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interlude L2ArenaPVP(L2j) No Custom C6 interlude international server 03-02


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Server starts 2012-03-02 12:00+2GTM, visit us on http://www.l2arena.eu

Server Rates:

EXP: 5000X

SP: 5000x



Safe Enchant 3 ,Max no limit

Buffs last 2 hours, exept propercys and chants 20 min

Buffers in Town

Global Gatekeepers

Party raids respawn every 12 hours drop raid jewels, Solo raids respawn every hour drop: ls, coins for tatoo. Also 1 Solo Raid in coliseus that respawn every 15 min with chance drop ls and orfen + core

Skill enchanter in town, also sell giant books

QHP in main shop for coins, MP potions for coins

Hero wepons have +16 S stats

Olympiad every day 18:00-24:00

Colored nicks and titles for pvp and pk

No custom armors or weapons only tatoos with small stats

No class, Sub class or nobless quests

Noble item in GM Shop and many more!! site url: http://www.l2arena.eu

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