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[L2J]L2 Death Race


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A bit about us :


So... There is nothing really special about the server (yet). The team has some brilliant ideas concerning items/stats/gameplay in general, but without a live community to test on it would be a waste of time trying

config/balance them on our own. So really don't expect anything groundbraking the first few days  ;D .


And now about the server :


There are NO CUSTOMS (yet)


Server Rates


• Experience: x1000

• Spexperience: x1000

• Party Experience: x2

• Party Spexperience: x2

• Adena: x500

• Drop Item Karma: x1


Enchant Rates


• Safe Enchant: +3

• Weapon Enchant: +16

• Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 66% (as the name implies  :P )

• Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 75% (If fail, enchant value goes to 0)

• Crystal Scroll Enchant Rate: 25% (If fail, enchant value stays the same)




•GM Shop with everything you'll need

•Buffer (element resist-related buffs have been removed) [buff slots 28 (24+4 inspiration)]




•Cycle lasts 1 week

•Matches start everyday at 18.00 (GMT+2)

•Hero weapons have been boosted




•Levelzone (all players start there)

•Primeval Isle Wharf is the PvP/PK Zone

•2 Farm Zones in where you get Blessed Enchant scrolls (A/S) by drop and spoil


Retail-like features:


I won't go through that here. The server uses aCis latest rev pack so check this thread for IL features for

what is there and what not.


Website: http://deathrace.net84.net/

Forum: http://deathrace.net84.net/smf/index.php


Note: The server is going live at 18.00 (GMT+2).

        At the moment that I write this text, the server isn't activated yet in either topzone/hopzone, so the population

        may be small the first few hours. Please have patience ;D


Note 2: The server isn't yet on any server listing sites. So as there is  not a single soul online the opening will

            be postponted will tomorrow. Sorry you eager-to-play people :P

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A short update:


*Updated to aCis rev 234

*Change EXP and SP rates to x2000

*Changed buff slots (24+4 --> 58+4)

*Reduced EAS/EWS price (2kkk -> 50kk)

*Added Clan lvl items to GM Shop

*"Broke" the A-grade armor sets. Parts can now be bought individually

*Reduced Silence/Curse of Doom hit rate

*Bow/Dagger Classes cannot equip heavy armor

*Fixed a bug with enchant failing at below safe

*Added Autoreward engine

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dude, can I give you a tip???


I know a lot of people is dying to play a high rate server that requires people to play supports and have a retail like experience without the boring xp/quest parts


so my suggestion is:


add everything to npcshop (including raid boss jewels / lifestones)

no npc buffer to force people play supports

instant leveling, no quests

easy enchanting = all tired of the crap enchanting stuff forever

max +6 for bonus armor


only end game retail like experience, that requires people to play as a group (which means play supports like prophet, sword singer, blade dancer, rechargers...everyone playing their role as it should be played)


This way, not only your server will be UNIQUE

but will offer an experience most L2 players are dying for to have

and will gather attention of players at the TOPS for offering this


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