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WTS [WTS] L2Brick Private Packet

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All Hi5 Quests realised except Q901 Q10295 Q10296, in 1 week this quests will be done.

300 Quests reworked in java, + less speed on loading.

Working All Epics + Freya (easy)(hard) + Frintezza

Dv/Loa Full working retail with running npcs ()

Retail Navits Advnt Blessing


For Price Pm


[310] Fix for Hunting Bonus, now working
[309] Fixed Seed of Destructions doors
[308] Clean effect handler Fear
[307] Fix for Chamber of Delusion
[306] CB changes
[305] Fix for Admin CTF Engine
[304] Fixed CTF command, now working THX Jefferson for fast report
[303] Fix for/Quests/Teleports/Instance/ logInfo En/Disable
[302] Update DragonTrophy Quest Htmls
[301] Possible fix Q242 Q634
[300] Fix Pailaka
[299] Fix For Pailaka's
[298] New H5 Quests Reworked Some of them
[297] Rework/Cleanup
[296] Fixed SoE- Pailaka
[295] Fixed Some Skills/ Added Unseal CLoack/ updated Quests
[294] Clean trunk
[293] Q50
[292] Update
[291] Added missing configurations (CTF) Thx Jefferson
[290] removed old non used configuration Fixed error in ItemRequest
[289] Replacing String literal can with character literal. Equality test wi...
[288] Flagged bad double comparison, added TODO task. Math round in maxAngleDiff, w...
[287] Code style packets
[286] Code style datatables
[285] code style
[284] Messages final static to static final
[283] quests final static to static final
[282] final static to static final
[281] Fixes Shield Slam and similar skills.
[280] Reworked zones
[279] Fixed AI guard
[278] Updated GM View packet
[277] change method get player
[276] Fix for templates
[275] Update characters data
[274] DP handlers
[273] Rework game server and added new function for scripts
[272] reworking...
[271] Htm for Top PvP/Pk
[270] SQL for Top PvP/Pk npc
[269] Sry my bad :/
[268] Added npc for Top PvP/Pk
[267] Clean for listeners
[266] ....
[265] Added Show name and can target to 65535 id
[264] Updated Custom NPC SQL
[263] Buffer SQL
[262] Fixed Scheme Buffer
[261] Added missing texts for Schema Buffer
[260] Added xml support for Call of Antharas,Call of Valakas, Jewel of Antharas, J...
[259] Clean and Added NPC Buffer (scheme)
[258] supp. for prev. upd.
[257] new mods conf
[256] CTF Clean
[255] Fix for 7 Sign transformation, tested Working
[254] Guards of the dawn transform
[253] 7Sign 195
[252] Test Script
[251] CTF SQL
[250] CTF Datapack
[249] CTF
[248] Need Test Q648
[247] Q308 upgraded to Hi5
[246] Upgraded Quests/fixed some instances
[245] ...
[243] Fixes
[242] Fix skills for previous update
[241] Fix for Valakas, SMTG, Zone types, restoring clan wars
[240] .txt
[239] Config Done.. need test :) added missing Features
[238] Config for Grand Champ. Mobs
[237] Big Rework for config
[236] Q10293 Update
[235] Fixed ScreenDamage in .cfg /added ShowNpcLevel On/Off in cfg/ Some Missing Htmls
[234] Some fixes skills and zones
[233] Solve for fix SMTG , need test Updated packets
[232] Fix for Sel Mahum
[231]Fix for Oly config
[229]Fixed Q10294 now its working TODO 2 effects inside instance
[227]c0re update DONE :)
[226]Fixed doors
[225]Fix Filter
[224]Updated Mysql connector 5.1.18 to 5.1.20
[222]Fix for load()
[221]Synchro... 5309
[220]Fix for enchant items
[218]ohh sorry my bad :) now fixed
[217]Info for dev. team... check it..
[215]scripting fixes
[214]Fix for Security
[213]Updated and Clean for Quest support, added new protection
[212]Update fishing
[211]Deleted non used files
[210]Update enchant system Updated Party Matching Clean
[209]Faenor rework = Removing zip support
[207]Update for Admin function, moved to .xml from .sql Update clients packets Upd...
[206]reworking admin function
[205]Updated build.xml Instance managers Update for packets
[204]Misc fixes.. db con
[203]Updated L2Character, prep. for next updates
[202]Update Instance Managers
[201]Q10294 Update
[199] sry me
[197] Class Exception Error Fix/ Updated Some Doors/
[196] Database Installer Improvements/ some admin command handlers/ Fishing Road,Sk...
[195] Replaced negateId with negateAbnormals in skills to match retail, /Fixed Xsds/
[194] Command Handler Rework
[193] CleanUp/Skills/Ehnchant Routers/ Minor Changes
[192] Updated Daily Quests/ StartPoints/ ClassSkillTree/ArmorSets
[191] Updated Quests/ Fixed Bugs / also fixed bugs which were commited on forum/ A...
[190] synchr file
[189] Added missing Formulas for armors, GMs can now invite invisible players to a...
[188] Fixed skills update effect for Arcane Shield
[187] Fix for Quests multiple
[186] Closed unclosed resources. Using ARM for ImputStream?. Cleanup.
[185] Fix for Html cache, Clean fix
[184] Fix for servitor instance shared elementals
[183] Some Fixes
[181] Reworked Q182 - Q188
[180] Fixed TvT NPC, default enable custom table_npc, Thanks Jefferson Monteiro
[179] New Quests some bug fixes. added new cond setCond(1);
[178] Quest Structure Updated/ Added New Sound system/ updated daily quests/ added ...
[177] New Quests . also edited some of them dp part core part comming soon by RobikBobik
[176] ScreenDamage Function added in .cfg
[175] Added two new quest/Fixed Q115 still needs test IG/ Added .CFG command coming...
[174] New quests in java
[173] Add H5 Raids Spawnlist
[172] Updated Skills
[171] Fix For Seed of Destruction
[170] Rim Kama, Benom AI
[169] Rim Kamaloka
[168] Update Html
[167] synchronizace
[166] Clean and added missing files for prev. updates
[165] Updated Fish and Fishing
[164] Update Server Packets
[163] Next AI Support for LoA Cycle
[162] Added Next LoA AI
[161] New Quests (Total 42) From Py To Java part 2/2 | 1123 files
[160] New Quests (42) From Py To Java part 1/2
[159] Added new missing Warlords in cycle LoA, Fixed previous update changed "malru...
[158] Added Missing Hunters in cycle LOA, and Fixed previous Hunters
[157] Added Missing _log.info
[156] Update skills, routes, zone
[155] Q115 need test ingame
[154] Updated Quest Items
[153] Added H5 Quests/ Upgraded Some Of Them/ Added Rnd.chance() function/ TODO: Je...
[152] COoords for me
[151] smtg
[150] zone fix
[149] DataPack Updated and Fixed
[148] synchronizace.txt
[147] Fixes core
[146] synchronizace.txt
[145] Updated Core... 24 000 lines, DP side coming tomorrow GN
[144] Updated Jewel Of Antharas/CallofAntharas
[143] Htmls for Q10504
[142] New H5 Quest core part
[141] Fixed Malruk.. comming soon next monsters
[140] Updated Daily Quest Clean Upgraded Q645 on H5 needs test
[139] Deleted Antharas Lair Walkers
[138] New Quests// added IsNewbie() function to improve newbie quests
[137] Fix For RaidBossSpawnManager: Could not load raidboss #25671 from DB RaidBoss...
[136] Fixes :)
[135] FIX NPC EL and AI
[134] Fix NPC
[133] Deleted Debug
[132] .properties
[131] Configs and clean
[131] Configs and clean
[130] Update configs
[129] Missing Imports
[128] New Quests in java
[127] Next part.. comming soon DO NOT UPDATE !
[126] Next Part comming soon, please do not Update !
[124] next edited scripts for configs
[123] Unusefull
[122] Set to normal requi...
[121] So sorry my bad :P now it fixed
[120] seven_signs NotDone Yet
[119] UnDebug frintezza script, need to test now ;) later will be fixed. Ready for ...
[118] Prepairing :) need todo on all instances :P
[117] Update CORE
[116] Update Handlers
[115] Editted build.xml
[114] Fix
[113] FIX SKILLS and add zone
[112] Some fixes and deleted // :)
[111] Q144
[110] Some fixes :)
[107] ToTheMonstery
[106] Seven Sing Part 3
[105] Seven Sings part 2
[104] Added missing videos :P
[103] sql
[102] Updated Default folder
[101] Deleted not needed 2
[100] Deleted not needed
[99] Seven Sings part 1
[98] Chain Heal last fix
[97] Core Support for preivous update
[96] Updated skills
[95] NevitsHerald script and support
[94] NevitsHerald
[93] disable _log from listeners and fix
[92] Task for Advent
[91] Instances
[90] New Quests Part 3/ Uploading Html | Finished Quests Part
[89] New Quests Part 2/ Uploading new java quests
[88] Update DV
[87] Q10287
[86] New Quests Part 1/ Deleteing Old py
[85] ICQ2 Q10286
[84] Fix IQC1 Q10285
[83] SQL
[82] Deleted non used folder
[81] IQC 2 htms and fix for Q10285
[80] Fix for Q10285
[79] Fix Q 10285
[78] scripts.cfg
[77] Q10285 - need to be still in DataPack - not move to Core
[76] FIx for 10286
[75] Quests Part 2
[74] Htms
[73] Fix 10284
[72] htm fix
[70] Reworked Champion Configs -- Xp Sp Calculation Still needs to fix Added Drag...
[69] Fixed Champion Mobs-- Tested Working Comming soon new configs for champion mob
[68] New Quests Core part 1/ upgrade for dp and another quests coming soon
[67] Updated and Fixed SoD, Fixed Spawn fortress portals And renamed from Stage1 t...
[66] Zone For SoD
[65] SoD testing and Fixing
[64] Cosmetic
[63] added info about synchronization :P
[62] GrandChampion .. Need Test In Game
[61] SQL
[60] double load Qs
[59] Update for today :) core part - dp side is comming...Packets,Antharas,Huning,...
[58] Group temple script
[57] SH fix
[56] Super Haste
[55] Walkers
[54] Update
[53] Update
[52] Fixed NPC aura and enchant effect. Removed champ aura, because is not ready f...
[50] Fixes sorry
[49] ...
[48] Deleted Quests
[47] Update 2 :)
[46] Update :)))
[45] Dp side for previous Update
[44] --Moved Custom Folder to Core and renamed it to Other. --Added folder for vil...
[43] Fortress Reward
[42] Q28/29 added Separated Soul
[41] Dp Side
[40] Some New Quests/ Not Tested Q191 27 28 others work
[39] xmls
[38] ... sry
[37] Updates/Fixes
[36] instances... need todo: packages. errors and log info... GN
[35] htmls
[34] Fixes
[33] Added loginfo, fixed packages..
[32] new folder in core, added instances and hb scripts + engine (need todo)
[31] deleted old scripts and will move to core
[30] Config for champ aura :) TODO: missing text in l2jmods :D i'm so be lazy :P
[29] Syntax
[28] Fixed Quest Name String in Htmls/ added missing htmls
[27] Missing Texts for Quests
[26] Upgradeing Quests/ Added Some New Quests/ Improveing quests/ etc..
[25] Some supports for Quest, added missing loginfo and need todo: html texts(tomo...
[24] New quests, need todo: logInfo and some missing methods and Commit html parts :)
[23] Fixed LogInfo.... LogInfo is not Login Information :D !
[21] Moved Teleports to core/fixed some configs/Organised Scripts.cfg
[20] Custom no champion function
[19] Quests
[18] Some Improvements for quest / and installer
[17] Updated Scripts, Fixed Imports, Added Log info
[16] Delete old
[15] Not ready for use, need fix imports... i'm working on are
[14] ...
[13] Updated Configs (Added LogInfo configuration) continue rev.12
[12] Deleted Java Quests... need check if all .java deleted and check script.cfg a...
[11] Fixed Jythons
[10] Script engine
[9] Fixed some errors (Datapack)
[8] Fixed some errors (Core)
[7] :) name of zipped files
[6] run app
[5] Build for Core
[4] Build for Dp
[3] Build for Dp
[2] First steps
[1] Automatically created readme.textile and /trunk directory. We recommend you t...

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