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  1. Well, as we expected, adminstiration is totally incompetent.
  2. My suggestion, remove few ressists from buffer, because mages hit fully enchanted and ressisted fighters for like 300 dmg. Leave only elemental protection. All others make self only.
  3. Lineage 2 Loyal. Exp: 150x SP: 1x Adena: 250x Spoil: 20x Drop: 1x You can find the classic features list below. Chronicle : Interlude Farming Zones -Elven Fortress & Four Sepulchers & Ketra Orc Outpost! Mantras are needed to upgrade S grade Armors and get Tattoos. The mantras drops in Four Sepulchers. Custom RaidBosses *Custom raidbosses which drops Titanium Sets Pieces,Mantras, Loyal Coins. C6 Skills We have a complete set of C6 skills Protection We have a Protection against PHX,Walker,Bot,L2Tower,L2NET,Hlapex and other third party programs. be c