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L2 Anonymous Actives Stuck PvP Server


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I would like to present you our server!

Grand Opening Today at 21:00 UTC +2 !


A detailed presentation of our server!


- Server is NON Custom -


- Rates -

Xp 5000x

Sp 5000x

Drops 1x

Adena 10000x

Drop Item Karma 7


- Enchant Info -

Normal Scroll Rates 65%

Blessed Scroll Rates 100%

Max +18 (For everything).


- Hourly Auto Events -

Team Vs Team


Capture The Flag

Events Prizes - Star Coins , Anonymous bars ( Farm Items ).


- Actives Stuck - *Unique Feature*

Modified Balance for Actives

Augment Chances are 11%

Top Grade LifeStones LvL 76 available on shops ( Multi choise of buying *Vote rewards or Farm Items* )


- Custom NPC's -

Buffer with our custom schemes plus all buffs available.

GMShop with B/A/S Grade weapons/armors, prices normal adenas.

Custom Shop with Clan Items, Blessed Scrolls, Accessories, etc. prices Farm items.

Server Info


Raid Boss Manager & Teleporter

Skill Enchanter

Top PvP/PK Lists

Mass Siege Informer/Reg


Password Changer

Massive Gatekeeper

Event Manager


- Farm Zones -

Safe Zone Giran Harbor * Mixed mobs

Ketra*Adena/Gold Bars & Mos*Star Coins.

Custom Starting Zone with 1 hit lvl 80 Mob.


- PvP/Pk Zones -

Primeval Isle is Custom PvP Area *You keep buffs & rez inside*

Forbidden Gateway is OldSchool PvP

Dragon Valley is also OldSchool PvP


- Raid Bosses -


Queen Ant


*All with modified hp's/drops. Get your clan and fight!


- More Info -

Buff slots are 32 for the moment.

Custom Protection System

Anti Feed System & Interval also.

No Lags.

Olympiad Works 100%

*Olympiad is off just for now [will open instantly when server achieves a decent a-beep-t of players]*

Sieges work 100%

C4/C5/C6 Skills Fixed 99%~

Modified Balance *Due to Actives*

Uptime 99%


http://l2anonymous.net *Our Official Website*


http://l2anonymous.net/forum *Our Forum & Our Main Communication Source*



That's all, hope u'll enjoy our server. For any other questions you can reply to our forum or find us in-Game ;)

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A Moderator please move this topic to the appropriate section, our server is ONLINE, we made also major changes due to forgotten details, that's the reason our server is down atm.

Thank you for understanding.


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Stuck active augments? /fail

Actually it's the only decent interlude high rate pvp server out there, this time period. I bet you didn't even try it.
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