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[IMPORTANT & READ]Web Development/Designing Area Rules

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Maxtor    44

Hello everybody,
Welcome to our Web Development/Designing boards.As the board's title says here we will buying & selling ONLY websites,templates,scripts,logos and graphics.
However, in order to keep those section up and running, we need some rules and that's the purpose of this topic.


How to Sell & Buy

  • Add the suitable prefix/tag to your topic title!
  • Here is a marketplace section he are not sharing anything.
  • Selling prohibited materials,porn content products and so on is strictly prohibited.
  • You are allowed to BUMP (Bring up your topic/post) your topic only 24 hours after your last post.
    If you try to bump your topic before 24 hours pass, your bumping post will be deleted and you will be warned or punished.
    Note: All BUMP posts except the last bump will be DELETED(To avoid post hunting through this kind of topics).
  • You are not allowed selling products that you don't own.You can resell products tho once you have the owner's right.You ARE OBLIGATED TO GIVE THOSE RIGHTS.
  • Having a picture and a detailed description inside your topic would be ideal."
  • You are not allowed giving negative comment without any proofs.Failing to obey this rule your replies will be deleted w/o any notice and you will be punished.

WARNING:Use it at your own risk. MaxCheaters and its staff have no responsibility if you get scammed with your trades. Trading with Staff members is far more trustworthy for the record.

Please, make sure to follow every single rule that's posted above so that we will encounter no problem.



- How to Sticky your Topic:

In order to Sticky Your Topic , you should PM Maxtor by Clicking here or email directly at

- Prices For Sticky:

30€ = 1 Month. (coloured is double price)
50€ = 2 Months.  (coloured is double price)
70€ = 3 Months.  (coloured is double price) Plus you get free VIP Lifetime Membership

- Payment types accepted:


Paypal ( and Paysafecard (by contacting administrator).


**Notice: The topic owner can request clean or lock of his/her topic.



Current stickied topics list can be found herePaid Stickied Topics List Here (+How To Sticky Your Topic)



Thanks for reading staff

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      Quake system.
      Auto Vote Reward System.
      Destroy SS/BSS.
      Auto TvT,CTF Event.
      Leave buff after death.
      Nick color: 50,100,200,300,400 PvP.
      Title color: 50,100,200,350,500 PK.
      10 PvP- Hero aura.
      Anti Heavy System.
      GM shop.
      1 Active and 1 Passive.
      Duel systema.
      Online password change. 
      Interlude skill (90%).
      Sub classes without quest.
      Nobless without quest.
      Stackable scroll/ls.
      Npc Buffer.
      Buff time 9 hours.

      Tvt: .jointvt and .leavetvt
      Online: .online
      Heal: .buffs
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