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[Freya]Freya Server 13/05/2011 ~L2ORION~


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Some people play on the server is a very nice atmosphere


I invite you to the server!!!


Lineage ][ - ORION -

Real PvP x300 Server

Why you should join?

-No lag

-95% of classes balanced... (daliy updates for perfect balance)

-98% of skills balanced

-Maley unique custom features

-No rolback

-Easy farm

-Maley auto and gm events

-Helpful Staff


Information about Server



Server Rates

-Xp Rate x 300

-Sp Rate x 500

-instant level 81 - max 85

-PvP increasing Exp.

-Adena Drop x1000

-Party XP x1.5

-Party SP x1.5

-Karma to Drop min 6

-Drop Rate Item,Weap,Equip - 50%,40%,10%


-Augmentation Mid LS Skill Chance = 40%

-Augmentation High LS Skill Chance = 60%

-Augmentation Top LS Skill Chance = 80%



Safe enchant +3

Max enchant +16

Normal scroll chance - 65 %

Blessed scroll chance - 75%

Attribute stone chance - 50 %




WWW.L2Orion.PL    sorry men :)



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