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[L2OFF Interlude 25x] L2OnFire | Opens on Friday the 6th in April !!


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Server grand opening will be on Friday the 6th in April 2012






Players start with level 20 and top D Grade Equipment.


Platform: L2OFF

Chronicle: Interlude (C6)



  • EXP/SP: 25x
  • Adena: 200x
  • Party EXP: 1.5x



  • .menu (brings up menu where player can change class, enable/disable auto loot, exp mode, register to auto TvT, create offline shop and much more)




Enchant Scrolls

  • D/C Grade can be bought in Misc Shop with Adena
  • B Grade can be bought in Misc Shop with Adena and Fire Adena
  • A Grade can be obtained by killing A Grade Raids and spoiling ACM wooden mobs
  • S Grade can be obtained by killing S Grade Raids and spoiling ACM metal mobs


Enchant Rates

  • Max weapon enchant: +16
  • Max armor enchant: +8
  • Fighter weapon enchant rate: 66% (retail-like)
  • Mage weapon enchant rate: 33% (retail-like)




Buff Time

  • Buffs, Dances and Songs last 2 hours
  • COV, Magnus, VOP,POF/W/W last 5 minutes
  • Cat/Unicorn buffs last 2 minutes


Player Buffer

  • Includes Buffs, Songs and Dances (does not include final class skills)
  • Scheme Buffer: You can save your desired buff list and buff yourself with one click (one scheme for each subclass)


Summon Buffer

  • Same as player buffer but used for buffing summons
  • Only summoners (such as Spectral Master, Elemental Master and Arcana Lord) are able to use it


AIO Buffers

  • AIO buffers have skills from all buffing classes (PP, SWS, BD and WC)
  • AIO buffers are not able to buff outside safe zone and do zero damage




Weapons, Armors and Jewels

  • D/C Grade can be bought in GM Shops with Adena
  • B/A Grade can be bought in GM Shops with Adena and Fire Adena
  • S Grade can be crafted by dwarfs using custom recipes
  • All materials can be obtained in ACM with drop and spoil
  • Success rate is 60% and 100%
  • Materials required are armor pieces, weapon pieces, jewelry pieces, adena and fire adena


Special Ability

  • D/C Grade requires Adena
  • B/A/S Grade requires Adena and Fire Adena
  • Note: Weapon enchant is lost when special ability is added via GM Shop


Hunting Grounds


Leveling zones


Leveling zones have Exp and Adena boosted by 25% and drop Fire Adena.


  • (20-30) Execution Grounds
  • (30-40) Death Pass
  • (40-52) Dragon Valley
  • (52-76) Dragon Valley Caves


Farming zones


(76-80) Abandoned Coal Mines (Lower)

  • Drops: Adena & Fire Adena
  • Spoil: Fire Adena, Recipes (60%), Enchant Scroll (A Grade)


(76-80) Abandoned Coal Mines (Upper)

  • Drops: Adena & S grade Item pieces
  • Spoil: S grade Item pieces, Recipes (60%), Enchant Scroll (S Grade)


ACM Party Monsters

  • Party monsters are located all over ACM (non-agro)
  • Drops: Adena, Fire Adena, Weapon/Armor/Jewelry and Enchant Scroll (S Grade)
  • Spoil: S Grade Item pieces, Recipes (100%)




Epic Raids


All epic raids are level 80, have retail drop chance for epic jewelry, drop S Grade weapons, armors, jewels and enchant scrolls and are located in PvP zones.


Custom Raids

  • There are two custom raids located in PvP zones within ACM (Abandoned Coal Mines)
  • Drops: Adena, Fire Adena, S Grade weapons, armors, jewelry, enchant scrolls, life stones (much higher a-beep-t than retail S Grade retail raids)
  • Respawn time: 22-26 hours


Retail Raids

  • S Grade Raids (76+): Drop weapons, armors, jewels, adena, fire adena, S Grade enchants, life stones and recipes (60% and 100%) (respawn time 20-28 hours)
  • A Grade Raids (61+): Drop Adena, Fire Adena and A grade Enchants (respawn time 20-28 hours)




Automatic Events

  • TDM (Team Death Match)
  • Happens 3 times a day (02:00, 12:00, 20:00)
  • Duration: (20 minutes)
  • Each team starts in HQ guarded by Guards and Support Tent (buffer)
  • Player respawn time: 1 minute
  • Winning Team receives 1x Luxury Coin


Luxury Coins can be exchanged for S Grade materials, enchant scrolls, life stones and upgrade Hair Accessories (adds additional CP).


GM Events


Game Masters will be organising daily events PvP such as 1v1, TvT, Korean TvT and LMS.




Server automatically checks for votes every hour. If server has 50 more votes then the last time all players receive 1x Vote Coin (coins can’t be traded).


Players can exchange Vote Coins for various hair accessories.



Server grand opening will be on Friday the 6th in April 2012


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Bot protection? ddos protection? Looks pretty good though if you have real protection. Good Luck :)


There is full bot protection (blocks all known walkers and 3rd party software) and DC with ddos mitigation.

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Very nice features,but i think exp rate its to low


Leveling zones have boosted exp & adena so if you level there is around 35x. Your S grade in 3 hours if playing solo, ofc power leveling is always an option :)

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those who are trying to recall the interlude l2sublimity serviodr has a similar online so folks who want to go straight to the link account and create self criation time sit this aki who want go and make your downloads gets to play the sit e éh www.la2night.tk communicate information but tk on facebook

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