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[Bug]many Passives in 1 char!!

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Hello Guys i Decide to make one post for a bug that i just found

Lets start :

This is the Known shield bug

We go at giran town and find the npc where we buy POLE and we buy 5-6 of green pole then we agument them and for example we get 3 passives to 3  Poles then wea wear the pole and then go to gm shop and buy and s grade shield an then we wear it so passive skill stuck then we continue and wear the next pole with the pasive again the same thing we wear the shield so the second pasive stuck so we have 2 pasives we continue this and stuck all the passives we have in Poles

In Some server this work also with weapon  its the same like before wear weapon with pasive then we wear shield and pasive stuck again This Work Bug is not fixed in L2jFrozen

Guys There is an another post like mine just delete my post but i didn't find anything

Credits to me  :)

Tnx a lot !!

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