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very fast Dlvl bug

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you need spoil (and all char too) :DDD and second char on 1 lvl with Scroll Of Resurrection.


you go to guard in town (gludio is the best) .


give spoil fist -> best accurancy (n grade fist 14k in shop u don't drop this item ) :)


now spoil attack guard and char on 1 lvl use resurrection


when 1 lvl char use rez you use resurrection one more time .


when 1 lvl char rez u, u automaticly use next rez even if u alive :)


so you use always rez u don't loss time


80 rez in 15 minuts :))))

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You need to be Ainstain to do that!

Thanks man, you helped me a lot!


Are u retards or something?


Oh Oh Oh!

Now, with this exploit i will rule all servers!

Oh My Dear Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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omfg it is easier to run dlvl script in oren, but dlvling dwarf from 52>43 lvl takes about 1 hour, u can use this trick/bug to do dlvl in 10 min.

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