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     Lineage ][ Division Freya





     Here you see a short info about our server.




     L2 Division Rates  






     XP: x 200


     SP: x 2000


     Party XP: x 2


     Party SP: x 2


     Adena: x 2000


     Epic Boss drop:  Titanium Armor.


     Vesper / Vorpal / Elegia by Farming Areas.










     Safe Enchant for weapons,Armor parts and Jewelry +3


     Enchant Max for Weapons +16


     Enchant Max for Armors and Jewelry +10


     Enchant Chance with normal scroll 66%


     Enchant Chance with Blessed Scroll 85%






     L2 Division Features  








     200x EXP Rates


     Custom Global Gatekeeper


     NPC Buffer (Also Scheme Buffer Options)


     Automated TvT/DM/LMS Events


     Special Hosted Events by GM's and Admins Every Day


     Clan Reputation Points through Clan wars/Sieges/


     Improved and Sightly increased Clan reputation rewards with Fortress / Castle Siege and More !!!



     3 hours Buff Time


     Really Balanced classes & skills!


     Geodata & Pathnodes


     Spawn Protection


     PK Guards


     The only server with no corruption ever !!!


     Backups from server information each 2 days to prevent any data lost in case of any problem


     Active development team and focused staffs on supply any demand from the players


     Highly Trained Staff to support the gameplay and feedback with players in many languages


     >>Including: Greek & English !!!


     No downtimes!!





     L2 Division Hardware





     Our Server is located in USA.


     Intel Core2Quad 3.2 Ghz


     12 GB DDR2 DDR3 ECC


     2x HardDrives 2TB SATA II, 5,400 rpm, 8 MB in Raid 1


     NVIDIA, 100 MBit Uplink Connection


     Switch Port 100 MBit / External Connections     over 150 GBit


     Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 (64 bit)


     Advanced Hardware Firewall (Protection against DDO's)

















Elegia Armor Set +10 {PVP} = 25EUR


Titanium Armor Set +10 = 50EUR




Elegia Jewel’s Set +10 = 25euro


Raid Boss Jewel’s Set +10 = 50EUR


Beleth’s Ring +10 = 10euro


Frintezza’s Necklace +10 = 10EUR




Freya Weapon +16 {PVP} = 40EUR


Clan Item’s


Clan Lvl11 Full skills = 20EUR


Other Item’s


50 Top Grade Life Stone Lvl84 = 10EUR


100gcm = 15EUR





Imperial Warlod Zombie Shield +10 = 10EUR


Nephilim lord +10 = 10EUR




Top Grade Belt +10 (S) 10EUR


Keep the server alive...






     Visit us










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Looks better, indeed.


Also, you better stop copying Lineage2Dreams and thing of something unique your self.


Lineage2Dreams?Nahh..I Dont know this server..and i'm not the owner of L2Division..I Just think that L2Divison could be a very good server..All that needs is community..

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