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In This section you can write your opinion or suggest a game to your fellow users to play.


Review means good comments for a game so

*writing about a game you dislike will make the topic deleted

*you can say if you dont like a game if you are not the topic owner without being offtopic

*You can post pictures too just to introduce users the game :)



Preview means introduction of a newborn or a non published game(going to be published soon)!!!



Review and Preview DONT mean you can share them neither warez them in here...Warez & Game sharing are FORBIDDEN here! and generally in MxC...too many users made such mistake


Violations of those rules will Warned at first!

Continuously Violations will result more severe actions including ban in some cases if a moderator decides so(in warez or game sharing)


PS You can write about any game you want from any console you like/want!

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