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  1. ED dokimase na ban/unban to allo acc , opos eime o md mpas k ginei prama , giati ama perimenw apo to maxtor sw8ika.
  2. i think you are kidding , i see that you watch the thread and no answer lol.
  3. 1o report einai sto report section , ti skata oloi oi mods to exoun di kai o admin akoma. 2 options: i den to exei dei i einai ligo m''''''''s
  4. And you dont love me anymore ? snif snif i cant stand it :(
  5. :D Thanks for buying & if you need something else we are here :P
  6. sou edwsa to skype mou apo pm , to msn to ksereis pisteyw.
  7. An Error Has Occurred! Sorry Psomas2, you are banned from using this forum! Reason: Your ban is not set to expire.