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Pws Ftiaxnete ena NPC na kinite k na leei oti thelete!!!

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go at server/gameserver/data/csv/walker_rutes  eperksergasia k  vlepoume


kati san auto ...  loipon auta ta numbers einai ta location (patame /loc k mas vgazi to location) tis perioxis p theloume na pigeni to npc einai kati aplo

ftiakste esus ta ipolipa pisteuw oti tha exei xavale


Ta location p exw se auto einai stin giran copy/paste k spawn to npc k vouala!!


An sas aresei grapse ena thanks einai to 1st Guide/share opws thelete parte to!!!





1;31361;1;NULL;83292;148146;-3408;61;True                <--- Apo edw start




1;31361;5;Vote for Us!!!;83027;148387;-3472;10;True      <-- edw stamataei k leei vote for us!!



1;31361;8;NULL;82708;148309;-3472;1;True                      to npc exei id 31361*

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