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[Tut] Shaiya ep 4.5 server


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today i will tell you how to make a shaiya ep 4.5 server i will also give you a link to the server files that i have used any problems you can post here or you may Email me.


You need a few things to get started

1: Microsoft SQL 2005 or 2008 R2

2: my server Files

3: Client (not supplied)

4: A Desktop

5: if running vista or 7 (dont know if shaiya server works on 8 never tried) disable UAC

You can put these files in C: or D: but if you do set them in D: they need to be edited


Step 1: SQL

          Install your SQL and make it mixed auth and default name your password will be Shaiya123

          after install open your configuration manager for sql enable everything then go into tcp/ip and enable ONLY

          next restart the mssql server and open your management studio

          login with windows auth then open logins change your sa account name to Shaiya

thats the end of SQL config (basic config)


Step 2: ServerFiles

          run the install.bat file in the shaiya server folder should be C:ShaiyaServer/Server/install.bat if im not mistaken

          let it run through then it should restart your system

          after restart install both agents in C:/ShaiyaServer/Server/PSM_Client/PSM_AgentInstall.exe and                  C:ShaiyaServer/Server/PSM_Server/PSM_ServerAgentInstall.exe 

        next go into C:ShaiyaServer/Server/PSM_Client/Bin/Config and open Game.ini and GameWar.ini and change the ips from whatsmyip.com to

        then go into C:ShaiyaServer/Server/PSM_Server and open PSMServer_Mgr.exe do the same here change the whatsmyip.com to

        Now click Server Setup in the PSMServer_Mgr.exe>install all services then control Service>Start all services


if you did this correctly you should have a server up and running





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