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http://l2samyr.sytes.net CUSTOM Server is OPEN


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Welcome To l2Samyr




Server is LIVE (04.08.2012) --=Welcome to l2Samyr!=-- We are glad to be back and we hope that this time our server to reach even more players than we had before. Our hard work to bring all those things wich you will have to see online is specialy done for the ones who wanted again a good ful-custom server.


--=Some of our features:=--

Custom enchant system.

Special Npc's for everything you need.

Special Mobs Farm Zone.

Event manager with more auto events.

Custom community board.

Rebirth Manager.

Raid Boss Info.

Custom Buffer.

Custom Shop.

Ranking Manager.

Farm zone/ Raid Boss zone/ pvp zone/ Safe Zone.

--=More features on Information page.=--


Our staff will never ask for your account password,if you are asked by someone saying they are with our staff it is probably a scam,so don't give your account information to anyone! You should also register in our forum so you will be able to be aware of any updates or announcements about the server!


Lineage 2 l2Samyr Team welcomes you to our new website and forum! Respect Server Rules!

Please download THIS FILE (in case you didn't downloaded it from our forum. Lineage 2 l2Samyr - All rights reserved since 2012


EX : 1000x

SP : 1000x

Adena : 500x

Drop : 1x

Spoil : 1x

Good Luck !! Have Fun !!



Server Ful-Custom



Custom / Armor / Weapon / Jevel / Shop / Agument

Custom / Farm zone / Bufer / Gatekeper / Symbol



    L2Samir Server Rules!

Server is provided tottaly free.. NO corrupted GMs NOT like the rest!



1. It is forbidden to use offensive nicknames and titles.


2. Name and title mustn’t contain GM name.


3. Abusing PM to the GM, especially when they will be watching over Events or solving some bug problems may rewarded with a jail.


4.Players are not allowed to use bad words on public and private chat.


5.Players are not allowed to post any site on public and private chat.


6.You are not allowed to use hacks, bugs and exploits. If you find bugs report them to laluna or to zeit you will be rewarded (IF IT IS AN IMPORTANT BUG!!!).


7.It is forbidden to trick players and stealing them items. Doing this is rewarded with ban.


8.You are not allowed to make lag by droping items in the ground.


9.Giving trade, party, clan, ally, friend to a GM is not allowed.


10.Do not ask a GM for adena, skills, recomandations, levels or other items. Administration do not give any items to the players, even if they were lost due to server failure.


11.You are not allowed to lie a GM.


12.A GM will not replace lost items.


13.It is forbidden to make dualbox in TvT, CTF and Oly.


14.You are not allowed to help another player to win one or more matches in Oly.


15.Do not heal any Raid Boss.




16. 1. This is a PvP server! means YOU ARE IN WAR! (dont like pvp ? then dont join here..).


17.You are not allowed to PK a player in a low level area with a gigh level character.


18.It is forbidden to kill someone throuh walls and floors.


19.A player is not allowed to help another one to make PvP's and PK's



20. Give your information out at your own risk.


21. Due Wipe or Rollback your characters or any other of your lost data will not be restored.


22. Always check the GM List to avoid fake GMs.


23. laluna; zeit are the administrators of the server. Respect rules and have fun



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Dear players are pleased to announce that L2Black-Valley team ... OPEN L2Black-Valley FUL Custom   


    -=New Linege 2 Interlude Server FUL Custom=-


Server Info



Exp : 1000x

Sp : 1000x

Adena : 1000x

Drop : 1x

Spoil : 1x




Normal Scroll : 68%

Blessed Scroll : 88%

Crystal Scroll : 100%


Custom : Armor / Weapon / Jewls

Custom : Zone / Buffer / Shop




Website -> http://l2black-valley.zapto.org                                                                                         

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