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  1. Slots was entirely another matter. I wanted to confirm the values the l2j C4 sources have. About the parsing. I saw that all the current projects move from SQL to XML, so I did a little research and read about SAX and DOM. I asked here to give me your opinion on those two methods. I already did it for character templates and armorsets, which have very little data and it's easier to do, and the results are ok. Everything loads and seems to be just fine. Perfomance-wise I can't tell any difference yet.
  2. Nevermind I figured it out. Another question now: DOM or SAX parsing?
  3. A bit silly question now... Can I sniff packets from a l2j server since the values are stored in client or do I have to find a L2OFF server to do the job? @EDIT: Q2 -> Why are the values stored in hex and not dec form? Is there some restriction or gain or is it just developer's taste?
  4. No, no maybe I wasn't clear enough. I mean where were the original values found? Are the in client files or sniffed by phx? Are those fixed values or I can change them at will?
  5. Where were the slot values found? Example: public static final int SLOT_LR_HAND = 0x4000; public static final int SLOT_FULL_ARMOR = 0x8000; public static final int SLOT_FACE = 0x010000; public static final int SLOT_ALLDRESS = 0x020000; public static final int SLOT_HAIR = 0x040000; public static final int SLOT_HAIRALL = 0x080000;
  6. Νομιζω (δεν ορκιζομαι κιολας) οτι πρεπει να πειραξεις και το client για να σου εμφανιζει οτι ειναι S grade και να σου εχει και το αντιστοιχο glow. Αλλιως θα στο εμφανιζει σαν No grade και απλα θα δινει grade penalty και θα θελει S scrolls για enchant
  7. In CharacterCreate find this: newChar.setXYZInvisible(template.spawnX, template.spawnY, template.spawnZ); replace the X, Y, Z with the coordinates you want.
  8. Yeah I get all that. What I am asking is where are the IDs stored in the client. Like system messages are in systemmsg-e.dat, is there a file containing these info? So far I haven't found anything in the system folder (I open the files I can with fileedit).
  9. This is the CharCreateFail serverpacket package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.serverpackets; public class CharCreateFail extends ServerBasePacket { public static final int REASON_CREATION_FAILED = 0x00; public static final int REASON_TOO_MANY_CHARACTERS = 0x01; public static final int REASON_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS = 0x02; public static final int REASON_16_ENG_CHARS = 0x03; private int _error; public CharCreateFail(int errorCode) { _error = errorCode; } @Override protected final void writeImpl() { writeC(0x1a); writeD(_error); } @Override void runImpl() { } } I think that the the int values are IDs for the corresponding strings that appear in each case. I just can't find where they are located.
  10. In which client files are the strings for those two packets located?
  11. 1ον η προταση μου: Δεν σε καταλαβαινω εδω. Ζητας κατι ευκολο πανω στο οποιο θα δουλεψεις αλλα παραλληλα και ετοιμο (δηλαδη να μη θελει δουλεια :P ) . Τελος παντων, σου προτεινω το aCis γιατι οπως ζητας δεν εχει πολλα προβληματα. Και δεν ειναι και τοσο δυσκολο οσο πολλοι νομιζουν. Διαβασε τα tutorials που υπαρχουν εδω και δεν θα εχεις προβλημα. Αν παλι εχεις, εδω ειμαστε :)
  12. Το datapack ξεχασες :P
  13. Περιμενε να σου εμφανισει "Gameserver terminated . Press any key to continue" ή κατι τετοιο και μην κλεινεις το παραθυρο του νωριτερα :)