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Server Information




XP: 200x


Adena: 400x

Drop: 2x

PartyXP: 2x

PartySP: 2x





Safe Enchant: 4

Max Enchant: 20

Normal Scroll Chance: 75%

Crystal Scroll Chance: 80%

Blessed Scroll Chance: 85%






Main town - Giran.

Subclass: Main + 1 (SubStuck) (not only same race)

Npc skill enchanter

Full npc buffer

Pvp & Farm Zones

Interlude Subclasses Skill System

Perfect class balance

Server up-time [24/7] [99]%

Wedding system.

Quest no Need for Class change (Class Manager).

Quest no Need for Subclass.

Auto learn skills.

Auto PVP events: TvT, CTF.

GM events.

PVP color title system.

Vote event system.

New PVP/PK reward system.

We are working on Dinasty (Armors/Weapons) & Other Stuffs.




.::Vocie Commands::.


.tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event

.ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event

.away .back - Away from keyboard

.shop_offline - Buy items while disconnected


[pre]Website: http://l2px.com/[/pre]

Forum: http://l2px.yuku.com/

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Server is closed atm, admin made a post on forum, they are working on server balance etc, will inform us when its ready

lol...he just close server to fix balance?

that's why beta exist!you make beta you test you make fixes and then you open official run of server!

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lol...he just close server to fix balance?

that's why beta exist!you make beta you test you make fixes and then you open official run of server!

Almost nobody plays on beta servers. Not a very good idea if your server is brand new.
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Almost nobody plays on beta servers. Not a very good idea if your server is brand new.

you need to open beta test to check some last thing about balance,bugs,problems,etc...or if anyone don't log in on beta find some friends and test it!

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    • Our pack is based on - latest - acis rev with our own updates. What you're describing is old, garbage outdated acis revs that were indeed as bad as you're describing. Our formulas are 100% retail and yes, that means the classes you mentioned are strong, but at the same time you're forgetting that the same goes for all classes. Welcome to Interlude where all classes are very strong unlike H5 where all classes couldn't solo kill anyone in mass pvp unless the target was massively cancelled.   Skill spam is based on skill re-use formulas and atk speed which are also retail on our files. Also skill cooltime which is something only people who bother with skilldata are aware of. The files you're talking about are extremely outdated.   You completely forgot about mages and their retail MC rate and multiplier on Interlude which was indeed the most broken class on the client. You could google L2 Teon interlude forum archives and people talking about that sph "progamer" (from ITT side) who once obtained valakas + passive wild magic he was nearly 100% mcriting (x4) and solo-ing parties by himself with a single support behind him. I'm pretty sure if you youtube search "progamer l2" or "progamer lineage" you will find a few ridiculous videos of him.   Ah forgot to mention that the OBT is live and available for you to run your own tests. If you test something and think it's not retail like, THEN you can come to me and report it. Right now you're assuming based on information from 5 years ago.     His post would make sense back in 2016-17 probably
    • hello can some1 help me to instal sql files?  i have thisproblem and i cant find where to put batch of mysql  https://ibb.co/tZ8Ccp2
    • I was sitting here, thinking long and hard about where to begin or how to properly adress this post, but the only thing I can say is... "?"
    • not mentioning about gameplay but trying to have retail balance on acis gonna be a big problem. im 100% sure that the server gonna fail for this delusional idea. even in best scenario, if everything goes well, l2 itself designed without mana potions and limited buff times. so in general; with full buffs and unlimited mana potions, most of the classes will be over powered e.g duelist, grand khavatari. imagine a tyrant/glad goes aoe fight in full retail balance. a single glad can take over a party without its cp been decreased. there was a reason that those classes being nerfed in servers where you have access on mana potions and full buffs. not even talking about dagger classes' full retail formulas in l2j acis. you cant even compare l2off's and acis' movement system. that means in l2off, lets say in 5 seconds you can use 5 skills, in acis you can bypass the limit with its bad optimized movement system and possibly can spam 10 skills in that timeline. both, retail values and having to work on acis is a bad idea.
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