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[Ultimate Tutorials] Web Fundamentals, jQuery, JavaScript AND MANY MORE!


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  • Web Fundamentals (HTML/CSS)
  • PHP <<< New! (5.03.2013)
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Projects (Combining all mentioned above)
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • APIs


These are the official courses. There are already usergroups who also teach C++ and other languages. Also there are SHITLOADS of non-tracked courses in different languages!





So far I'm still on the web fundamentals track and what I can say; over 110 excerises done (which gives  75% overall of that track).




Very easy to understand - even more easier to use in the pratice side. And the most important thing:









Good luck and have fun :)

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A new track has been added!







It's still under develop mode but the introduction part is done.  :good sir:



Btw I'm after Web fundamentals & JS tracks, now on da jQuery track - the learning program is just awesome!



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I just end the css part but i'm stucked.

I have design a website using photoshop and i cant make it as the final result (using html & css) such as photoshop.


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