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  1. arcana mace+acumen+11 for sell aswell if anyone you know the way.
  2. noblesse mystic muse lvl 80 (+4 buff slots) subclasses: necro lvl 77, destro lvl 78,th lvl 77. items: Am+acu+passive wild magic, Heavens divider, TTS jewel set+3,dc robe set, tallum plate set, majestic leather set. Warehouse: Blue crystal 13lvl, 75 lucky gold, couple top-high-mid ls 76, 8.5k fangs, materials etc. With mage accouunt i provide you 3 more accounts: warsmith,pp,sws (out of charge). Contant me here or pm me with your skype,infos.
  3. -Noblesse sps 80lvl (+4lvl buff slots) -Hydro/solar flare/surrender/frost bolt +9 -am+8+acu (passive empower) -tateo set -ally lvl 5 with varka (killing on ketra) -1.5kkk on adena + (16lg) -3x dc sets spare mats on dworf couple of other full items (total prices like 700kk-900kk). Dworf pass goes together (all s grade recipes for boots/gloves/helmets are registed) + accounts for full resists. Im open for any kind of offers Up for any offers. Midleman from this site prefered, otherwise money goes first i send infos right after. Feel free to ask anything. Pm here or add on skype: t00karec
  4. exact c6 is dead cuz you have so few things to do...
  5. assassin's creeds II and propably the same title as revelation