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re file 3ekolla apo tn  zwh s pvp server me 66% normal enchant ti perimeneis n valei rbs me trela stats?? trava valakas anthy k ama t xwseis estw me 2 pt to boulwnw

[GR]Ελα κουράζεις , αμα γουστάρεις παιξει δεν θα μας την πεις κι ολας που δεν γουσταρουμε να παιξουμε στη σαβούρα.Αντε δρομο
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yes you asked for items i dont have a screen now.

Also be patient, you never joined my server L2terror was the server of your failer friend Carmineangelo, my last server was GS and it was open from november till march so you dont have to add words that i didn't say, not me.

You're again wrong..i didnt ask items from you.I asked to change my class from saggitarius to adventurer couse i made miss-click! And then i was trying to contact you to help me because i was logging with my pass and i didnt see my player.Propably,you were talking for someone else,i had name MeFistO there.


After,i had log to L2terror and was for sure noob server.You said one day on forum that you will open server and then server totally opened after 2-3 weeks.You was just kidding the community.


And Carmine isnt my friend..i dont even know him.Again you add me words that dont exist!

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