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From Zero to Hero (Interlude Mid Rate Servers) - Disscusion

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This is topic about disscusion how to get better on Interlude Mid Rate Servers.

Please tell me how do you start play on these type servers.

Let's talk about l mid rate with craft A-S (shop up to b-grade), NPC Buffer.


For example when I play with friend we make two accounts for example:

I (sps + spoil)

Friend (bishop + summoner)

From start we exp solo up to 40 lvl on these characters, then we buy karmian sets and get shadow weapon C-Grade to sps and bishop.

After that we start exp together. We farm money to homunukulus + acu (for bishop - that's enough for bish) and vallhala + acu (for sps).

I think buy avadon sets is needless yet.

When we earn 73 lvl we make pagan quest and go to fast exp into pagan by bishop (turn undead).

After that we make Valaka's quest on summoner and go into. Then summon spoiler and sps and start spoil EAS's on Lavasauruses.


The other way to earn money is to make pagan quest with sps + bishop (trains) and sell EWS's/EAS's.


What's your way to get better/earn money?

What items do you buy, what items do you craft and why?


Let's disscus about it!

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All we had played official so you know how to exp and farm.

Moreover, this is a long story how you become from 1 to full LvL and hero.

You need a lot of work for that. But I would like to give an example.


LvL 1 :  Elven Village until LvL 12.

LvL 12: Ruins of Despair until LvL 20. You got the first class quest you do that.

LvL 20: Execution Grounds until 30-35

LvL 35: Cruma Tower or in your Level Zone didn't remember this level stage until 40-41

LvL 41: The Cemetary until 47-50

LvL 50: Forbidden Gateway until 60.

LvL 60: Tower of Insolence called "Toi".


Anyway when you reach the full you just make a buffer a spoiler as you said and friend of yours a healer. That would be great.

Also, mages for a nice farm. Oh and do not craft just buy them ready from the Shop Towns like Giran, Aden, Dion and etc.

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