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[WTS]League Of Legends Nordic & East Account


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Bored playing league of legends.Time to study for the exams.Soo I decided to sell my league of legends Nordic & East account.So here is some info about it.


-Champions:About 75 owned

-Runes: 3 rune pages for tank,ap,ad

-Masteries:I have a lot of mastery pages like for champions I like such as kennen,wu,nida,graves and more.But I can make for other champs if you wish to.

-Skins:Hmmm,i have a lot of skins like for kennen,nida,teemo and other champs I like if you want more info just pm me.

-More than 300 euro spent.

-Payment:You can pay me via PayPal or PaysafeCard.The price for paypal is 46 euro while the price via PaysafeCard is 50 euro.

-Contact:You can contact me on skype at hellruler3,here in forum.


Here is a proof of it:






I repeat if you want more info you have to pm me here.Don't add me on skype for info.


Also you need to know that I won't loose my account just like this.The style of payment is like you give me the money and after I receive the amount you gave me I immediately give you the e-mail & password.

I don't wanna risk the money I spent for this account.So if you even thought of scamming me,you failed.



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