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new l2 client? zzz

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auto p kserw gia to hellbound einai oti prwton anikse o Luna ston official , kai deuteron eftiaksan ta C grade bracelets.. ksereis katw apo ta symbols pou eixe kati koutakia kai dn kserame ti kanane...

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Xrhsimopoihste to SEARCH BUTTON... uparxoun para polla topics...





Dn eisai se 8esi na peis pio topic 8a kanoun lock ( ektos an eisai o author ) kai oi mods kseroun kala ti 8a kanoun lock.



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Xrhsimopoihste to SEARCH BUTTON...

Einai arketa palios member gia na mn to kseri..

Kapoios Mod na kanei lock to topic.

Dn eisai se 8esi na peis pio topic 8a kanoun lock ( ektos an eisai o author ) kai oi mods kseroun kala ti 8a kanoun lock.

2 mines exw na peksw l2 kai bgike kainourgio pali ? ti einai afti i moufa to hellbound ? ti new exei? exoume kanena server na to dw?:P

Simfono gia to moyfa :P c1-c4 htan lineage meta egw dn to leo l2..idika apo kamael kai meta..

Edo exw mazepsi arketa pragmata gia hellbound : http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=23007.0 (walkers,info's client kai ala)

Sto Lineage II Private Servers section exoune gini 2-3 diafimisis gia hellbound servers.Ala kai sto hopzone na deis gemato einai.

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    • Good day everybody.   A credible team that SGuard represents is looking for a java developer.    The position is full time only i.e. your time is mostly dedicated within the team and team tasks.  All necessary tools are provided.  The team is consistent with > 6 team members and the team is looking to expand to meet various goals. A decent Lineage 2 Essense knowledge is needed.  Experience with l2r/l2p/l2s (not l2j or mobius) type of servers. The team is friendly and goal oriented, very active and resourceful.   Requirements are standard however strong java codding skill is necessary for the position.  Multi language is a plus but not necessary (English/Russian), any is accepted.   Terms and conditions including compensation are reasonable and considered to be up for the industry standards. Details are negotiable with suitable candidates.   You have to have either a public name that can be checked out or a strong reference from credible sources. You will need to have a headset and a mic just for the initial processing, there're no team meetings or conferences after that.   The team has decided it is in their best interest to not publish their information at this time. Details will be available only for suitable candidates.   If you think you're a good fit. Please contact me at:   skype: live:sguard.soft telegram: https://t.me/tech_support_s2    
    • SCAMMER Please do not get scammed! His Sellix Feedback is fake, his store opening date is manipulated by scripts. Daniele, the developer of Sellix confirmed this before suspending his account. You will receive a rar file with a doc that contains some random email and password and it won’t work. He won’t respond to your tickets either. I lost $120
    • Lineage II Interlude: Ember x3 The server offers a retail atmosphere with NPC buffs, low rates, and a bug-free environment. The auto-hunt feature transforms your game adventure by allowing you to easily accomplish challenges while managing the demands of a busy life.   Server Status: Online [Closed Beta Test] Official Opening: TBD Website: l2ember.online Community: Discord Channel   Key Features Our network infrastructure can support up to 5,000 simultaneous connections without compromising the quality of gameplay. The augmentation system follows the guidelines of the official server. Geodata operates smoothly and without issues. The game's data, which includes monster spawns, loot availability, and player skills, is working correctly. We are actively working on official-like quests and refining the game. Our AI is adequate and corresponds to the PTS server. Sieges are similar to the official server, without any lag or glitches. The Olympiad is fully functional and may be customized to the preferences of the players.   Rates EXP/SP (Regular Monsters): x3 EXP/SP (Raid Bosses): x2 EXP/SP (Quest): x1 Items Drop Rate: x2 Items Drop Rate (Raid Bosses): x2 Items Drop Rate (Quest): x2 Quest Items Reward Rate: x1 Quest Adena Reward Rate: x1 Adena Drop Rate: x2 Seal Stones Drop Rate: x2 Spoil Drop Rate: x2
    • I come here to show some of my work for any L2j version.   Base project for the work: L2jAcis 401   I will constantly update when I create more demonstration videos.   SellBuff System ( Online And Offline Mode ) : 50€  Payments: PayPal / Binance Videos:      NOTE: If I have broken any rules, please send me a PM.  
    • Are there any servers or customers using this at the moment? I'm interested but $300 is a lot (which I know that L2 related stuff is expensive anyway) so I'd like to test and experience the interface before making a decision
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