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interlude [L2J] L2JustPlay x555 Interlude NO custom , G. Opening 31/5/2013


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Hello All Lineage 2 Players ,  I want to inform you about our new Project.


AFTER last opening when were 400 ppl on login and could log in game just 180 and server couldnt keep it , we decided to reOPEN it 31.5.2013 in the NEW server hosting company . I hope to see at least half of you guys on new start  31.5.2013 (This Friday)


We are planning to open our server 31.5.2013 ^^


We are still working on it, so if you think that you know BETTER form,  write to the Suggestions on our Forum.


We want to make somethink between HR and MR type of server, well ... we want to try it.


Server Name           : L][JustPlay

Server version        : Interlude

Server Type            : High rate

Server Location       : England,London

Server Website      : www.l2justplay.net   

Server Farm information : If you want to have all items in 1 hour, it is not server for you, we want to keep fun , so ppl will not leave after 1 day,

  For solo pvp there are pvp zones, for Mass pvps there is Party farm zone and mass pvp for raid bosses


Website: www.l2justplay.net 


---We are working on this fresh project for the first time, so I dont know how many people i can expect, but we are trying to mix all High rates arround, and

make this game more playable. If you have some suggestions, you can chat with us on our forum. Because we will be happy for all your advices.

Thank you ---


XP: x555

SP: x555

Party XP: x2



1. Grand Boss:


Respawn time  = 3 hours

Quest items = in GM shop

Jewels drop = 100%

Teleporter to Grand Bosses = Yes

All Grand(Epic) Bosses are level 80

Drop: RB jewells  = 100%                  (min/max 1)

        Crystal Enchant Scroll = 80 % DROP chance  (min1-max2)

(You can get RB jewells just from killing Grand bosses)

ALL Grand Bosses drop  100% Clan reputation items 1-4 (1=1000 reputation)


DROP INFORMATION = http://www.l2justplay.net    > Forum  > Features  > FARM/DROP info


Grand Bosses :


Baium:            MORE INFO IN www.l2justplay.net > Forum > Features > GrandBosses

Queen Ant:      MORE INFO IN www.l2justplay.net > Forum > Features > GrandBosses

Core:              MORE INFO IN www.l2justplay.net > Forum > Features > GrandBosses

Orfen:            MORE INFO IN www.l2justplay.net > Forum > Features > GrandBosses

Zaken:            MORE INFO IN www.l2justplay.net > Forum > Features > GrandBosses

Valakas:        MORE INFO IN www.l2justplay.net > Forum > Features > GrandBosses

Antharas:      MORE INFO IN www.l2justplay.net > Forum > Features > GrandBosses


Special Boss    : MediumRB , HardRB  (Depends on the location,  respawn = 30minutes )

                      : Medium RB Drop = Farm items

                      : HardRB(Partylocation) = Drop  Farm items, 1 Reputation item(80%DROP Chance)

                      : You can find him in the solo and hard zone , between statues  :  http://oi40.tinypic.com/33lnguc.jpg


You Can Check how somebody killing RB by our NPC : http://oi40.tinypic.com/14jp6qw.jpg

You can check RB status and time to spawn by our NPC : http://oi43.tinypic.com/34iitli.jpg




Players Zone(Server center) in the Highest floor of MoS

Instant 76 level

1st/2nd/3rd Class Change NPC

Subclass without quest and instant level 76

Buff Times 2 Hours

Block Buff Skill

Olympiad Period 1 week

All NPC's to change subclass

PVP zone in a very nice location!

Spawn Protection 30sec

PVP name color (Nick changes his COLOR on 150 / 250 / 500 / 1000 / 2000 pvp points)


CLan Reputation SYSTEM :


L2justPlay - Clan reputation items.


SERVER Currency =  Farm items

OfflineShop = You are selling items for FARM ITEMS !!!

We are trying to make Economy on server.

/unstuck = 15seconds ( You will be teleported to Player Zone = Center "Town" )




Buffer NPC                                                                ( http://oi42.tinypic.com/akwfuf.jpg )


Boss Manager NPC (shows Epics/Barakiel Respawn Time from the last death)  = (  http://oi43.tinypic.com/34iitli.jpg )

Augmentation NPC

Skill Enchant NPC                                                      ( http://oi40.tinypic.com/pbw9x.jpg )

Global Gatekeeper (Teleport to raidboss too)          ( http://oi39.tinypic.com/2vtqo2q.jpg )

Vote reward  (Hats, Life stones )

Observation NPC                                                      (  http://oi40.tinypic.com/14jp6qw.jpg  )

Class Change NPC                                                    ( http://oi40.tinypic.com/sen875.jpg )

TOP stats Manager NPC                                            ( http://oi42.tinypic.com/zwv3q.jpg )




By click to "Festival Adena "


Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Raid boss level 80)  drops 6x Festival Adena

Respawn = 2 Hours

By doubleClick to Festival Adena (2x click) you will get NOBLESS STATUS


!!!!!DROP OF BARAKIEL CAN PICK UP as first (For 10second) person/party who maked the HIGHEST damage !!!!!!!!




Olympiad Period 1 week (Every Sunday changing Heroes)

For non-class olympiad you need  2 registrated nobless people

Olympiad runs every day from 19:00 (GMT+1  = 20:00 GMT+2) to 22:00 (GMT+1 = 23:00 GMT+2)


You can JOIN oly just with 1 character per IP  (Dualbox feeding protection)


5.Special Farm Zones INFORMATIONS :

Solo  Zone : Special Location        ( You can farm there Event Medals for which you can buy Weapons / Armos  S grade, Blessed Enchant Scrolls )

                                                      (EasyMob = 4 - 7000 000 adena + 7 - 12 Medal ,    MediumMob 9 - 12 000 000 adena +  18 - 24 Medal)

------  If you Die in SoloZone and you will use "To Vilage" you will be randomly spawned in SoloZone spot 1/2 , where is Buffer for nobless too (w/o HP/CP/MP rec)


Party Zone : Special Location        ( You can farm there Event Medals for which you can buy Weapons / Armos  S grade with bigger ammout of  drop or Blessed Enchant Scrols, )

                                                      (HardMob =  400+- Farm items , TOP lifestone 1-3)


Safe Farm Zone : Gludin Village      (We dont want to make it easy/Bot arena so just a few mobs, for new players)

                                                      (SafeMonster = 5 000 000 Adenas , 5 Farm items)


(You can get there by Global gatekeeper,  = Solo Farm zone  spot 1 , spot 2    and Party Zone  (Spot 1 , spot 2))


!!!!! I dont know how many ppl i can expect on start, because it is NEW project. If there will be a lot of ppl and locations will be full , we will ADD 1 more SOLO Zone , but we will not add more Party Zones , you need to pvp there !!!!


6.Enchant Rates:

75%  - Normal Scrolls

83%  - Blessed Scrolls  (You can get them by Farm items in Farming zones)

100% - Crystal scrolls  (5 Grand Bosses = Baium, Antharas, Zaken,, Queen ant, Valakas are having 80%DROP chance of 1-2 Crystal scrolls)

Max Weapon enchant      : +15

Safe Weapon/Armor Enchant: +4

Max Armor enchant        : +15

Max Jewells enchant      : +13

Max With Crystal scrolls : +17



Chance=  TOP lifestone 20%, Mid Lifestone 15% , Lifestone 10%

Max = 1Passive + 1 Active

Time of Active Augumention: 20minutes

Increasing stats of Augumention: By % like on L2OFF


8. No Customs which affect the gameplay:


Hats (Nike,Puma hats) 


9. CLAN EVENT For Clans with more than 10 active PPL INFORMATIONS :

1.Custom Located and Designed Clan Halls

It is you who chooses look and the location!


(Check screens for all custom in server info section on the website)


2. For every clan leader, who owns clan with more than 20 active member is there 1 "free" Nobless item  (2x click to be nobless)

(If you dont like somethink , write to our "Suggestions" section in our forum !

For more informations you can Check our website :  www.L2justplay.net

                                    or forum   






Thank you!


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