necessary experience.


I once witnessed a man who created CP on the once known as "The Online" project, from it he created a clan, then he joined the other clans and they kept the entire server without giving even a farm in the Aden free spots leveling and killing anyone who tried to take a sub-class in TOI, but about the epic, I do not say anything...These clans have completely dominated the entire server (about 4k ppl online). Now - this is the known guild.


Such leaders and tactics - become legends in this game, and enough of them, but they are really very few people known, and need to find just such clans, because in them you will settle for a long time. But to only get there - not enough. You need to show off, you should notice that you have the boost on the Olympus.


And if you think that exping chars for the clan is "expressing yourselves", then you are mistaken. You should manifest itself in a battle: the siege, in Daily PvP, on Olympiad Games. And if your PL and CL notices that you are not a noob and you can be useful, then one can assume that the way to the rise in the clan has started...But that's not enough, clan members should respect you, or at least stand for you.




The three main questions:




Many people are disgusted with just one thought of Donator's, that it's easier for them to kill the extra 60 hours on the farm.


Duelist - is a very expensive class, and often requires investments both moral and financial.


If we want to be the best in the class - we are either going to play for 40 hours without sleeping on the energy drinks, or going to sleep normally while paying for the entire equip. This will help us to take the hero, exp faster than our enemies, etc.


Both options are retarded if you're going to throw more than 200-300 $ for pixels, which will disappear after 2 months of life on the server, so I do not advise donate on freeshards, you must donate on official servers, so you can be sure that your money is not wasted and after 5 years.



In the 21st century, electronic transfers - no news for this generation, any online currency converter works with banks (such as WebMoney, PayPal, Yandex-money, etc.), it suffices to have a bank card or e-mail account (WebMoney, Yandex-money) recharge and replenish cards or via terminals (which are now in almost every shop and bank).



To speed up the leveling. Earlier is pumping and getting dressed - had us run forward, so it works. Now, every solid player invests, each third RU OFF player - invests money, be sure of it.


But, for many people, it is better to sit for many hours without getting up 30hours. Others will pay to don't do it.


Both versions are kinda crap, and often people choose the second one.



It is impossible to measure, money is never enough.





Topic is intended for beginners.



Initially, this topic should not be here, but by popular demand, I wrote it. Here I will show the approximate buffs that MUST be on the farm or a gang, or their equivalents.


Buffs - The most important piece, without which we can not play the way it was intended by the developers. Each buff enhances certain stats, some decrease them. The way to win are the right buffs.


Consider the standard buff to farm for low-rate:




Taken as an example PP buffs without combo buffs to make it clearer. There are also combo buffs (Attack+Defense / Crit.Power+Crit.Chance / Vampiric+Haste / Evasion+Speed / BlessedBody+BlessedSoul etc.). Each class has their own combo buffs, and most of them are used in CP/clans and in gangs or farm to reduce the time buff, buff slots free and save MP.




Consider the buff in the cp:




For example: combo buffs, +WC buffs, +EE buffs, +PP buffs (Elemental and CC). PP may be off. party member and simply buff by cd.


It is already possible to notice the changed buff SWS: on the Gangs you don't need Hunter, as he is responsible only for normal attack, also Renewal/Champion was added, because it is necessary for us in mpvp for the reuse of AOE skills. There are also possible more advanced resists, such as Song of Elemental.


Also on the gvg is often used Appetite (appetite for destruction (Appetite for Destruction)) or SOS (Spirit of Shilen). These two buffs significantly increase our attack power, so you can develop your attack power by 15k++ if combined with other buffs.


It can be: symbols, sub skills, cat and dwarves buffs etc.




The choice of gear - always was, is and will remain an important issue for new players.


In this topic, I'll try to describe all the maximally informative PLUSES and MINUSES about all armor, weapons, and ammunition throughout the desired overall and show it by example.






We will consider the four options of armor: Vesper / Vorpal/ Elegia ? Moirai.





Vesper - Low S84 Armor.


Certainly in the first version there are much more followers than Moirai, not only because it is beautiful, as well as due to the fact that it's stats are suitable for almost everyone and they are honest and good.

But it will be able to afford stubborn players who set a goal, or the rich. Since then we need to upgrade Noble means about 2k, but it is by the standards of X3 700-800kk.


Well, first of all, it is worth noting that this armor stats are immediately apparent: +2 STR / -2 DEX - this is exactly what we need. It is ideally suited for our paint and offset the loss of running articles (+5 to the running speed).


Also that the efficiency can be noted, increases in 540 HP and root/sleep resist by 70%. A 1% to the mage def and 4 accuracy.


Besides, it gives us 5.57% to attack and defense - and that, at times, is better than Moirai, which prevents DEF, but also cuts our con.


Minuses: That means we are without Stun ressist, the Solution for this problem is Epic Jewels + Oly Jewels, with those jewels we can wear our VNHeavy without any problems in Oly.





Moirai - Top S80 Armor.


Why does it have a lot more people? First, the need for protection from the stun, if CON is lowered. Second, this S80 armor makes it easier at times, + you can wear the cloak without upgrades. Third, the attack speed boost. On the surface may seem nice, but it is not and you will get bored sooner or later.


One of the advantages can be noted only +50% stun resist , +4% attack speed and +4.26% to the attack power. Also, it gives 3 for each elemental resist the elements.


Minuses: Cuts CON, does not add HP, has a small amount of P.Def not only because of it's grade, but also because of it's stats.





Vorpal - Mid S84(S85) Armor


First, I must say that this armor is only for well-equipped characters (epics, duals++, etc.).


To get it is difficult - it's price several times larger than the preceding, but the stats...although there are big pluses, but there are also minuses.


From the obvious pluses, we can immediately note the large number of DEF and HP.

Further increase will amount to as much as 8.47% P.Def, that it's greatest in High Five, and it gained 5.57% attack power from Vesper and it's stats to run and accuracy, but they immediately above, instead of +5 speed, then we have the +7 speed, which again is suitable for our colors.


At the same time it gives a bonus of 541HP , +2CON and -2STR and at this we stop.


Many are simply crazy about the thought of lowering STR: "It will reduce our chances of crit hit," "It will lower our dohera damage" and of course "Only a complete noob would cut the CTP on a smooth". All this is not true and full of trash.


Many people do not wear this armor and argue that Vorpal are only for noobs and so on, I was a supporter of this until I decided to check and created my own theory about this.


So, what do we actually get from this armor? - A lot of HP and P.Def. It will make us more or less fat on the oly and allow more easy to win.


About how much is influenced by the attribute STR for our chance to crit. skill attack, I have described in the topic titled - STR Theory (Crit. Hit Chance)


Minuses: Cuts STR.





Elegia - Top S84(s86) Armor.


No doubt this is the top-end armor in the High Five chronicles, but is it really?


About the goodies: What immediately catches our eyes are the large amounts of STR +3, the biggest bonus item on the attack - 6.59%. We can immediately note that this armor is based on attack power and absolutely no responsibility for the protection that should be due to the lack of def bonus, but otherwise would not have been replaced this armor.


It also cuts -2CON, but it makes up for the addition of 550HP. That is the biggest gain in the chronicles of High Five. And it is not clear why, but it gives us +127 crit. chance, it is clearly not for our class, and the cell packed with ...


Also from the goodies, it gives 50% bleed, sleep and root resist.


About tests: Let's talk about pvp 1v1. For examples of different sets were taken, it is - Vorpal and Elegia, as you can see it live from one of my works Reveal. And as it turned out, Vorpal does not loose. As I wrote above, the attribute of the STR and its impact on the chance to crit. attack skill you can deduct from STR Theory (Crit. Hit Chance) topic.


Minuses: Cuts CON, does not add a p.def bonus.





For Olympiad, we can use all variants of armor.




For Farm, we can use Moirai, Vesper and Elegia.







We considered as the first of four additional options - our ammunition.





This shirt was and is the best of its kind. Many people give preference to boost CP for many reasons, but this shirt - the best for overclocking CP. Obtainable in every castle / fort.




Was put on the official servers, increases your stats. More on this you can read on L2Central


That's what I've got:

+4 = +1CON / +5 = +1MEN +7 Speed Passive Skill / +6 = +1INT +1 STR / +7 = +BSOE Active Skill 20 hours cd / +8 = +1WIT +1DEX




A very important component of acceleration at maximum damage. Difficult to get and wildly complicated, but worth it.




Replace thes empty slot for unnecessary Agathion bracelet, it gives us a limit on the five carried weight, it is useful to us in the Olympus. You can get it after you finished Epic Quest.






Selection of the epic jew - it is a very important step in leveling our character. Any brave knight or mage-student will try to get a jew, but only the most stubborn and nolifers heroes would get this.


For the Duelist, there are 3 top priorities jewelry, which are - Zaken, Frintezza and Antharas. This priority can not sidestep. It is from this jewelry to the success of our olympiad, farm, pvp, etc.


1. The first to get it is not difficult enough to have a powerful computer with a manual, or 2 kn with normal and powerful companies, the bottom line is loaded for the twins sunset to 61 Zaken, the day you can farm as much as it is enough to have a lot of 61+ twinks on the Farm + on entry to Zaken you need 72 people in Command Channel.


2. Frintezza will also get more complicated, and you need to have a two pack, for example: Melee + Archer Pack / Melee + Maga Pack. Why you need second pack? After the second stage, they will drag the situation, dealing melee pack + lead him to beat. Drop it is not 100%, this is instance, so that you get it much later.


3. About Antharas you can dream as much as you want. To try to get him anywhere, you have it, at best, will not be soon. So you can freely take Olympiad Earrings, may also come from the rest of the jewelry.







Choosing dyes for your character - it is always an important step, although not significant.


We can not have the dyes that we lowered the other stats, that is, respectively, take one, we get less in others. Fortunately we have something to cut it - DEX, and it is always be DEX, we have something to replace it - Talismans and Buffs.

On the screen my char stats from the latest video The Rebirth of Evil, I showed two sets and a choice of dyes, the correct choice of dyes.


Remember, only the professionals take -DEX. All those who did not do - stupid or just noobs. Because it is a system of Lineage 2, you want to be fast? - Play for TH. Gladiators MUST be slow, they were born SLOW, and that's why they are not to be penetrated. Slow speed does not make this class weak, and it is NORMAL, so why spoil it by drawing +DEX-CON?


Fact, but the duelist dies 60% faster with dyes -9CON, and the damage does the same.


The best dyes for High Five - +5 STR/+4CON/-9DEX, they were so still in the epilogue and the final.


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If we want to be more than equipped, and we want to be the best, we need to catch LS. This is a very long session, and it can easily spend days wasting billions and catch absolutely nothing of value.


But if we come upon good fortune - we rise to the server and we will add a great chance at taking hero.



PTS(L2OFF) - best LS skills for Duelist

1. The most important skill in our main weapon has always been there - Passive Clarity Lv3. It will give us 10% bonus to a decrease in the cost MP.


2. The second most important skill for the Olympiad - Refresh Lv3. It gives us +15% to the velocity of recoil of our skills that will enable us to beat the recoilless skill Sonic Buster(with macros).


3. The third, also an important LS skill - Heal Lv10It's max Power = 552, we need that skill for heal after BTB buff BTB (Bless The Body).


4. The last fourth major LS skill - Reflect Damage Lv3. It is a very important skill against the Destroyers and Tanks. It reflects 15% damage, +Ripost = 45% reflected damage back to the enemy. And if you happen to read somewhere that the HP does not give 15%, a whole 30%, then you just cheated yourself and listened to the fool.



JAVA - Top LS skills for the Duelist

Well there is not much difference, except Refresh, since it does not work with recoilless cd on java...






For the Olympics, we won't need a lot of equip. We will only need; Stick buff, buff respectively for the robe, and a different set of charms ...



Dark Crystal Robe

People choose DC due to the higher casting speed. In principle, it's totally indifferent to what kind of robe you Choose, the main thing is - that it wouldn't be below Grade A. You must be in robe after you go in stadium, you will not get extra MP for the buff wearing a robe already in the stadium.


Mental/Bless The Body

One of the most important components in the Olympic Games - sticks buff. First of all, we need a Mental, it gives resist to all kinds of anomalous effects, sleep, root, fear, Bluff, bleeding, blockage and etc.



You must have talismans for olys, but if you don't, you do it at your own risk and rely only on your luck and hands. You can not go without talismans if the rest of the server has it.


There are several important talismans for the Duelist which I will describe:


1. Divine Protection - greatly increases our P.Def and M.def for a short amount of time (about 8 seconds)

2. Life Force - full restoration of our MP and HP

3. Rescue - removes us from prohibiting the use of physical skills (eg slam from the Paladin, or DA)

4. Speed & Alacrity - passive talismans (they are always yellow). These talismans increase our attack speed and run speed, gives 10 speed, and as I wrote above, if we have -9DEX, then we will have about 170-173 run speed.

5. Maximum Clarity - Temporarily greatly decreases skill MP consumption when used. Effect does not stack with additional Talismans of the same type.







Skill enchantment has always been one of the most important element in upgrading your character.


Depending on what you choose - depends on your success, and usually it ends in failure - 60% of the cases.


After Freya update, much has changed, in particular our approach to skill enchantments. Some say it's better to enchant Duel (because the attribute does not punch anyone), second still remained faithful to the old attribute and its strength in PVE.


So, what do we need to choose? Who is right? But the truth is, that both sides are correct, but EACH side has its own pluses and minuses, as large and small.





Why did it take one? Why does it feel miserable others?


First, the enchant on Duel is complete garbage, BUT, with Duel enchant we can kill people with 1800 attribute easily. If so, why is it a shit enchant?


First, just want to note that AOE skill enchantment on Duel (Sonic Buster/Storm) is useless, because it only gives +5% DMG to our AOE skills. In addition, we need a skill enchant to +30 Duel, to reach that bonus +40% DMG on TSS/DSS etc. While at the same time, the attribute gives the entire 100% with 300 att in weapon (which is two times increases our attack power).


What do we do in this situation? We will not enchant Duel until we have our skills at least +23-25. Only a jerk can enchant all skills to a Duel +10 - this option doesn't give any damage or help with the farm to him.


But we have not figured out a pathetic 40% addition of damage (with +30 Duel), and what is Duel? It's modificated Power, but it works only in pvp/duel etc., and of course it gives more dmg than Power enchant, but if we want to make it work at 100%, we need a really big p.attack and top Duals+++. After all, we want to kill everyone from two strikes, don't we? But we can kill them only on olympiad with two strikes.





Attribute Enchant route is honestly a good Choice, its easier to farm even if you dont have Top-Duals.


The downside is that after the release of Freya, it became available to improve the armor to 1800 att, and at least one resist to 300 attribute, that completely interrupted our attack power with attribute, that's why people are reenchanting their skills to Duel, because of hopelessness.






Other Skills

We will consider several skills, such as: Duelist Spirit, War Frenzy and Wisdom


1. Duelist Spirit - two options available to us, such as the speed and power. Many people take speed, and they thinks if they faster than their enemies that they can do more hits from Sonic Buster...NOT TRUE, and who enchant to the speed are complete idiots - it's a fact of life.

Don't play on interlude servers. Starting from Gracia, each skill has it's own personal skill cooldown (cooldown/rollback), and if you increase your attack speed - it won't increase the cooldown speed, do not even try. We will just stand by and do nothing, because we used it so fast that we now have to wait until the skill is rolled back.


We must enchant only on Power, and it will be better if you enchant it to +30, then you will have 25% bonus to p.attack in pvp.


2. War Frenzy - We need to enchant that skill on cost, after +20-25, our MP is practically not affected by this skill, and it gives such goodies as: Stun Resist +15 and Sleep Resist +30.


Otherwise, if we enchant it on Power, we will lose about 14+ MP per second.


3. Wisdom - We have 3 options of enchantment, but we will enchant only on mental defense, it is very important in the current chronicles.




Since writing my last guide, a few things have changed.


We still need: Boost, Defense and Power/Speed. Or Boost, Defense and Defense.



1. Boost - There is only one good skill - CP Boost. It will give +738 CP, which is practically equivalent to the top CP shirt. In the end we have about 1500 additional CP. We can take it from Destroyer/Tyr/WL/Spoiler.


2. Defense - We have two options - Counter Barrier from Enchanter and UD from any Tank.


3. Power/Speed - from the affordable and powerful, we have Counter Spirit from Summoner and Counter Haste from Destroyer/Tyr etc.




About 80Lv Transformation


As you know, if our sub-class is 80Lv, it's possible to learn a transform from the Ivory Tower. We need only Divine Enchanter, from it we can take POF/COV


It's cooldown is 4 hours, but it can be reduced to 1 hour. Just a few people know about this trick - we only need 3 subs from ONE class (for example: Enchanter, Healer etc). Each of them has it's transforms. After that, we can increase transform level to 3, as a result we can use Divine Transform with 1 hour cd. But ofc we will lose some of the required sub-skills, we just replace them with others to have 1 hour cd for transform...







Duelist - a unique class, and it's attacks must also be unique. Any students that play for mage classes will do not understand this, they just have censel and they only can press censel by cd, but they also die by cd. Real warriors in the battlefield must use their experience, brains and hands to be the best - wich is, at times, difficult.


Why do we need combos? - initially, this class didn't have combo. It had a skills, combo created by players like me and you. Many players (like me) have created their own combos, they have improved over the years and made them almost perfect. It gives special style to our gameplay, like you can see on my movies.


I offer you my combo. Everyone knows who I am, everyone who reads the guide must have seen my gameplay. They know what represents this guide, these combo attacks.

They not only make you stronger, you'll looks more professional.



In total, over my 5 years of playing with Duelist, I have developed more than 50 different combo attacks, as a refresh or without, various rotations and movements to cause maximum DPS and more beautiful combo attacks, as well as with minimal losses. I will share some of them with you.




Let's start with the main rules from the combo attacks



1. Do not hit with normal attacks during the execution of a combo

2. Do not be slow during the execution of combo

3. Do not confuse the sequence of combo



See how I use these combo attacks in my movie

The Rebirth of Evil P1




Now you can proceed to the combos:





What? Are they awesome? So, with it we can carry out a series of combo attacks more quickly with the replacement of storm buster.










There are two types of correct information: Formula and Tests.


Done by the formula would be: (p.att+skill_power)*(0.8+charge_count*0.2)*70*(2)*1.101*/p.def



Below I will describe the precise information about the charges, it's percentage to add damage, etc. taken from my tests







Post will be given to errors that you and all we allow.



Nobody is perfect, to err is human, everyone makes mistakes during the olys/pvp, even in farm...and often you don't even see it.


We can't change it, but we definitely can reduce such incidents to a minimum by training.




1. Sonic Blaster + Sonic Storm

It often happens everywhere from beginners who do not have other pro Duelist support and learn from themselves and from their mistakes.


What is it fraught? - Loss of the right amount of DPS.




Such as the first option, but other skills. What is it fraught?


First, the loss of the right amount of DPS.

Second, the loss of charges that does not allow us to continue to beat in any case, even more so if we don't have Maximum Sonic Focus.



3. Forget about self-buffs

It's often such that on olys or in Daily PvP, we forget about the self buffs. How you wouldn't be bored, or whatever you carried away with the fight, you MUST remember about your buffs - it affects not only the success of the battle, but also personal satisfaction.



4. Sonic Rage

Well, no errors had here, but it is, and it's considerable.


What made this skill to beat the people on all consecutive forgetting the basic skills? There is even a video for example, and not one from this guy. What's the point? Nothing, absolutely.

Just stupid waste of time.


First, it's ugly and shows incompetence.

Second, the loss of time, where we could make a combo, but instead we just use charging. We have to charge as much as we need to add charges, but not as much as we want...






Perfect combo attacks, or what we need to do.



By writing the word "Perfect", I mean the combo without stammering (lags), without the non-skill strikes.


To avoid this we need to have macros for skills (/useskillforce), have a good ping on the server, as well as be quicker and more confident and you will have beautiful and accurate combo attacks.




This is probably the most important question for each player, we will extract information from a particular section of the "Secrets and Tricks"


But now the main thing - About Equip.





At the same time you can overclock the STR parameter, you can read about this in "Secrets and Tricks"





The point is pumped to quickly and inexpensively in SOLO. To do this, there are two ways: Single and AoE attacks


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We only need to choose the locations where the mobs are really weak, it's like: Sel Mahum Training Grounds (tp from Oren), even without the good equip and full buff, you'll kill entire packs of mobs, and a lot of them drop Herb.


The costs of soulshots and hp potions will be minimal, but the exp, drop adena and codex will only increase. Better to have elemental ATT and enchanted skills to ATT.




Single hits

Choose only those needed locations, which are intended for close combat, and fit our Weakness skills (skill against mobs)


To do this we must have -


1. Weapons (not below the Vesper+4) 300 ATT (preferably holy)

2. Good buffs including Counter Critical.


You will only lose the soulshots and sometimes hp potions.


Other methods exist and they are more profitable, but in solo are not available.





Here I'll describe how much effect these or other dyes, their bonuses and their importance. I'm not going to force anyone to change their preferences, I only show the results of the tests that I conducted personally.

All tests were performed on the official server LINEAGE2.COM HIGH FIVE









I am one of those who appreciate the STR parameter, and it's not strange, but tests show a quite sad result...that's why I put +5 CON and didn't regret about it.


Tests were carried out on another high level character in Vesper Heavy. Self buffs, we will use skill Sonic Blaster [ Duel +27 ]


Our data for the first time: Dyes: +5STR, 48 STR, 2787 attack. Damage: 1124 DMG

Our data for the second time: Dyes: NONE, 43 STR, 2431 attack. Damage: 1064 DMG


I confess I knew about this long ago - about 3 years ago when someone said that the STR doesn't give a very big bonus to the damage, and I decided to check it all personally.


Why do we highly appreciate it? About how much that stat effect on critical strike chance of our skills, we read in this topic "Theories." Now many may meditate on - why am I put on Vorpal Heavy for tests, which are honestly not just successful, they were perfect.


I have previously arranged similar tests in the earlier chronicles and ... tests didn't have very different results. The difference on Java and PTS is about 200-300 DMG.






In fact it is the most useless stat that we are continually cut toward the STR and CON.


When we add +5 DEX, we will get about +6 SPEED, if we cut down on -9 DEX - we lose about 8-9 SPEED, which can be replaced with talismans (Speed+Alacrity) - +10 SPEED.






There are 4 functions in this: Resist Stun, Boost Weight Limit, Mental Attack Resist and, of course - Boost HP.


About tests (without armor and epic, just dyes):


Stun: 49 CON = Hummer Crush +0 - 5/10 passed. / 44 CON = Hummer Crush +0 - 4/10 passed the first time. 3/10 passed the second time. 6/10 passed the third time.


Total: Resist Stun = MYTH, random decision.



Mental Attack: 49 CON + Vesper Jew +3 = Fear +0 - 7/10 passed. / 44 CON = Fear +0 - 9/10 passed the first time. 6/10 passed the second time. 8/10 passed the third time.


Total: Mental Attack Resist = MYTH, random decision.







Why did I write MYTH ? Because this HAS NO resist, which is written everywhere. It is also possible that it is so low (a few percent, 5-10%) that it simply isn't visible and can't be determined.






I'll write here about how to choose opponent with a decent amount of points (pts = points), how to recognize with who you are without help, how to buff, when buff / talismans and other buffs, and in the end - how to run and how to enter the battle from your spot.


This subject is very extensive, and you can talk about it for a long time, but I will try to reduce it, without harm to the information content.




1. Choosing the right opponent

Make it at random - really hard, we can get to the completely any enemy. But we make sure that this did not happen.


First, we do not immediately go to the Olympics. We must look closely to the participants, run by the city, check their score and write it all where you are more comfortable, so we will make a sample list of the people on whom we can feed and not waste our battles in nothing.


We need such classes as: Summoners, Duelists, Healers, Tanks (TK), and Tyrants with Daggers at your discretion.


After selecting the desired number of opponents, we are going to olympiad and see on the list of those people (with pts) who were added. Typically, these people themselves are looking for opponents and do not go every fight, so look closely, we see intervals in what is registered, and we register after him.


It is also worth remembering that in the olympiad you can not get to those who you would like to, but with those who can kill you, so check before signing to the Olympics for the presence of Farmer, if they are in combat - Green light given.



2. Identify with whom we are fighting

Identify with whom we have - not hard enough, just don't close the preview window with olympiad fights before you go to the stadium. it is very important to get the target before the fight with our opponent to take advantage of time and speed.



3. ?orrect buffs

The choice is usually given to us as a 5 buffs set. All sorts of geeks, french fucks, imbecile, etc. will buff Focus and whisper, etc. in the hope that they will have a fucking awesome "CRITS".


The most important buffs for us in the olympiad stadium are: Wind Walk, Haste, Might, Berserker Spirit and lastly "Acumen". We need Acumen for more casting speed - for a buff sticks, we need to go into olympiad stadium in DC Robe (or other Robe), so we'll have enough MP for buffs and cast speed.



4. When we must use Self buffs/Ls/Talismans

It is very important if we will use self-buffs too early - then we'll rebuff all during the battle, and such success can not be.


War Cry and Duelist Spirit - we must use 20 seconds before fight. If we know our enemy and we want to kill him by attacking him from the start, then we must use Sonic Move 15 seconds before fight + 3 charges and the gates are opening.


Against the major burn classes we must use Maximum Clarity before the fight.


Ls skills (such as clarity) must be used before Rushing the enemy.



5. Rules of the arena

It's about how to properly bypass the enemy, where to stand, when and how much.


If you want to score points, but are afraid to go to battle, you can stand in their spawn in the corner and wait for the enemy. I'll talk about the attack.


All my playing career for the Duelist, I used this tactic, and everything went quite well.


In most cases, our opponents go directly to our spot, the feeling uncomfortable as if you did not have time for buffs, etc., with this many people forget about the tactics, buffs, and think only about the enemy, because he did not just close right next to you, he is ready...and you are not. Put them in our situation,make them nervous.

Slow players will buff, dress, prepare after opening the gate, and we'll run up to the enemy and be ready.


Rush - was always the best tactic is not for nothing that says that "The best defense is attack." Our class has the glory of God Koreans who can do it faster than many classes. And we must rush the enemy immediately, as soon as the gates opened,the target also has to be induced by the command.



If Rush is not available (such as tanks go against you), then the same - we must not tarry, this is what they expect, we simply will not reach them, we just need to hide behind cover, if you do not, then we will meet with him face to face, and who knows what he use on us.


How to bypass the limits of the enemy? Absolutely no reason to run around the arena, you need to know how to control a single cover, and keep up your charge.

But at the same time, we need to intelligently calculate the time of departure and attack, we must hide in time to for us was not a hit, as well as we need to beat the time, it's not so difficult, the experience you are going to do even this unnoticed.



Cover and vulnerability - serious approach to combat - the key to success. On each of the arenas have their own weaknesses and bugs, and we will thoroughly examine them.


The circular Orbis Arena - not a favorite by many because of its wild arena of the covers, many are running around the fountain and continue to hit. This is not correct, because it is necessary not to hide behind the columns, do not run around the fountain, you must run the center, around the fountain.


Threeway Arena - Many people love this arena because of its simplicity and user-friendly covers, it also can be beaten through the cover, some stand in the center of the cover, this is what it is irreplaceable plus you can use it.


You can also beat the enemy who is standing near your spot (left or right around the corner), some do not know that it's great and makes its way through this corner of the perfect long pass all skills.





For a beginner moviemaker you only need three things:


1. Required software

2. The necessary skills of the game

3. Fantasy and active imagination


We'll talk about - how better to show, how much zoom you need, do we need the intro and outro, and what effects can be used and what can't, what averts the audience, from where you got dislikes and how to avoid it, and finally - how to promote yourselves and how not to turn away the public from you.




How better to show

This is a very huge topic, but do not forget that all this is just a theory that everything can turn out quite differently, because you can not predict the actions of people, can you?


Well, first of all, people respect the game on the official servers: This is - prestigious, it does - deserve respect. Second, I don't think I have to say that the official game is very different from playing on Java.


If we do not have the opportunity to play on the Off: There are people who are banned, or simply aren't going to invest a lot of time and money on the official server, they want only to have fun, but at the same time want to do movies, etc.

In this case, you have only one choice - to start the game on the real good and necessarily known low-rate freeshard with the official server build or close to the official.




How much zoom out and zoom the camera in the game

It is a perpetual problem in moviemaking, we take for example the official camera configuration. It will not allow us to look into any place on the map, but it's just good. If we somehow defer much the camera where there are no restrictions on the zoom, the viewer will see quite simply dwarf the small dwarf, and it would not be nice. If we are too approximate, then the viewer will not be pleased to look at it, and he will definitely write about it.


The ideal is 80-100% zoom (standart).


Also, many do not like that when you turn the camera our zoom resets. You can solve this by placing a tick in the settings in the Audio section, where you'll find the right option, the more you will not lose the zoom to default by pressing the RMB.




Do we need Intros and Outro

Intro - start, Outro - the end.

This is what you show in the beginning and at the end of the video. This may be your copyright, a link to the website, presentation, video description, etc., in the end may be the same thing, but you can display a list of tracks that were used to facilitate the search for the viewer.


This is a very important part of the video, because we all know that before watching a film, we first consider the Intro (Introduction), which shows the names of actors, directors, producers, etc.

The text itself means nothing, but if we make the text really beautiful and really epic, it just goes in favor of the video.




What are the effects you can use and which you should not

This is probably the most common problem for beginners moviemakers. When you see this whole cloud effects, you just want to do something epic, but as such it will not be as real, the content is lost, and now it will be content with a bunch of ugly effects that doesn't make any sense.


First, it is important to observe the effects of timing and content of the music - everything has to be synchronized in order to give more epicness to the video.

Second, you can not use all sorts of blackout, flash and glows more than three seconds longer, or it will lose all meaning and the audience will observe the effects, not the game.

The right thing to use are those effects that do not affect the view of the deterioration of the content, it can be superimposed text in video, allotted to a particular place, it could be a number of effects (smoke, fire, dust, etc.) in certain areas of the screen . You can experiment with the radar (as in fact I did several times), the panel skills, etc.




What turns away the audience

There are things that hide all, the name of it - fucked.


Have you ever watched a video and read the comments for each fight, "Here I could do That's so" "And here I could use Rush," "And here I was stupid"?

Q: TO WHOM IT'S INTERESTING? Everyone needs a spectacle, not your fucking comments to the fights, everyone needs an epic movie and epic battles, not your mistakes and comments to the same errors, remember this.


Music - is an important element of the video. There should be music, without it there wouldn't be rhythm and quite simply - boring. But everyone has their favorite music, and if you're a fan of rap - then get ready to take on the TONS of shit, especially when you listen Russian rap. You can still get the same negative reviews for Metal Cor.

Optimal use of: Rock, electro, symphonic music, all sorts of disadvantages, soundtracks, etc., is in the first place would be nice to hear and not be a problem no one has the perception of the content.


Silence pitch - yes, it happens, and I could give a few examples, but it will not change anything. If you have very sensitive ears, or you sit without headphones, and skolonkami at full volume and hear your music in loud muve, respectively, do not assume that others will as-yet ...

If you are working with a montage in Sony Vegas as I have, try to keep an eye on the scale of vibration, if it zakshkalivaet (to ceiling) and you hear the music well, no rattles and so on, then everything is fine (usually it is in the range 5 - 6 dB, and sometimes 10, depends on the music)




From where you got dislikes and how to avoid it

They are taken from the same place where students get out that shit under every video, only then they did not like how you drew up a video or how you play. To avoid this - there is no way (but on YouTube, you can simply cut out the buttons Like/Dislike), we can only bring them to respect that these are the most ugly love your game and your style, if you do not - you will have the same dislaykov much and Defoe and ... it is not in the design, but just because you hate or envy you.




How to promote yourself

Promotion is a very hard thing, but I'm certainly not suggesting to be like VALAKAS or KALITKA, to be an idiot is not difficult.

But we do not need it, right? We need something more serious, that we would have true fans who always stay with us until the end, who will enjoy what we do. In this direction it is difficult to energetically promote ...


The easiest way is to play on official servers and try to energetically promote yourself on forums like Goha, Blaha, etc., if you are successful - you will have fans. If we are not playing on official, the harder will be once in 5.


Nobody cares what is happening on the freeshards, they are closed more often than people are cutting off from official server. Therefore, we have been energetically promoting ourselves as a person, not as a player on the freeshard. We will promote our movies, and our skill...Well, just Godless skill we should have so that we can outshine off. players...


PR ourselves, again, we must at various forums and portals, but for this we need people who will do it. PR can be either in favor or harm, so that in case of failure - continue


Later, when you already got some fame, you'll feel better to delve into all of this and you may get partners that will energetically promote you, and you have them, and have more earnings is exactly what - it's up to you.




How not to turn away the public from you

It isn't very difficult, and perhaps I'll just list what you shouldn't do:


1. You can not plagiat, it should be a proper, up to the nickname and ideas. If you can not - then you don't even deserve to think about creating Movies.

2. You can not behave provocatively, offend anyone send people to fuck, especially in public, ban for no reason and rub all the negative posts, it will only exacerbate the situation. You can only fix what they say. If you can not - adults, otherwise nothing will happen.

3. In no case did not write that you are the best, do not make the video where it will be written "IM THE BEST DUELIST IN THE WORLD", it will not just enrage the people, they will burry you in the same hole you dug for yourself. This will prove a thousand times before people will call you to top.

4. Try not to have conflicts among the other Duelists on YouTube. If they have fans, it can end only by the addition of a new Hater...The task is not to verbally prove who is better, but the fact that the audience is deciding for you, and if they decide in your favor, others will soon decide the same.





Default (and it is a minimum in the HF) chance for skill crit is 10%. I wrote about this a long time ago, but I will write again: STR has a very little effect on our crit chance abilities as well as damage, where we have already seen in the above.


So...what do we have in the tests:


STR 43: Sonic Buster 4 of 20 / 6 of 20 / 5 of 20.

STR 50: Sonic Buster 9 of 20 / 8 of 20 / 7 of 20.


There is already possible and not to the naked eye to see an increase in chance. Full-grown wise guy from the Goha forum would say: 1 STR = 1%, but what about the other 40 + STR? They do not count? Of course not, and with dyes, we will only increase that chance, and so there is a chance...From tests we can see that the difference in 7 STR is not big, but it increased the critical chance of skills.


Therefore, the approximate chance at 47-50STR will be about 30-40% and it is very much. But for our class - it is small, because the strength of our crits only attack power boost...









First of all, it is worth remembering that every tank is unique, everyone has his own tactics, they should be not confused.

View approximate killing tanks you can by going to my official YouTube channel, a lot of videos to learn it visually, and not only in writing.






Hell Knight

There are several things that we should not fall:


1. Cansel from Panther can not afford to throw us censel, the best would be to kill it as soon as the battle begins, before the enemy can use party UD / UD. It certainly kills the combo of the Storm Blaster +, tested. But some people who know tactics will use Party UD before we hit the Panther.


2. Mass TOD+TOD, those are very dangerous things. If at least one will land on us, then our chances to win will greatly fall. To avoid this, you can wait while his charges will fall (about 15-20 seconds), after that there will be another Tod.

In order not to get the debuff: we must use Sonic Barrier, or we can use Riposte Stance, we can reflect debuffs back to the enemy, but we also can get TOD etc.


3. Hamstring, the worst thing slowing down and with almost 100% chance, do not forget about Riposte Stance when you run away. If this trick does not succeed, do not try to run, it will not help you for sure, make him use on of his UD. If it is a Party UD - Use barrier + Divine Protection in emergency cases.



By default, DA is the most dangerous tank for us, but he can be killed as well as all others, if you do everything correctly, the main thing is - don't let him and knock him to a certain amount of HP / CP, to dissolve it at UD, but even after all UDs are spent, do not try to risk going up to him, he can give stun, slam, Tod, and after that - only luck will save us...


I advise you to be dressed at all times with Black Talisman - Rescue, in case of slam.

Against this class, we must have the oly jewelry or epic, if DA will stun you and not once = you can assume that we have lost the battle, it's only a matter of time.


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Phoenix Knight

No less dangerous tank than DA, it doesn't have cansel and TOD, but it has a terrible limits - Two icons +TOL +phoenix, which is stronger than the Panthers at times. One icon he can use at the beginning (before the fight), and the other, if charged, at the third level.


To wait for these limits are not hard if you know how, a complication in the other - in its Heal. He was a cheat, and stayed a cheat. But there is a nuance - he can't Heal himself if he will have less than 1.3-1.5k hp. He can only use normal healing - its a long cast, so we have to attack immediately.


Remember: He can't use heal with any icon, it will only reduce HP, do not forget it.


What we should be afraid of:

1. His speed

2. Phoenix

3. Heal

4. Shield Slam, default chance is 40%.


It is strongly recommend to have full set of talismans, this tank is not easy and often do not have enough MP, as exhausting. Also, I recommend to have LS Skill Reflect Damage and use Riposte Stance.


I advise you to be clothed at all times with Black Talisman - Rescue, in case of slam.

Against this class, we must have the oly jewelry or epic, if PK will stun you and not once = you can assume that we have lost the battle, it's only a matter of time.

Professional killing Paladin at the fountain - look at my video: 14:56 The Rebirth of Evil





Shilien Templar

By force, perhaps this tank has no equal. He has horrible cubes, debuffs, etc., + he has the most powerful icon for warriors, with it - he can kill us with a few strokes, so try to stretch the fight as long as possible, not climb on the rampage - it will only get worse.


Cubes will beat us even through walls. Unfortunately, it is impossible to hide. But what he don't have is heal, but he has a very strong punch + he has a TOD. He can be killed like all other tanks - through attrition and elimination of it all UD.


What we should be afraid of:

1. Tod

2. Debuffs

3. Icon

4. Speed


It is strongly recommended to have passive talismans to run and attack speed.





Eva Templar

By force - it is the weakest tank, but it is survivable, well-armored, the fastest, and in good hands it can give us a serious battle. It's main feature (as well as all elf fighter) - Heal, enchanted heal to +20-30 will heal about 2-3k for ~2-3 seconds, this eats a lot of Mana (about 230+ MP), so carefully consider the number of heals.


Unlike the dark tank (SK), this class has Entangle skill, which is analogous of a DA Hamstring, but with a worse chance. He has TOL, so be alert. Also, this class has very interesting cubes, one of them has Root with average chance (about 5 to 10 seconds), this is not the way, so in the battle with the ET ALWAYS wear Black Talisman - Escape.


What we should be afraid of:

1. Big speed

2. Powerful heal

3. ToL

4. Cubes (root)


It is strongly recommended to have passive talismans to run and attack speed.








In the truest sense of the word - TITAN. Known since the old chronicles of it's invincibility and protection to all stuns, debuffs, mental attacks, etc. Now, he has a rush and you can't get away from him, you can only hide.


It's whole force is concentrated in it's limits, do not try to use the blockade, even if you think, that the 10% will be on your side. I have tried many times and in many places, and concluded = this is nonsense.


If he'd stun us = we are dead, so it is strongly recommended to have epic or oly jew, and if you have Moirai - wear it.


Best arena where we can resist the Titan = Fountain. Nobody believes, but it's true, it is the fountain that we can go from any of his attacks.


Our task: Wait out his limits, it may take up to 2-3 minutes. After that, you can stop to fear and come to finish him with combo attacks.


The ideal solution is to have PvP Armor (Heavy), it will significantly slow down its speed and give us a chance to live longer. Also, I strongly advise you to use all talismans - LF, Divine Protection in the case of unsuccessful connections.






This class is only dangerous for their Stun, but it does not represent a threat to us:


1. First, we have Lionheart, ?Rotor will eliminate any shock and stun actions to us by 80%.

2. Second, we can have epic or oly jewelry that will eliminate another 20-40%+++ ll kinds of stuns to us.

3. Third, we can have Moirai Heavy, that will eliminate up to 50% of all kind of stuns to us.

4. Fourth, we have the War Frenzy skill, which eliminates up to 15% (with no enchant on power) of all kind of stuns to us.


Conclusion: The stun chance on us will be no more than 10-20%. We will kill this class be face to face, do not be afraid.






100% Victory against this class can never wait and can be as random on our side, and on the side of the enemy. We'll look at: How to protect yourself, how and when to properly attack.


To get started, we have to consider that his class = our class, therefore, it is necessary to take into account all the factors: Stun, Blockade/Disarm, Critical hits etc., as well as combo attacks from him and his tactics.

To protect ourselves from Rush and Weapon Blockade we can with Lionheart, epics/oly jew, War Frenzy and Mental Shield.


It is expected that our opponent will have talismans, such as:Divine Protection, which can be avoided by using our barrier. Therefore, it is important to take care of the "Maximum Sonic Focus" skill for barrier.

If you spend it on a double combo attacks, and the enemy will use Divine Protection and you have nowhere to hide, you will attack him without charge and the charging will take about 3-4 seconds, during this time he can kill you.


If you are able to wait out his Divine Protection - do it, if you're on the standart arena, and your max charge is spent, BUT, you still have Divine Protection - use it after your enemy and you will have bonus in time, calculate the time when you will have about 1-2 seconds until the end of talisman Divine Protection - you must kill him.


For an easy victory over the enemy, it is useful for us to use a number of combos with the presence of TSS. It greatly affects PvP Armor, which will slow down our opponent.


The most important thing in the end - Finishing. But finishing moves should be beautiful, if we want to impress people with your video (if were filming), will be in the best possible combos Storm+Buster+TSS, When your opponent is about 50% HP, enough to use the rush and make a combo, battle is won.


You can see examples in my video as I did this: 11:20 The Rise of Heaven 2/2





Grand Khavatari

In some cases, this class is even more dangerous than Duelist:


1. Powerful totems increasing in def

2. Zealot+Bison

3. Rush Impact+Fist Stun


His long-range skills have low enough damage, this class is different. His skills take fewer charges that will benefit only him, but skills have less power, except for a few.

This class can also easily farm on oly as a duellist, if placed in good hands, so be alert.


With long-range skills, he loses at least against 30% DMG = tested. He will try to rush us and use Hurricane Assault, Punch of Doom and Stun on us.


IMPORTANT: Always have talisman Divine Protection and Life Force against this class, and always check his pts before fight to be sure in your victory.






One of the most dangerous enemy to our class, even full-noob would pose a threat, but having no less than 20 skills.


It is important to see his self-buffs, such as UD/Eye of Eye and note the time (30 seconds), it is - the key to victory. Remember that attacking it with his UD on, you take all the risk. To wait out to UD, you can use for example: Sonic Barrier, LS Celestial, Divine Protection


The more dangerous it is in the arena with colums/gargoyles: because he has recoiless Rush with good DMG, he can catch up with us no matter how fast we are getting around the corner, we just can not hide from it, He will have to overtake us with Rush, probably stun, probably will kill us... how it will turn. How it happens you can on my video: 19:10 The Rebirth of Evil


The optimal solution would be to use a blunt against him, as it has low enough CON, if he is not in Vorpal. It is also worth considering the standart stun chance for Hummer Crush is 51% +0 and 80% +30, +- epics/self-buff yours and enemy.


On a standart arena, it is harder if you got Doombringer with enchanted disarm on the time, the complexity of the battlefield will increase many times. We, as always, have to wait out to UD by any means, you can use a barrier, LS Celestial, Divine Protection, and do not forget about Riposte Stance and Hummer Crush.

And if we got disarmed, then we apply the tactics that I use everywhere and always applied - Do not let them rush us, more about it you can find here The Rise of Heaven P1/2 on 12:00 min.


It is important to use Riposte Stance against the enemy. Also, strongly recommended to have Divine Protection and Life Force, anything can happen.


How to kill on Circular Orbis Arena - look at my video: 20:20 The Journey of A Hero

How to kill on standart Arena - look at my video: 11:48 The Rise of Heaven P1/2

How to kill on Threeway Arena - look at my video: 19:10 The Rebirth of Evil






No less dangerous Class of Kamael. The main danger is Shock attack/Paralysis, and Steal Divinity. There are 2 types of soulhaund: Female and Male.


Male - He has UD(1lvl), only one teleport forward and standart rush.

Female - She doesn't have UD, but she has two teleportations: back and forward.


Both have shock, paralisys and Steal. In order to more effectively go into a fight - we must buff all major buffs first and everything else is shit at the end (this may be skills against the animals, nobles, potions from HB, etc.), so if he/she steals our lame buffs, he/she gives us time.

If we go against the Female one, I advice you to buff Haste/WW in the beginning with Mental and Duelist Spirit, and only then a bunch of garbage - everything that she will steal, we need as much speed in time to kill her.


It is also worth to remember two things: They both have Enlightenment and that the Steal cooldown is 15 seconds. And at the same time do not try to buff Divine Protection when he/she have already stole your buffs, they ALWAYS use steal and they will have an advantage in strength. Also, if you attack it when he/she in Enlightenment, then you can play for 5 seconds of the fight, crits can go both 3k and 7k...

On official servers (and good freeshards), our barrier breaks by Steal and Cansel respectively, so do not try to use it, it's just wasted charges.



There are sooo useful technique against SH - "Talisman of Mediationt", it is easy to get. Its function is as you know - in the regeneration, and at the same time WE CAN NOT MOVE; And, we have rly small p.def with it, its time for about 20 seconds. His cast and animation are identical to Life Force, therefore difficult to discern, only if they notice.


The point is - make him steal your buffs, but he will steal your buffs in any case, since it will buff right at the end line. After that, immediately beat him by long-range skill, but keep in mind that not all SH fall for this trick. Instead of stealing, they can just beat you, and you will die.










One of the most powerful magicians of m attack, but has less casting speed.


The most dangerous mage ever built until High Five against our class (and everyone else) with this magician, we will have the most epic battles and that's it, we will spend their Points in the case of defeat, because we often lose if we make mistakes, especially we play really experienced necro.


First, it is worth noting it's horrible debuffs:


1. Vampiric Mist - which reduces our run speed and attack speed by 50%(!!!)


2. Gloom - which reduces our m.def by 15% and still does to us in the case of normal dmg crit (about 2-3k)


3. Mass Banes - which deny us of such buffs as: WW/Haste/Acumen


4. Curse of Abyss - wich reduces our m.def by 10%, his chance by default is 70%.


5. Curse of Doom - which completely blocks our skills, his chance by default is 50%, we can protect ourselves from it with MEN.


6. Anchor - And...the most dangerous of all these skills - Anchor. It has a fairly high chance of passing (in any epic and oly jewelry) and, if it will be upon us, we have NOTHING to do, In any case, we obtain a complete anchor, At first he will slow down us, and then we get the anchor for a long time, which is enough to kill us. His chance of passing by default is 40%


THEREFORE - It is strongly recommend not to go against him without the epic, Lionheart'a and the Mental, or you simply sign a death sentence.


And, at the same time, passage of all of these debuffs is really high (excluding the bans, they are 100%).



We will kill him with the long-range skills (if the arena is with covers) and with talismans on the standart arena hoping for good luck, because there are, at times, less chances, since he will be with Enlightenment and will be nowhere to hide. Therefore, as advice - use Celestial from LS and your Barrier, then use the Divine Protection talisman and finish him.


In arenas where you can hide - experienced necro will not use Enlightenment as everyone else after the first hit, but we need to find a way to make him use the enlightenment. Then, we must wait until his enlightenment is off, after he goes down - we note that the necro will stop chasing us like crazy ... or will be hoping to scare us, so we need to remember the exact time when he used enlightenment, it will be 20 sec.


After enlightenment, he becomes weak, but remember: we have to beat him with AoE, because the skeleton is there, so it will be applied to double damage the skeleton, and he will die much faster. Finish off with TSS (who loves TSS+DSS can do so, but you need to be evacuated (finished) skill at max charge) when you are EXACTLY sure you will finish it.







Storm Screamer

One of the most powerful magicians of m attack, but has less of casting speed.


You can kill him as easily as AM/MM, enough wait out his enlightenment and can be attacked. All three have the short time magic UD that absorbs damage and consumes MP instead of HP.


The best guide is video + text guide, I killed them thousands of times, made dozens of videos from the Olympics, so welcome to my official YouTube channel, If you have not been there.


Battles with wizards can be found here: The Journey of A Hero, The Rise of Heaven P1/2.


You will find everything that you can not find here out by yourselves.






A balanced class, has a fairly powerful vortex against melee.


You can kill him as easily as SS/MM, enough to wait out his enlightenment and can be attacked. All three have the short time magic UD that absorbs damage and consumes MP instead of HP.


The best guide is video + text guide, I killed them thousands of times, made dozens of videos from the Olympics, so welcome to my official YouTube channel, If you have not been there.


Battles with wizards can be found here: The Journey of A Hero, The Rise of Heaven P1/2.


You will find everything that you can not find here out by yourselves.





Mystic Muse

The fastest magician on casting speed, but has very little impact force.


You can kill him as easily as AM/SS, enough to wait out his enlightenment and can be attacked. All three have the short time magic UD that absorbs damage and consumes MP instead of HP.


The best guide is video + text guide, I killed them thousands of times, made dozens of videos from the Olympics, so welcome to my official YouTUbe channel, If you have not been there.


Battles with wizards can be found here: The Journey of A Hero, The Rise of Heaven P1/2.


You will find everything that you can not find here out by yourselves.






Every time appearing in the arena against the dagger class, we have the same thing waiting for us, only different portions with different "spices." I will paint the main section of TH (Adventurer), and then I am just going to change the tactics for each additional class.






Has the largest resist stun, most of HP/CP, but smaller Dodge. This is a fairly balanced class and it has almost everything.


What we should be afraid of - is his mirage. But all of this is easy to avoid if you know how.

For example, many people wear Necklace of Frintezza that reflects the damage received back, some people use LS Reflect Damage buff, it all goes back to TH(Adventurer), and accordingly we are doing this to him the most damage, so - we lose the target again and again...so arranged in this game.


To avoid this, we absolutely can not have anything that might reflect damage back. Even you can see on many of my Duelist videos, even during pvp with TH they remove Frintezza.


TH is quite easy to kill, it is enough to have blunt and enchanted skill Hummer Crush to +20+++ and ofc epic or oly jew, so we just stun him and move away, drag the time to deprive him of his limits. If we used Maximum Clarity before fight, then we jsut can use AOE. When he gets out of stun - stun again + use blockade (disarm).


The main thing - Do not turn your back to him.







Ghost Hunter

The strongest dagger by damage and has more dodge than TH.


Its special in Counterattack - within 10 seconds, this buff can reflect ALL damage back to us. Therefore, as soon as we notice the use - immediately use Sonic Barrier to wait out this buff, then if AW will be near you, use Weapon Blockade, and only then we must use max charge (Maximum Sonic Focus).


Then, there is the same tactic: We have to wait out the limits - use stun, disarm him and run away to cover to waste time, with no limits they do not pose any threat.


However, do not forget that each class has its own "special" skill from 78 level, namely, - Focus Death, which increases the chances of getting back the 60% and the power by 90%!!, so the damage will be really wild, do not turn your back to AW.







Wind Rider

It has the greatest number of dodge, but the weakest damage.


It's difference from AW(GH) is only in the 79lvl skill. It also works for 10 seconds and it is called Dodge. From the name, we can guess it's purpose - dodge skills.


I'll explain ... It allows you to dodge skills for 10 seconds, BUT, no effect on skill. It means, if we use Hammer Crush, we do not inflict damage, but we will stun him, and that is what we need.









Do not have a Dominator debuff, can regenerate, and use Vampiric, we must kill him immediately.






The dominant class in the Olympics. Well, its possible to beat some Newbie Dominator, but if you fight some experienced Dominator, it's almost Impossible to win.


If the fucker NCSoft did not allow him to use Chain Heal, it would be easier at times, well ... how many do not hit - he will heal up.


There are only 2 options of victory:

1. Win by damage

2. Win by killing him


In first option, it makes it much easier...But in the second option, we will likely only accelerate our death, though not always and not against all of them...depends, again, on the enemy.


Make a second ... mostly just commit suicide, and as I wrote above - not always to everyone.


How to win by damage - look at my video: 14:46 The Journey of A Hero

How to win defeating him in battle - look at my video: 12:35 The Rise of Heaven ? 16:33 The Rebirth of Evil





Spectral Dancer

Basically, this is a lightweight enchanter class and it will not be difficult to kill him. But the thing that we fear is Medusa - he can cancel while we are in medusa with the help from PvP Dagger.


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Sword Muse

In the right hands it can be a really dangerous opponent - RU OFF Sword Muse Olympiad Games


We need to fear the Song of Silence debuff, 2 minutes to block the use of any mage. and phys. skills. Also, every experienced SWS will have a PvP Dagger (it cancels our buffs)


You can see an example on my video: 18:30 The Rise of Heaven P2/2, he has a pvp dagger, full skills +20-30, equip +4-6 as minimum, in other words - great boost.


Our task: Make him lose all MP for healing, do not fall under the Song of Silence debuff and run from his bow.




Quite a dangerous opponent. He has a lot of buffs + POF, Burn skills, block WW and p.def. It can also look back into the stone, he also has enlightenment.


Against a well-equipped and experienced PP will be hard, we'll lend him low dmg and we'll get Mana Burn from him everytime, such classes always have at least 1 active skill in wepapon


For these fights, we should always be prepared with Maximum Clarity and we have to use it immediately before our battle, and after that we must only rush the enemy. As a result, we finally cornered him and through the AOE we punch it and punch, in the end, we use the TSS for finish and the battle is won.


Otherwise, without Maximum Clarity, we can get a lot of Mana Burn and lose all MP.


Exemplary killing PP can be seen on my video: 06:45 The Journey of A Hero






Burn classes are considered to be one of the most dangerous classes in the competition, especially against our class and other melee.





Eva's Saint

One of the most dangerous Burn class, has a lot of Heal skills, POW, Enlightenment and Block WW.

Feature of all Burn classes in their weapons, they will have at least one weapon with a nuke. We should always have Maximum Clarity, or at least it would be useful to have it...


It can be noted from the special skills, so it is Blessing of Eva, which instantly restores HP, MP and CP to full and Resist Shock, which can be enchanted to Power.


We will kill EE with ??A + TSS, throw a blockade by cd and dont even try to use stun from your Blunt.



Shilien Saint

A less dangerous Burn class and we can kill it a little easier. He also has POW, but does not have some useful skills like EE and has no Block WW, he only have the Block P.Def.


You could use the same tactic that you used against Eva's Saint.




Probably even more dangerous Burn class than EE and SE together. He does not have POW, but he's got like every enlightenment. He also has a very high rate of healing, because of the Greater Battle Heal skill. He also has Block WW and Block p.def, two different Mana Burns (the mass and the standard at a distance)


At the same time, he has such skills as:

Cleanse - to cleanse himself from any debuffs.

Magical Blackfire - increases the demand on our MP 3 times (200%)


And so, with this set of skills...we just need to have Maximum Clarity against strong cardinals. Otherwise, we just lose all MP immediately.






The difference between each type of summoner is not big, the only difference is in the Summon skill and summoner.


Before I start writing about the differences between each summon class, please pay attention to this video - The Journey of A Hero, because it shows most of the fights with these classes in the PTS(L2OFF) High Five server.

This will give you an idea of the battles and it will be easier for you to learn the tactics that I will provide below.



First, each Summoner will try to make only one thing - debuff, throw at us his summoner and hide themselves behind a wall. But we should ignore the Summon, just ignor it and focus on the Summoner, hit him by AOE as shown in my video. If he tries to escape, then catc up and use Sonic Buster to be faster.


Here goes information about other summoners.





Arcana Lord

This summoner calls - cats. They hit hard enough.


He has debuffs such as: Warrior and Mage Banes. He also has Dimension Spiral.



Elemental Master

This summoner calls - unicorns. Their main strength - massive magic water attack, a quite powerful attack. Also, the unicorn can stun.


He has debuffs such as: Warrior Bane, Wind Shackle (slows down our attack speed). He also has Dimension Spiral.



Spectral Master

This simmoner calls - Shade. Their main strength - strength of physical attacks.


He has debuffs such as: Mage Bane, Wind Shackle (slows down our attack speed). He also has Dimension Spiral.







As always, we have long known - it is possible. People are trying to do it in different ways:


1. Writing /delay -1.

2. Uses various buffs on cooldown.

3. Throwing skills from the skillbar in the macro.


They are all - wrong




I would like to tell everyone that this is a glitch on official server and it will never work in Java, if administrators do not enter this glitch to appear more bitching.


Bug is in a macro, if we put this /useskill or /useskillforce with skills (example: /useskill Sonic Buster), then we will get -1 second cd.


Sonic Buster - by default, this skill has only 2 sec cd. With macro, it will be 1 sec, and if we've got Renewal and Champion buffs (or skill refresh), then we will get-15% = 85%, and with this, we can use Sonic Buster without cd, like you can see on many movies from official servers.


That's why people can use skills without cd - there is no magic.


However, many short-sighted people do not use macros. What does this give in the olympiad? If you will have only LS Refresh, but you won't have the macro, then you will hit 2 times with Sonic Buster, and then it will be a single hit (or Sonic Storm). You can see how it looks on DanielDefo's Movies from Gracia.




Auto Attack - an action that executes after the use of combat abilities (such as TSS).


We are losing time, we didn't get to make a nice combos for movies, etc.


Once again, for EVERYONE - to avoid this issue, just use this following Command - /useskillforce Sonic Buster




To get to the Olympics faster than our opponents respectively, we have to get equip, and faster than our enemies. We have much to do, and one of these problems - skill enchantments.


We have to farm shitload of Mobs/Fortguards.



As a Soloplayer, we will be way slower, but we can speed up the farm. I did this once already, and always at night, we'll need more than 3 twinks necro for forts 72+lvl and minimum A-B grade with buff. Why necro instead of SH? Because of the Reanimated Man, SH dies from two crits.

We will register to fort - first fort - wait 10 min. In that time, we go to register on next fort, register there and again wait 10 min. In that time, we go on to the third fort. As a result, we have = 3:30 hours for farm.



This, of course, will be about the most delicious place - "Dragon Valley" - a great spot with shitload of adena, weak mobs, good drop of dark ATT and Giant Codex.

In o1 rates, in one hour, you can farm about 40 codex, 50-100 dark att and about 5kk.


We need Necro or SH (we need vampiric) 80 lvl. You can use bot easily. In one night (about 6-7 hours)m you can farm more than 10 mastery codex and about 10-20kk, 200 dark att, about 100 codex with o1 drop, only by going the right way.


If you have a CP/Clan, it can deal with a few people that will give you even more books and money.





There are a lot of ways of overclocking STR option and we'll consider them.


Very few people use it. They either are not interested in this or they just do not know how and what they must to do, where to get and so on, but we are with you, right? For it was worth paying.




The initial number of STR: 40

1. Dye +5 STR = 45 STR

2. Vesper/Elegia = 47/48 STR

3. Wards: Giran/Gludio/Rune = 50/51 STR

4. LS +1 STR = 51/52 STR

5. Olf's Shirt = 52-53 STR


As result we have 52+ STR.





Tests were conducted on a test HF P5 (L2OFF) server specifically for this Guide, and now I can give you the exact information that you can not find anywhere else.


40 STR = 3971 p. attack = TSS 1834 DMG

51 STR = 6009 p. attack = TSS 2289 DMG







This topic will be paid very little attention, because "one in the field - not a warrior".


Differences in official build and Java are very big. If on L2OFF platform we will be the gods, so on Java we will be cannon fodder in solo against 3-4 strong enemies.


On the official platform, our main skill in MPVP and in SOLO will be Soninc Buster, his recoiless attacks will fly and fly to the goal of inflicting massive damage in a matter of seconds. This is, without a doubt, the most dominant class in MPVP on official Lineage 2 platform, without duelist, melee cp - not melee cp.


Tyrant - it is the most miserable class in MPVP as spoiler. Yes, he has AOE skills, but they are also miserable, and the benefit from this class - = NONE. He only can do something on olympiad games and 1o1 in daily pvp..


On Java, we only need to use the combo attacks and keep the charge.





Our task in CP is simple - find a cluster of enemies and beat them by our AOE. We must only rush and use AOE skills, take out healers and protect CP healers from all the fuck. This is all work in ganks for our class.








These are the basic programs that you will use throughout your game. You won't need more until you are ready to become an animator...


Adobe After Effects - This program is needed for us to create various video effects, text effects, etc. and so it is very powerful and you can even create a 3D model in it.


Sony Vegas Pro (11 etc.) - This is the main program in which we will work, it is necessary for the installation, it is very powerful and very easy to operate. There also were created a lot of lessons for this program.. All of my videos are created with Sony Vegas and AE.






So, let's say we have a Fraps from the game. The first thing we need to do, is set the correct settings:




Proceed to the settings:





We need to expose one of the few resolutions for the video. All videos have to be widescreen, but if you don't have a widescreen monitor (1280x720/1600x900/1920x1080 pixels) - then, buy a new one, because movies on a square image just aren't watchable. The square films were still in the 60-70th, respectively, and the film industry have long used 4:3.


Frame Rate: This is a very important configuration. It determines the number of frames per second. For example, if we raise 14 fps, the video will render much faster, but we will have slideshow. Optimally to choose from 23 to 30 FPS.

Format: This function is responsible for the quality of the layering, effects, etc., 32 - and the highest quality, but render will be longer.

Aspect Ratio: Ratio of the video, 1.00000 (Square) - a square, or rather, the video will touch on all corners, from the bottom to the top and from the left to right. Suppose we have a video of 1920x1080 pixels, we chose the Wide Screen, instead of the Square, then while watching this video, we will have black bars in the top and bottom, but if Square, the video will touch all parties.


NOTE! If you made a video with a smaller pixel size (instead of 1920x1080 - 1910x1030), then we have to resize each fraps on layer. Picture below:





Once we made the video, it remains the case for the renderer (publication) of our videos in a complete format:




We choose MP4, since I'm using x64 Windows 7, so I have only standard codecs Sony Vegas provided for my Windows, and all sorts of codecs including h264 - don't go into any program, so arranged.


But there is one nuance: the quality is really smart. You need to choose a minimum bit rate, not less than 10k (for small screens) and not less than 14k (for large screens), this is a - 10-14Mbps.

This option - the best analog codec H264 for video which is done in our time, almost everything.


Expose your settings in each tab, the authorization (it must be the same with what we have indicated for preview), your FPS, audio bit rate and quality of the Projects.


There is a small glitch: sometimes exhibiting different FPS for preview and rendering settings ourselves, we have to render that FPS, which is indicated for the preview, so be careful.




Render, watch and enjoy.




What kind of music Lineage 2 audience is listening? Why do they like one, but don't like the other? How to choose, if you listen to rap and no one likes rap? All this - we all go through here.


Indeed, people who play Lineage 2, aren't listening to very many categories of music. Usually something beautiful, powerful, and at the same time - enjoyable. It may be Rock and Electro, instrumetal music, soundtracks, and even Metal or Dark music, it all depends on the music as it sounds.


For example, I will show the tracks that people can listen to without cutting his veins, or at least not jumping off the roof of his house:


Ghotic Metal: Psyclon Nine ? We The Fallen (Instrumental)

Dark Metal: Samael ? Architect

Alternative Metal: Lacuna Coil ? Daylight Dancer

Dark Electro: Alien Vampires ? Nothing To Lose (The Rebirth of Evil)

Electro Rock: Blue Stahli ? The Pure And The Tainted

Symphonic Rock: Apocalyptica ? Kaamos

Alternative: 30 Seconds To Mars ? Year Zero


To create a video, we will approach all of these genres of music.


However, it is worth remembering that buying the track from official source doesn't mean that you can distribute it to your videos. That's why, if you upload these videos on YouTube, it determines the violation, and the company that owns the rights will check your objection (if you served), and raise an objection or remove.




During three years of moviemaking for Duelist, I asked the same questions - "What content is better," "How to fraps better," "Where to find the best content", etc. etc.


All this is quite a complicated process.. To find the right content is VERY difficult, I repeat ... VERY difficult. No, nobody argues that it's impossible, you can get content anywhere, I mean, to get epic content is difficult. In my videos, there are only 30-40% of epic content.



What content can we do?


It all depends on your interests. Many people create olympic videos, gangs, MPVP/PVP, some people even creat video guides about quests, etc.


First, it is important to design the video. If you are a complete noob in this, BUT you are sure you want to become famous, you want to achieve something more than just a player on the free or official server, you can contact me on VK.COM to order epic design, such as video The Rebirth of Evil, Reveal and The End, or trailers like these The Rebirth of Evil and The Rise of Heaven, I have handled a lot of requests of this kind and have experience in this.


But if you want to do everything by yourself, then the above for you I created is a special section.



What content is most browsing?


Just two, which are the Olympics and Daily PvP. Daily PvP includes many categories, from solo to gang battles for epics.



Where do get the best Fraps, I want a good view.


Official server.





The success of the video - If your video on the release date has more than 1k views, good reviews and ratings, and if people like your content, your design and sound.


But, most importantly, it should be those viewers who were aware of before this video, then the likes and the positive feedback from them will be approximately in 90% cases.



How to make your videos successful?


It is very difficult. This will take some time, sweat and effort to create more and more epic works. Eventually, you will find more and more viewers and subscribers, and in the future - fans.


But, if you had a bad video, and you had a lot of dislikes, I advise that you do not upload anything new for a while, at least until you create better, and if you have done better, and again failed - it means you are a loser.


Change your nickname and try to do again. Otherwise, you will be remembered as a fail kid, you will lose your people/fans/audience, you will get a negative reputation, and it won't be soon until you recover from this.


And it will remain in your history as a player under that nickname, but it is for you to decide what to do. There is a real live example (another one Banan16) on YouTube. They are more or less known, but they are really failed duelists, and they always suck or try to suck, but they believe that they're cool. And the only ones who can write positive comments for these people are their friends and fake accounts.


So, be better.







With this guide, we went through what I went through over the years playing for the Duelist, and we are obviously going to reread it again and again.





How To Start

We realized that Java is complete shit and it's not worth playing on it. We have learned where to play, where better to play and why you should not play alone.


Equipment Selection

We have learned a lot of information about gear - what we need to wear for Olympus, for farm, what their characteristics, which macroses, dyes and LS we need.


Skills and Att

We have learned all about enchanting our skills, what bonuses we will have, their pluses and minuses, which is better - an attribute or a duel, where and how. Which sub-skills we need and what they give.



We have learned, and most importantly - we have watched a tutorial about combos. Now, we can apply it in practice, anywhere and anytime.



We have learned a lot of theories about dyes, features, charges and about the Olympics. Also, we have learned how and what actually works, and now we know exactly how and what works and how to act in different situations.


Olympiad and Tactics

We have learned a lot of tactics against all farm classes at the Olympics, learned all the theories and watched a lot of my fights with these tactics and now we know how to use them, how to beat, when, and how long.


Secrets and Tricks

We have learned some of the secrets and techniques to boost our stats, which will help us to be more experienced and stronger than our enemies.


All about the daily struggle

We have learned about our task in the CP, how we need to act in Daily PvP / Ganks and other mPvP, where and how to look for enemies in the battle.


Moviemaking for duelist

We have passed the basic steps to start making your own videos. Now we know what mistakes you should not be allowed to take, what resolution, what kind of music and effects must be taken, in what programs you need to do and how to apply the quality of finished video.


Results and advices

We have learned some tips that will help us avoid frequent mistakes we have made everyday for our class.






Usually, before starting to play on the server, we know what awaits us there. But there are cases where you want to "test" if it's true or not PTS(l2off), because everyone knows that the duelists in the official are several times stronger. And everyone wants to play on PTS, but not on Java.


There are a lot of bugs:


1. Sound Effects - on the official build (and on official server) all combat dagger skills are "voiced" (such as Deadly Blow or Mortal Blow), which means that when we hit enemy, we hear some additional "knock", but if we missed - we do not. In Java, it is arranged that even when we hit the enemy - there is no knock.


More information can be addressed in a specially prepared video: The differences hit in Java and PTS.


2. Battle Roar - Duelist skill that restores 10% HP. Officially, he does not recover the amount of our HP, if we have a BTB (Bless The Body or just Blessed Body). That's why many of the Duelist from official servers canceled their BTB, and only then they use Battle Roar.


3. Interrupting normal attack - This bug appeared from first Java Build parents, its essence is that when you hit an enemy, "the usual kick / punch," and during the swing arm using any skill, regular attack is interrupted, it is clearly visible and it is not beautiful, such a course should not be, and in more high-quality projects that bug is fixed.


4. Auto-attack while charging - In many Java projects, when we fight and hit the mob by skill, we lose the charging and don't have (ie, a mob beat and just use new skill) a charge, the result can be seen as we smash our attack skill, as I wrote to in paragraph #3, on the official servers that bug don't exist.



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Great guide, it help me a lot, except that i play gf but still help me to learn this great class, thank you.

although i cant watch de pvp video. could you post a new links.


thanks again!

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i have some questions:


1 -what is the better enchant on h5-freya for skills on a server where u can get +30 easy, duel o att?

2- some ATT recomended for weapon, set go to 180 ATT and weapon to 450.

3- what is better on apocalypse duals SA, DMG UP+ haste, haste+health, health + dmg up? ( this server have twilight set too.) this are my duals now but idk if i should change for other's SA http://puu.sh/l5qL6.jpg

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    • The DEATH KNIGHT costume in Lineage 2 is the true embodiment of power and style, created for those who are ready to immerse themselves in the world of darkness and mastery over death. This majestic costume is presented in three stunning styles:   Fire Embody your thirst for destruction in this stunning costume. The bright fiery hue of the skeleton surrounded by blazing tongues of flame gives you the power and might of the Lord of Hell himself. This costume immerses you in an atmosphere of apocalyptic rage and ruthless devastation.   Purple Skillfully blending elegance and mystery, this purple costume is designed to bestow additional unwavering resolve upon its owner. Its graceful lines and refined shade create the impression of impeccable deadly grace. This costume attracts attention and instills awe in anyone who dares to oppose you.   Blue Immerse yourself in the cold atmosphere of death with this magnificent blue costume. It will make anyone who dares to stand in your way see that death is not only the end but also a source of infinite strength and resilience. In this costume, you will appear as an unyielding defender of darkness, capable of overcoming any challenge.     Each costume set is accompanied by accessories and a splendid cloak of your choice, depending on the protocol (a cloak option is also available upon request), which will emphasize your greatness in all battles, prices starts from 50 or 100 depending by conditions. Additional information about the cloaks and their variations can be obtained by contacting the provided contacts. These costumes combine not only epic power but also unparalleled beauty, giving your character a unique style.   Contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ( click ) Discord: NevesOma#3182 Personal messages. The best discord client dev community here: https://discord.gg/qeJuzHAgT9          
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