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L2-H5 High Definition 20x


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Server is running H5 (Mid Rate)


Launch Date : 01.03.2012 18:00 GMT+2


Our Website: http://l2.hdservers.net/


Server stats


•XP: x20

•SP: x20

•Drop: x5

•Spoil: x7

•Adena: x80

•Quest Drop: x15

•Quest Reward: x5

•Quest Exp/Sp Reward: x20

•Quest Adena Reward: x5

•Raid Boss drop: x5

•Grand Boss drop: x5

•Manor: x3

•Rate Extract Fish: x4




•EnchantSafeMax = 4

•EnchantSafeMaxFull = 4

•EnchantMaxWeapon = 16

•EnchantMaxArmor = 8

•EnchantMaxJewelry = 8


NPC information


•Scheme Buffer in every town

-All buffs PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SS,Cats = 2 Hours

•Global Gate Keeper in every town

•GM Shop in every Town (No-grade , D-grade , C-grade , B-grade , A-grade)

•Universal NPC with Full support

•Color NPC (exchange adena for colored nicknames)

•Spawned Merchant of Mammon in Giran (exchange AA for universal items)


Class Master:

•1 class transfer - Cost: 100,000 Adena.

•2 class transfer - Cost: 1,000,000 Adena.

•3 class transfer - Cost: 15,000,000 Adena 2,000,000 Ancient Adena. Reward: Giant,s Codex.]


Server Events Information

•Auto Event:

•[Team vs Team]





Server Information


Working Instances 100%

• Kamaloka instaces

• Pailaka instances

• Crystal Caverns

• Tower of Naia

• Steel Citadel

• Tully's Workshop

• Hellbound Town

• Dark Cloud Mansion.

• Fortress Siege

• Castle Siege


Working features:

• Territorial Wars

• Siegable Clanhalls

• Seven Signs Epic Quests

• Seed of Infinity

• Seed of Destruction

• Seed of Anihilatio


More Information:

• Craftable S80 Moirai + Foundation

• Craftable S84 Vesper + Foundation

• New Zone for farm Vesper Recipes + Mats at MOS

• New Zone for farm Vesper,Icarus,Moirai Recipes + Mats at Beest Farm.

• Sub class without quest max 3

• Sub class max level 80

• Clan war reward 50 point

• All talismans work

• Quest for S80 Dynasty Weapon/Armor from Isle of Prayer or Hellbound Work

• All skills until 85 level are auto learned without forgotten scrolls

• Auto lern skills

• Raid Bosses

- Dranael

- Kechi

- Tears

- Baylor

- Darion

- Epidos

- Beleth

- Typhoon

- Frintezza

- Van Halter

- Benom

- and many more...


Server Machine


•Processor : AMD Athlon II 640 4x3.0Ghz Stock

•RAM : 2x4GB DDR3(1333Mhz)

•HDD : 320 GB SATA2 Hitachi 7200 RPM



We hope you enjoy our server. Have fun...

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