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[TUTORIAL] Batch Basic Tutorial/Reference

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Batch, although many people think is "nooby and useless" has many, MANY uses, for windows of course.


Lets start off with some basic commands.


@echo off : This command is not essential, it only makes the appearance of your batch program look neater, by turning off all the pretext that is inside of batch programs.


pause : This sets a pause in the program, prompting the user to press any key to continue.


cls : cls clears all the text on the screen.


exit : This, obviously, exits the program.


echo : this "echos" the text you put after the command. For example: "echo Hello World!" prints Hello World! on the screen.


color : This sets the color of the text. The colors are defined below:


0 = Black      8 = Gray

1 = Blue        9 = Light Blue

2 = Green      A = Light Green

3 = Aqua        B = Light Aqua

4 = Red        C = Light Red

5 = Purple      D = Light Purple

6 = Yellow      E = Light Yellow

7 = White      F = Bright White


" " : Quotation marks open the process set inside the quotation marks. For example:

"www.google.com" Will open Google.com.


Finally, at the end of coding a program, click file > save as > any_name.bat.


Now lets smash up all of these commands into one program.


@echo off

color a

echo This is my first program!



echo I hope you enjoy it!



echo Now here is a great forum you should try out!






echo Thats it for now!




I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


Let me know if you want another Batch tutorial.





High Roller


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