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[Guide] How To Make 35-45G In 10 Minutes. (VERY DETAILED AND EASY TO DO)

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Hello everyone, this is Destiny  posting a guild on Small Radiant Shard Farming, , i will have a much better thread than other small radiant shard farming guides, that includes: pictures, it is color coded, and is detailed like you have never seen it before!


This thread was created entirely by me, so all credit goes to me.

The Picture:



*Note* The color key refers to the colors made in the picture.


Color Keys:

Red: The main path for which you must take when running through RFD.

Light Yellow: A small mob that you need to kill. The mods take about 15-30 seconds to kill for a level 70.

Purple: A path that you need to pay extra attention to because of

mobs that are located very closely next to the path.

Light Blue: A path that you need to jump.

Yellow: A boss fight. Takes about 15-30 seconds to kill for a level 70.

Green: The spawn locations of the rare spawn " Ragglesnout ".

Brown: The path you take to get to the boss " Mordresh Fire Eye ". You do not need to take this path if you don't want to, it takes an extra 4-5 minutes to get to him, but since you can only do 5 runs per hour, its reccommended that you do.

Dark Blue: A mob that is located very close to the Purple path and Brown path more that the other mods near the path. This will take a lot of precaution to avoid the mobs.

Dark Green: The exit path you take after killing " Mordresh Fire Eye ".

Dark Purple: The exit path you take after killing " Amnennar Yhe Coldbringer ".



1. Enchanting above 150.

2. Bag space for the shards/drops.

3. Knowlege of the price range of Small Radiant Shards.

4. Level 60+ for best results.

5. A bag of popcorn and a 2 Liter bottle of Mountain Dew (Optional)



Small Radiant Shard farming has been around for a while. There are small guides (like my previous one), and then there's incredible guides (like this one :D). Each of this guide's runs takes approximately 8-10 minutes if you choose to kill " Mordresh Fire Eye " and approximately 4-5 minutes if you choose to stop at " Amnennar The Coldbringer ". Small Radiant Shards sell for about 12-15 gold on my server and i get about 4 each run ( not counting rare spawn ).


The Guide:

Step One: When you first enter the instance, you will see some quilboars in front of you, look slightly to your right and you will see your first mob, which is undead. Run towards them and engage combat.

Step Two: The smartest thing to do when choosing to attack would be the summoner because of his ability to summon non elite skeletons. After killing him, kill the freezing spirit because he can slow your movement down. Now that those two are dead, kill the rest of the mob in any order you like.

Step Three: Run unil you see the next mob in your sight and run along the wall to your left.

Step Four: Carefully guide yourself along the wall until you are at a bump on the bottom of the wall.

Step Five: Jump onto the bump, and walk along the wall making sure you a hugging it. Once you clear the second mob, walk over to the broken bringe in front on you. Turn to the right ( without moving ) so that the bridge is on the left of you. Jump down and avoid the small mob.

Step Six: Once you jump down you should be able to see the first boss " Glutton " if you have timed everything correctly. Run over to him before he gets to the mob that he is walking towards.

Step Seven: Glutton-- First Shard

Level: 35 to 40 Undead

Mob Value:1gold.gif 9silver.gif 66copper.gif

Extra: Elite

Abilities: Enrage

Step Eight: Keep running while avoiding mobs until you are on the south east, South, and West part of the spiral runway on your mini

Step 8: Scout For the rare spawn " Ragglesnout" --Second Shard

Level: 37 Humanoid

Mob Value: 1gold.gif 1silver.gif 49copper.gif

Extra: Elite

Abilities:Dominate Mind, Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Bolt

Step Nine: Once again, keep running while avoiding mobs until you are about to enter the circle with " Amnennar The Coldbringer "

Step Ten: There should be a tiny bit of wall in between you and the circle with the boss. Jump onto the wall and you will now be in the circle which from then, you can engage combat.

Step Eleven: Amnennar The Coldbringer-- Second and Third Shard

Level: 36 to 37 Undead

Mob Value: 1gold.gif 79silver.gif 51copper.gif

Extra: Elite

Abilities: Summon Frost Spectres, Frostbolt, Frost Nova

He will generally drop two blues, if you are unlucky you will get one blue and one green.

------ If you choose to stop and leave, take this exit path----

Step Twelve: Look at your mini map and on the very left of it you will see a path ( looks like vines and leaves, but its a path ). You will run run until you get to the end of the circle where you fought the boss.

Step Thirteen: Jump.

Step Fourteen: Run until you get to the end of the cliff.

Step Fifteen: Jump down. You should now be at about the arena where you fought " Glutton ".

Step sixteen: To the left of you there will be a path on the far left of the walls. Take that path and run. You will now be at the part where you fought the first mob. Simply leave, Reset instance, and repeat until you have done it five times.


--e Eye---------

Step Twelve: Run to the very top of the circle area where you fought   " Amnennar The Coldbringer ".

Step Thirteen: Jump to lover level.

Step Fourteen: Weave past the mob in front of you until you get to a large vine.

Step Fifteen: Jump onto the vine.

Step Sixteen: Run down the vine until you get to the wall.

Step Seventeen: Jump off of the vine and land right before the mob.

Step Eighteen: Try to wall jump along the left wall and get past the mob.

Step Eighteen-Mob: If you accidentally aggro the mob, quickly kill the freezing spirit first then do whatever you please.

Step Nineteen: Run along the left wall and try to avoid patrolling mob.

Step Nineteen-Mob: If you accidentally aggro the mob, quickly kill the ghost guy first then do whatever you please.

Step Twenty: Keep running until you get to the area with the quilboars. Run the the very small step. There will be a non elite boar running around, avoid him.

Step Twenty-One: Walk along the walls avoidinng any quilboars until you pass the mob.

Step Twenty-Two: Run along the right of the wall until you get to the small area with the bridge.

Step Twenty-Three: Walk carefully behind the backs of the quilboars without falling off the 5 foot cliff. do this until you get to the bridge.

Step Twenty-Four: Run across the bridge until you get to the boss.

Step Twenty-Five: Mordresh Fire Eye-- Fourth Shard

Level: 34 to 37 Undead

Mob Value:  63silver.gif 26copper.gif

Extra: Elite

Abilities: Fireball, Fire Nova

He has little non-elite minion skulls that attack you. I not sure, but its probably around 15 of them. They are easy to kill.

Step Twenty-Six: Run back to where the bridge is ( still on the side with the boss ).

Step Twenty-Seven: Jump down about five yard from the left of it.

Step Twenty-Eight: Continue Running until you get to where you fought " Glutton ". On the left of your mini manp, you will see a trail leading up, take the path and run. You will see that you have ran to the part where you killed the first mob. Run out, reset instance, and do it again until you have done it five times.


Now that you have completed your 5 runs, you can either log off and wait an hour then do five more, or you can hearth and sell them at your City. If you want to put it in the auction house, put it in for less the the current lowest amount. Example: you see it in there for 15g, put it in for 13g. You want to be careful about putting too many in the AH at once because you can over flood the AH and the prices will drop immensely. I like to put some in the AH, and then either sell them as fiery enchants, or as individual in /trade.


I hope you enjoyed my guide and i would loves some feedback on what you thought. Yes I know that i didnt need to make such a simple guide so long and boring, but i want it to make it so accurate that people dont say, " Durrr, i dont get this part..." I spent a lot of time on this guide and i would really appreciate it if you commented on what you thought.



Thanks joshman408 

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