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[SHARE] New L2j Pack By MrPeOs (And Bro :P )

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L2 Pack Interlude By MrPeos


Einai To Pack Mou Pou Efiaxa Mesa Se Enan Mhna Giati Twra Arxisa Na Asxoloume Me To L2 Develop


Periexi Kapia NPC Opws ( GM Shop-Buffer-GateKeeper Global - - Custom Anti-Pk Guards)




Se Ola Ta Castles Uparxoun Spawns Opws (GM Shop / Olympaid Momunt + Manager /Buffer /GateKeeper Global + Elven Ruins)


Gia Opious Theloune Life Stone Trader Exei Mesa Se Fakelo (Na To Kanete Install Monoi Sas Gt Alloi Mporei Na Min To Theloun)


Ton Kanete Install Monoi Sas Exei Odigies Giati Kapioi Mporei Na Min To Theloun


Exei Mia Custom Perioxi Ta Elven Ruins Pou Uparxei Kai I Idiki GK Gia Auta (Kai Exei Kapia Custom Mob Pou enas Aplos Player Me +30 Tha Kanei 5 Lepta Gia Na Xosei To Ena Einai Etima EtC Aplos Valte Ta Drop Pou Thelete Gia Na To Kanete San Ena Hard Meros Pou Na Petaei Kati Spanio (Auto Gia Opious Theloun )


O Server Einai Etimos Se Rates x500 ( Gia Na Ton Ala3ete  C:/Server/GameServer/Config/Rates)


Ta Custom NPC's


Ta ID Tous Uparxoun Se Fakelo Mesa Sto Pack


Gatekeeper Ruins: Aplos Patiste //spawn Siff Kai Tha Bgei Ekei Pou Tin Thelete




Auto Itan To Pack Mou Kai Einai To Prwto :)


Euxaristo Pou Koitaxate Auto To Post :)


Download Pack




[move]~To Grafei Kai To Tittle Me Pion Einai Fiagmeno (dld prepei na ta alaxo ola gia na katalavoun kapioi)~[/move]


Credits To (MrPeos/My Brother :P / L2j Oneo For The Panels :P )



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Ty :)


min spammareis (1 le3i dn einai apantisi)


epomeno twra. 8arro (epistimon) oti to pack dn to exeis ftia3ei opos eipan k ta paidia einai h' l2 oneo h' l2java etC. Diko kommataki diskolo gia toso newbwie sto developing. Esy apla pires to pack k to moddares.


BTW kali prospa8ia (idika i eidiki perioxi m'aresei :D)

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