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Full fixed interlude Project. Based L2JFrozen.

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I was working on l2jfrozen project over than 2 years. since rev 841. I have made full updates of my own and the pack is better than it is in rev 1000 today...You can try it. Stable with very good balance. Full bugs fixed. Retail olympiads. Live on L2Cyber Server.



Pack = 50 euro

Geodata[Russian Full Fixed] = 50 euro

Source = 30 euro

Backup = 10 euro


Contact me on skype: Taksiarxis.Vakalis Or Pm me here.

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Enough is enough with the full-fixed Geodatas. Excellent geodatas can be found if you type:

''l2j geodata'' in every known search engine. Bored to do that? Go to 100nt.ru, l2maxi.ru, emudev.info, l2ua.ru

or some other gazillion websites and download the ''Russian Full Fixed'' Geodatas.


Gl selling your pack, but not your ''full fixed'' geodata.



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