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Upcoming L2 Server Features, IL


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x150exp,sp and x100 adena


rate Blessed 45%/Normal 30% Blessed dropping from raids

Safe 3 max 7 for weapons

safe 3 max 5 for armors


VIP System only RateBonus for sometime only and it wont cost much (for donate) exp will just got from 150 to 300


Free Warehouse Deposit


Free Cancel Augment



CharCreateLvl = 1



SubCreateLvl = 60 => quest


Give Pvp point In Arena enabled


Nobless = > Quest


Olympiad => Retail like , class based games disabled


RB Jewls = retail way, quest and kill bosses


No farm zones since all can be obtained by adenas


PvP Zones will be all arenas and cruma tower ( cruma will have a peace zone spot with buffer and all you need and dead players will respawn there)


24 Buff slots  6 debuff slots


Skill arent 100% and bullshits , we will see progress on the live server


TvT Event price will be 1 lifestone


No vote reward and bullshits, will be activated if needed


what else? (all these are implemented till now) suggest more and if you will play..


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Like- rates, enchant rates, olympiad system, no vote rewards, nobles, rb jewls, buff slots.

Dont like- max enchant rate(7 is way too low, make it at least 16, anyway there will prolly be only 1-2 guys with weapon +16 in first few months) for armor too.




I see you want to make server without custom zones, well i would suggest you to make 1-2 zone that will kinda have bosted drop (adena or whatever) just so you can have people gathering there, because if you make it without custom zones people will go to varka, ketra, mos, fog, catas, 4s, and if you lets say have 100-200 people online at the beggining they will spread around and it will look like there is few online or there will be no action at all, if you understand what im trying to explain :)





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Oh god, not again... You know how it is going end anyway


i wont open it, i will just make the pack as requested and give it to the owner , i got his source i will just add those features and  a better event engine

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man, u so pro, free cancel system, free warehouse, pvp zone, this will be most unique server ever!!!


ammm :P i posted to post unique ideas xD i said what is included right now

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