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interlude [L2J] Gladiator 25x interlude substack Main+1 no custom no NPC bufer


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L2 tower+l2walker+dual box ALLOWED






We are glad to present you a new Interlude 25x Server substaCK 1 class from any race:


L2Gladiator. Our aim is clear: find the perfect balance retail like. We have worked hardly to make almost


all the classes playable. If you are bored to play unbalanced  PvP servers, give us a try, you wont regret! Here we show


some of our main features.


Yes this server dont have npc bufer and u can buy from GM shop just items still b grad but we want to


encourage-party...system with our custom substuck class from any race...but MUTANTS will not be alowed on OLYMPIAD!


L2Gladiator 25x Grand Opening from 22-03-2013/14:00 PM



XP: 25x

SP: 25x

Adena: 10x

Drop: 5x

Spoil: 10x

Party Xp-Sp: 15x



Safe enchant: +3

Max enchant armor: +12

Max enchant weapon: +16


Simple enchant scrolls chance: 66%

Blessed enchant scrolls chance: 75%

Crystal enchant scrolls chance: 75%




GMShop with items still B grad, Npc Info, Global Gk, Skill Enchanter,

Grand Bosses tested and working 100%

TvT, CTF, DM Events the whole day [from 00:00 to 00:00]

Players spawn protection

Enchant protection system

No Weight/grade limit.No npc bufer

Offline trade system

Dedicated server 24/7 online 99% uptime

Friendly and multilanguage staff





Olympiad time: 18:00 - 00:00

Olympiad period: 1 week

Mutants on Olympiad: DONT ALLOWED




Our website

Our forum




Skype: L2Gladiator

Facebook: L2Gladiator

Contact: http://l2gladiator.com


We would like to se your sugestions or your opinion about what chance will have this server to survive


Thanks in advice


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well i play in 1 server like that some many years a go like from 2003 to 2006 the server wos dragon network and wos 5 x no 25 but the idea of substuck same race no npc bufs wos brilliant i wos always fighting in party and mass pvp on siege mi old char wos [blade dancer+shilen elder] like mage nuker with some profet +mine from bd+se y wos always with bufs very powerful 1v1 but in mass pvp well dagger+warlok or tyrant dystroyer wos most useful...i hope the midle rate lovers will like that

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i just want to say that i will start playing for sure,but it would be much better if u put also mutants i know its unbalance but on low rate server's its not,cuz of buffs,someone wants to make an mutant for buffs,or smth like that,give example to dragon network,they run server on mutant system and it works find plus server is w/o npc buffs it will be very good for server,that one of my suggestions other stuff are great :) see ya in game :)

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GameKeeper btw I wos the firs MUTANT from dragonnetwork [infinty]5x server mi nick wos DarkSmurf [howkeye+tyrant] I wos 1 of best [theth] friends from adrenalin Clan and i think that class wos op same like ol+ee ...i will be glad to hear more opinions about [MUTANTS OR NON MUTANTS ON SERVER]

P.S i want to revival that kind of system play becous encourage party system playing

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GameKeeper btw I wos the firs MUTANT from dragonnetwork [infinty]5x server mi nick wos DarkSmurf [howkeye+tyrant] I wos 1 of best [theth] friends from adrenalin Clan and i think that class wos op same like ol+ee ...i will be glad to hear more opinions about [MUTANTS OR NON MUTANTS ON SERVER]

P.S i want to revival that kind of system play becous encourage party system playing


Nice then,i know that ol/ee is strong but it isn't op,to cast a drain he needs a 220 mana give an example also there are other classes that can kill him,and with mutants on server means u can encourage party system,and also pvp system a lot.As u said u played dragon network,so u know the best how pvp's went there.And still it's one of epic server in l2 world of server's .Duno this was my suggestion about mutants i would like to see it runing on your server.Also with mutants there will be more buffer subs then some nuker class.Hope you you will consider this in your server project.

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yes i will consider your opinion and i still have some time to think about still grand opening but i need more replay on this post to can see what players want ...and yes i realy scare about what 1 mutant like ol+ee can make or nuker+bishop i still dont know if.. to allow or not... nukers+healers on server...

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    • "ps  i watched carefuly the private server scene for more then 14 years, so i kinda know what i m talking about and i have very little money to spare" < What did you watch? For watching private scene (as developer/server owner), you need to understand the servers builds, nothing more you should care about. I connect to private server and instantly know what 'pack' they are using, what are the issues, etc. I understand what is happening under the hood. I doubt you know the difference between List and Set. In 2023 the private server scene is not described by server packs(files), it's based on the marketing budget. You can sell 'Snickers' candy for a cake's price. I was always unsure about L2jMobius builds, until I decided to give some interest for Essence version. My story is that I've bought L2jMobius membership and later on became an Contributor. (Fell out of that roll, because had some IRL problems which did not allow me to dedicate time to L2 Development). While working with L2jMobius I found new connections, which allowed me to develop 'my own' Essence build (I was developing for a person who is a client of L2jMobius and was developing for him a bit faster than I was submitting patches for Mobius itself, it was not based on money, I was receiving patch notes which were not available for public (developed privately) in exchange to work and deliver some new implementations/corrections faster for that person than for whole L2jMobius project, though I always shared later the work with Mobius). That allowed me to gain base of known sources of Essence which are not publicly available (again to mention, I did not exchange any SVN private repos, worked with person who already had access same as me). So where I'm going with this story? You care about 'leaks' when you develop something for L2jMobius, not when you pay him money, get the files and do nothing. Why you're afraid of leaks? The leak happens once per 2 months maybe, the SVN commits are daily. Why I hated leaks? Because I've implemented something dedicated for L2jMobius private clients, not the leachers. While I did not have my own base - those leaks and my code put everyone in same position - having the same features, if you don't have marketing budget, than you want to sell project for players by giving them features(I know it might contradict with the first paragraph of mine, but w/e, who understands - understands). The model is correct for L2jMobius to share a public version, it will attract new clients if they like the public version. Okay, now we covered 'your scene watching of private servers', 'L2jMobius leaks' it's time for why L2jMobius is the only way for small private server to use for example while building Essence based project: 1. L2jMobius has a lot of clients, instead of working on your own, you have maybe 50+ people committing changes. 2. Mobius reviews all commits, does some QA, refactors the code to fit whole code base formatting etc.. 3. You can write a question as a dummy server creator and get the answer (I was shocked what questions Mobius subscribers community receives, though I see that they are patient ones, I could not answer any questions without asking myself WTF is wrong, the person can't set his IP to launch the server and he's thinking about launching project, though even these problems are solved by community) 4. Don't judge book by the cover - if you receive leak of public version and you can't find certain feature working, you can always ask Mobius to check if someone is working on that, maybe day after the leak the feature will be implemented. Best case scenario, if possible, become a subscriber, just to try it. TL;DR: If you're amateur server owner, don't know any of coding = you should not care, maybe Mobius is not dominating in Interlude/H5, but you can check for other version. Everything will be solved for you. If you're developer (working alone and want other people help) - take these sources, make your own base, work on your code yourself + take patch notes submitted by other people.  
    • Still accepting application. I guarantee my client will beat any other compensation to suitable candidates too.
    • @geometry dash meltdown Make that the system requirements of the game are met by your machine. You can have problems with performance if your hardware doesn't meet the minimal requirements.  
    • Someone help me run this interface on the server I play on, I'll pay 20 dollars.
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