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classic L2Loyal. BETA TEST > START 16.05.2013!


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Lineage 2 Loyal.


Exp: 150x SP: 1x  Adena: 250x Spoil: 20x Drop: 1x


You can find the classic features list below.


Chronicle : Interlude

Farming Zones

-Elven Fortress & Four Sepulchers & Ketra Orc Outpost!

Mantras are needed to upgrade S grade Armors and get Tattoos. The mantras drops in Four Sepulchers.

Custom RaidBosses

*Custom raidbosses which drops Titanium Sets Pieces,Mantras, Loyal Coins.

C6 Skills

We have a complete set of C6 skills


We have a Protection against PHX,Walker,Bot,L2Tower,L2NET,Hlapex and other third party programs. be carefull HWID Banning automatically without any excuses of unban your HWID.

Global GK

The global GK will teleport to all towns, leveling zones and custom area locations. Each spawn point will have a peace zone. So there wont be any more spawn PK.


Buffs will still be party only, this will prevent the horrible grief buffing abuse. If you remember there used to be tons of buffers that would just sit at a GK and greif buff anyone that came near, No one wants that again.

NPC Buffer

We have a NPC buffer ingame, which has all normal buffs, songs and dances just no 3rd Class buffs like COV, Prophs etc.

Weekly Sieges

We will have 2-3 Sieges per weekend , and the castle owner crowns gives extra hp to players.


Shopping Area

We got custom shopping area in Eva of garden.

Party Monsters

We made custom party mobs that you need to have Tank, healer, nukers to kill those monsters.

Unique Gm Shop up to S grade.

Custom gm shops, Misc shop, Armor Shop, Weapon shop.

Class Change

Its Spawned in giran so you can change your class without quest.

Auto Learn Skills

You will learn skills automatically!.

2 Weeks olympiad period, and the heroes are granted with a hero skill. Hero skill on all sub-classes.

The revival of old c4 l2loyal server shutted down 3 years ago. Being one of the most succesful servers before, gives them the chances to become the greatest now.

This server has custom features, which you'll never see in any other one. They won't be copied, or remade by somebody else. You can join and enjoy most balanced custom featured mid rate (mid farm) pvp server. You'll never find something better. Just join, and try your luck, show your skills, and enjoy the world of l2 loyal!




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