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Lineage 2 Abyss World PvP Server


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L2 Abyss World is here with you to make this game a better experience of your everyday life.Our staff is reliable and good and everyday tries for the best to develop the server in order to provide you a good quality game that you can have a nice time playing.




*Custom Leveling starting area for all new players.

*Olympiad 100% works.

*PvP/Pk Color System.

*Custom Noblesse Gain with PvP.

*Max Subclasses: 3.

*Unstuck Time: 7 seconds.

*Augmenation Rate: 90%.

*Subclass Without Quest.

*Event Engine: TvT,Raid,DM,CtF,Kino,Quiz(more will be added in the future).

*PvP Kill Reward(10 Cp Potions and 2 Gold Dragons if you are in chaotic zone).

*Kill Streak Announcement.

*Auto Vote Reward(Every 10 votes you will earn 1BEWS and 1 BEAS).

*Password Change(use .changepassword to change it).

*Castle owners Announcer.

*Hero Announcer.

*Raidboss Killer Announcement.

*Working Raidbosses.

*Quake PvP system.(Nice Animations and Announcing on continuous Kills).

*Custom Npcs(GmShop,Teleporter,Delevel Manager,Noblesse,Buffer,PvP-Pk rating and more).

*No Death Penalty.

*No Weight Penalty.

*Working Geodata.

*Retail like buff slots.

*No grade penalty.


*2 Farm Zones:

*Semi-safe farm area which is located at Underground Coliseum.(Lower Drops).

*Farm Zone which is located at Hotsprings(Better drops chances Non-Safe zone).

*1 PvP Zone which is a big enough room with no escapes.

*Gold Dragon is the best coin in order to buy armors,weapons and other equipments.

*And a lot more of features.


*Element 80%

*+3 Safe

*+16 Max

*75% Enchant rate (Normal enchant)

*90% Enchant rate (Blessed enchant)

*Xp: x500.

*Sp: x500.

*Adena: x1.

*Drop: x1.


Server Hardware (Dedicated Server)

*Operating SystemWindows Web Server 2008* 64bit O

*CPU (Processor) Intel® Pentium® i7 3.4 GHz or above

*RAM (Memory)    8Gb

*Internet 1Gbps Upload/Download

*Backup system



*Added auto backup twice a day.





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this server its 3-4 days.and some guys on that server have more to +20 - 25 Enchanting Skills. sucks server and only 15-20 people online.no point too play there.

GCM Cost 10 Gold Dragons and 1 mob have 50% Chance to give 5 Gold Dragons

Is not hard to make items and skills plus.

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GCM Cost 10 Gold Dragons and 1 mob have 50% Chance to give 5 Gold Dragons

Is not hard to make items and skills plus.

lol :D , 5 gold dragons drop the abyssal mobs , and normal mobs have a shit of gold dragons, and the anothers items , raid boss drops 20 gold dragon , sry but this server sucks, really sucks.

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New changes on server.

-Added PvP reward at PvP zone every PvP you make you get Festival Adena for buy Crystals Scrolls 100% chance & GCM.


-Changed Farm zone from Hot Springs to Cemetery.


-Changed Vote Reward every 3 Votes u get 1 Bews , 1 Beas


-Incrased mobs drop now all mobs drop Gold Dragons.

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