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  1. Any1 can share a npc like this? http://www.secretexperience.net/lineage-npcs/33319-npc-buffer-para-eventos-kaiio.html With only two options, like that on this post? L2jFrozen
  2. Really thanks man I did it, and a few change in some names of screen (just html) Well problem solved, thanks for the attention ;D
  3. That's the problem, on console dont show any error, it load all things right i try to test on eclipse but i dont know how to do right, on pydev debug he give me a lot errors i'm a beginner on java , also python =T i will try to post the error ingame here console screen (when i click yes) PS: When i click with a normal character, it dont show nothing, dont open screen, only with GM or admin account script to gracia but i'm trying to use on interlude L2jFrozen rev 986
  4. Hello guys, i get this NPC here on forum by Allen. This is for L2jfree i guess, so i convert it to L2jFrozen Npc appear like a giant rabbit and give the option to refresh the script, but when i do that, it give script error on gameserver screen it load with no error any1 can help me find where is that script error? http://pastebin.com/6612rS3V here is the script , already changed to L2jFrozen i think is something about gracia to interlude, but i really dont understand
  5. Any1 can help me to convert to L2jfrozen and IL this codes? I try it for a few days and i dont have all skill necessary for that, any1 can help me? This codes is by Allen, from this forum, if he read and can help me, is much better. Really thanks guys. http://pastebin.com/eqnKp6p6
  6. No1 will stay on this server, no1 want play entire life for something, it's a pirate server =T Without buff, without full C grade set, low adena drop, who will try it? =T People have all things to do something nice, but dont think tsc With some change your server can be a nice1 and maybe grow, but on this way, is a fail like other1 trying copy dnet ...
  7. Already fail? :alone: No1 know a substack server mid rate interlude? Or have a project to do it? =T
  8. Is a no NPC buff server, so 15 person, each with your own buffer, 4 or 5 real players =T
  9. Really really thanks Tryskell, time to read more now and try a few stuffs. Really thanks for your help ;) 1º JDK7 2º Eclipse + plugins 3º Setup all 4º Import and Compile 5º Install That the steps... But after that some steps, read more, try to learn a few things and start :happyforever: Again really thanks ;)
  10. How many players on? I'm working, can't login to start play :alone:
  11. Hi Tryskell thank u for your time. I get the free source on aCis forum, now i need compile that right? I'm very lost on this stuffs, all tuto's i see on internet are very old and full of broken links. With aCis i can make a substuck server? If i found NPC to do it ofc. U talk about L2jfrozen be more custom, substuck is considered a custom right? Well , i dont know right what i gonna do, just need a small help to start. I see on source dont have the serverlogin starter or something like that , like i see on tuto's . Can u explain to me, or send me a link where i can found a good tuto
  12. Hello guys, a few days - maybe weeks - i'm reading this forum and other one's to find enough material to start my own project (learn how to dev and all the thinks, just to learn, nothing big). But i stuck on the beginning. L2jserver, L2jFrozen, L2JBrasil and so many other... I found a lot tuto on foruns, but all they are from 2009 or less '-' So i'm here to ask, what i should use? Yes, maybe i will start a server, if i feel good enough for that. And maybe its gonna be stucksub interlude. So, what i should do? Get source and compile? What Source is better? Sorry for my bad english