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WTS items on l2GvsE (interlude)


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'Hello everyone. I would like to

announce that our server will be

down for a couple of days, probably

one week. We will move to a new

company, with DDoS Protection.

While server will be down, our team will work on Class balance, on

Skills, and some other bugs that our

server has. We will try to improve

our server, add new features, like a

system for Clan Level 8 + Full Clan

skills, probably just with adena. I would like to request you to be

patient, We are not glad that we

have to close it for a week, but it

takes some days until DDoS

protection is ready, and PC also. At

least this will give an oppurtunity to fix the server, and get many

players again. Thanks for

understanding. '



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