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Tha ithela mia mikri help se thema Option t walker..Exw enan char.. px: Dagger (42 lvl) k thelw na ton afisw walker k na exw apo pisw enan Prophet(68 lvl)..Thelw o pp na kanei heal k buffs tn dagger mou XWRIS na einai se party..Giati ama einai se party dn tha pernei xp o dagger..!


An kserei kapoios k ginetai plz as apantisei..!!

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einai poli eykolo an einai apo to idio pc kai oi 2, loipon apla baltous party stin arxei kane tis rithmiseis tou pp alla na bazeis name sta buffs/heal klp oxi na to kanei se opion einai sto pt meta ksekina to bot kai kanous leave pt :) elpizo na katalabes

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kalh h lisi tou afanouli .. alla ama o server exei geodata problem k den ginetai ayto p proanafere

tote mporeis na kaneis setting apo to control settings (an thimame kala ) to opoio douleyei kapos etc:

o char p thelei heal stelnei aytomata pm ston byffer s , ke aytos kanei to antistixo skill me to PM p dialekses :D

exei fash , den tros chat ban ke ama theleis psaksto :D


p.s. afanoulis , s thimizei kati to name ZaGlaS ?

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ontos dn to egrapsa pio pano, kai ta 2 account prepei na einai apo to idio pc gia na doulepsi allios prepei na to kaneis me pm opos eipe kai o ALEX2005GR

pigeneis sto control panel me ton dagera kai vazeis sent request ston pp kai tou grafeis px na kanei pm kathe 1180 sec ta name to buff (i oti allo thes esi).meta pas ston prophet control panel  resive request apo ton dagera kai bazeis 1-1 ta buffs pou thes. PROSOXI: gia na doulepsi swsta prepei na balis akrivos tin idia leksi sto pm kai stous 2.

dld dageras (pes oti thelei ww) tha tou baleis delay 1180 kai leksi ww

kai ston pp tha baleis ww kai dipla to skill wind walk

elpizo na katalabes :)


ps: ALEX2005GR to name einai to bro mou alla tha ton rotiso

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