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Config .. Server&lognserver



hi all  ^-^


i have a (glory day ) server file


i always use server file which it have a (IPconfig.xml) file

and i use (hamachi) program  and put hamachi ip in (ipconfig.xml) ... and player can enter to my server ok with out erorr


now i have (glory day) server file and it with out  (ipconfig.xml) file ... this bad for me  :rage:


see this pic


Server.propertes :



lognserver.propertes :



the problem is ... i can enter my server but  the other player can't 


some infromation >>

i use hamachi ip

i enter internet wireless to router ....



now who have idea about soultion

and am i can make (ipconfig.xml) file to server  and how if yes



sorry about bad english if it bad  :-[

i wait for answers  ...



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First of all,would be good to know what is you Server Project!

Anyway.There are 3 steps that you need to follow in order to let other playiers to log into your server:

1)Put your external static ip in you configs files!So where ExternalHostname=your external ip!

2)Opening the ports on your!!There are lots of guieds in this forum that you can find out how to do this!

3)Put your external ip in you system patch!!!


After you done with all of this,you will be ready and anyone now can log into your server!!!


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