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Server Launched June 3rd 2013


L2Revived was created to bring the best retail like experience possible that is a 5x Server.


Rates -                         

x5 Exp/Sp                                   

x5 Drop/Spoil                                   

x5 Adena                                                 

x1 Raid Drop                                       


Server is close to Retai like -

Class Transfer Quests

Offline Shops enabled

No Buffer

No Mp pots

No Gm shop



Voting -

Hopzone Votes are linked to server

Upon 100 Votes All Online Members receive 1 Revita Pop


Player Commands -

.expon/.expoff  - Turns Exp on or off

.autoloot - Turns Auto Pickup on or off

.changepassword - Changes Password to Account

.online - Shows how many Members are Online


Dedicated Server Stats -

3.5 i7 2600k Intel

32 Gigs Ram 2133

Solid State HDD


Internet Connection Speed -

150/Mbps Download - 40/Mbps Upload for a NO LAG Environment.



Donations are used to upgrade the server.

When donating please include your Character name in the paypal notes.

There are no Item Donations in game "Ews etc"  all donation items are for help Leveling and Appearance only.


Come to our server.  You will be glad you did :)


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