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[C6 OFF] L2rapture [Sub stack 30x]


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1. Server is L2 Off

2. Rates are 30xXp/45xAdena/50xSP/15xDrop/15xSpoil/45xQuestXP/75xQuestAdena. Quests will now be worth it.

3. Server has stack sub feature similar to DN and the pathetic L2DS. The sub system allows u to change between classes. Cool!!!

4. I believe all class change quests must be completed. By now shouldnt be a big deal for players, we've done them so many times.

5. I understand that when donations open you will not be able to donate for weapons/armour/enchants. Thank -beep-ing god. No +20 weapons.


Registration is open and public BETA now begins. There will be a wipe and beta will last UP TO 2 weeks long but more than likley will only last several days. Please log all bugs you find and be ready to neatly submit them to the beta forums after they open up tomorrow. Thanks and welcome to L2 Rapture!


As long as it stays BETA you will get GM on any char you create so you can test more things and see if you like it!


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rates seems to be good balanced (particularly attractive for quests...). hope that economy will not be fcked up by adena/drop/spoil rates (be carefull if u want a long term server)


plz give more details on sub system (need quest, same race subclass as DN, mix with DN retails, ...)


and no GM shop i suppose?



i must say that we dont see no often server like that which seems to be for mature players and for which it could be good to play (without being bored 2 weeks after with big S items and valakas+50...)




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