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[SHARE] dzinerstudio premium themes

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Dzinerstudio is a company that designs really good looking and high quality themes for SMF (simplemachinesforum).

Demo of their designs here:





I'm sharing here a couple of their paid themes:

- cargo

- DSV1

- DSV4

- express

- indigo

- Noize

- scratch

- urban

- zone99

- surfandturf


There are SMF ready. Simply go to themes and import them (DO NOT EXTRACT, just import).

PSD's included.


This is the hidden content, please


Enjoy  8)



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I dunno, that's where I posted it.


If it's missplaced a mod should move it.


It's for v1 and v2. Some themes got both, some only v2.

offtopic board is for websites now.

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Gahh, I have been looking for something like this for a while, but everyone i find are always broken or have very old versions of the themes. What themes are included here (as i cannot see due to me being under 20 posts)?

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That mean only VIP or Donator Member can see link to download. Is it difficult to understund?


No, it's not.

But Sido said me (in pm) that you only have to have 20 posts,

There are also posts saying that you only gotta have 20 posts,

But you gotta be VIP or Don .. ?

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