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  1. Nice share men. but the name kamikaze armor means that... its a kamikaze armor rly, let me explain myself, if i wear kamikaze light set, for example im an Archer, the set give me a good PAtk, a good Atk Speed but down my P.Def or my HP this mean be a kamikaze :D becouse you have very goods stats for Attack but you have down anothers, then you become a kamikaze warrior ;)
  2. Come and join us, you can test it to see if its a fking l2j server >:( come dnt be shy, ppl dont know about what to talk, just denigrate the post of anyone, before you talk come and join to l2gantz, test, if you dont like the server just leave it, its not my problem..im admin from 2 servers boys, one its this, the other its a spanish server with x1 rates, so if im a lier and i use ilegal programs why my another server have more than 20k of players online ? im not kidding, 20k was a top players online 2 weeks ago, of course its only a server for latin players, players who like and enjoy wor
  3. why are you so sure its not l2off? becouse you never see an l2off epilogue pack? or becouse your are so obstinate and don't belive l2off EP pack exist?
  4. hahahaha bro, ilegal its if use a dvamp core that i find on internet, but not happend with us, we buy a dvamp from ppl who sell with autorization and all that shit, if you don't know it, no means that no exist, all guys use l2j, becouse? becouse l2j packs its a virus in all internet, why people can just download a simple l2off server from internet? becouse a good l2off server must be buy from ppl who work on that, let me say this, if i was a guy who work on a l2off project, you think i will upload to internet for ppl download?
  5. Shopping zone or merchants its only Mithril Mines, the only city where you find the GmShops, and noup, make it at home, hosted and edited on italy :) server re-open again. we was a server with rates x1. thats why you dont see no one selling or buying Edit: The delays you experimented its becouse the buffers, every buffer works for himself, not a simple buffer or a buffer you see in another server, its a special buffer created for l2gantz.
  6. O_o pure custom l2off dvamp :), we dont use l2j, maybe is good but not for us. you can't change lg ig, in a few days we upload a new system with english lg edited.
  7. Besides of the classic changes in Epilogue server, we have many more changes, are detailed below: [ Server Machine ] * Core i5 * Asus p7h57d v Evo 2 * 16gb RAM DDR 3 1333Mhz * 1 HDD of 1 Terabyte of 64MB buffer (Raptor) * 1 HDD of 500 Gb [ Server Features ] - We are an Epilogue L2OFF. [ L2Gantz ] [-Xp 30 | Sp 30 | Adena 30 | Drop 1-] ######################[ INFO ]###################### [ INFO ABOUT SKILLS AND COMMANDS ] - Epilogue Skills. - Hero Skills working. - Time of Buff: Buff, Song and Dance 2h - Cov, Earth Chant, War Chant