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  1. I knew I had it somewhere ;D, this is list I made while botting my chars ;] simple and clear ;] 40 --> 46 Branded [in initial chambers] 46 --> 52 Worshippers [deeply] 52 --> 55 Apostate [in initial chambers] 55 --> 62 Apostate/Patriots [deeply] 62 --> 66 Devotion [in initial chambers] 66 --> 72 Witches/Devotion [deeply] 72 --> 78 Disciples/FP/DO/Saints Still try to find chamber where no one would bother you ;) About trains and train making in cata, it might be interesting to you. SA on spear increases number of mobs being attacked by +4 S
  2. Well problem with bot stucking in some place is common and in fact I don't really know how to solve it. If any one could share with us how to overcome it - I'm sure people would be grateful including myself.
  3. Wait a second, you made L2w to make trains for you? Or you're talking about trains you do all by yourself? With destro only (lvl 60) + pp/se/bd I make trains from 5 - 6 chambers, just get yourself tatoo of rabbit
  4. When it comes to high rate servers you can use this trick, majority of "well maintained" have this bug/exploit fixed. Still on high rate ones (at least some of them) it still works. You can get better results if you could f.ex get an elpy (if possible) buff him with zerk, cast hex + possible buffs reflecting dmg. Try to imagine Baium hitting lvl 1 elpy for 10k[k] dmg. Just need to ress pet few times and Rb can be done almost alone. Try it out ;)
  5. Try to get support (f.ex se/pp) and I would go to to hunt mobs which has weakness for dagger. F.ex Frost/Lost Yeti 63/62 lvls have weakness for daggers. I'm not familiar with these mobs, but if you can find them in small number you should be able to exp fast.
  6. Well as you can see on some servers it still works, instead of complain ask few of your friends to have it tested - nothing to loose except for 10 minutes [if it takes you long to organise] - and a big chance to gain.
  7. Someone said Catas are difficult to bot - that's wrong - in fact 1 Destro + pp is capable of botting there for days [thou restock required]. All you need to do is find one of those small chambers [with 4 - max 5 mobs in it] In some of them - only certain mobs are social - means they help if one of the mobs was attacked - while other remains passive. Now you need to set up your bot properly - i mean - you need to include frenzy/gust on your destro - as well as heal/root on prophet. Key to success is your ability to get the most from chars with best settings on walker. It takes a while to
  8. To be honest I don't know - sadly I am not able to check it and confirm on my own either. As far as i remember, I have used 63 lvl summoner for that. At that time it was working fine for me, is it the same now - simply don't know.
  9. Well regarding that trick with unikorm and AOE - with my clan mates we used to farm rep points but still it was a while ago. Honestly I haven't checked if it was working at the time i have posted it - but due to the fact it could have been - I've decided to post it for benefit of other players. Don't blame me if it is not working now.
  10. As it has been posted I would like to add something else: How to power level your accademy and get owful lot of rep points? Create party of 1 lvl chars with ES (unikorm merrow has AOE aqua splash) Now u need 8*lvl1 chars + one high lvl ES. Warp to Tanyor Canyon (close to Giran). To be able to work fast you need also suport (boxed pp/Se) tank + bishop. Now here is trick: gather lowbies close to unikorm BUT move summoner FAR AWAY (so that you can still see & target mobs, but exp will not be given to you). Your friend has to run around and pull as many mobs as he can (advantag
  11. true From my experience [infinity (stack subs) + other (not customed serv) like abyss] - archers - need full buff + nice equip to own (some one said that dagger party can own them easily - yes only if archers are naabs - if only they know how to fight (fast targeting, standing front to dagger not showing their back - I'd say they should win)] - mages - when you fight vs figters with who don't have good jewelery [or no o/e] you can hit them for +/- 900 - 1.2k ? just need to assist and party of fighters is done. For sure support is essential - without it, there is no point to go a
  12. Almost every private server will require donation, at official one, you pay sth like membership - since private ones are considered as "free" they have to generate money somehow due to costs of hardware, energy etc....
  13. If possible I'd like to get to know sollution how to get l2w work there as well. If you're willing to keep your "secret" feel free to pm. I'll keep it as well... Thanks in advance
  14. Solution has been found ;p If any Mod is willing to, please lock/delete this topic Thanks
  15. Well I haven't tried it yet at CT2, but I'd like to thank you because your post has helped me to deal with my own problem... Now I'm back in action with L2w at my new - low rate serv xD Thanks mate!