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  1. Very useful in case you need to create something unique using future chronicles! Thanks for the guide mate!
  2. This is a great guide, small and simple to do. Thanks for the information!
  3. We've updated our current features! The last week has been busy for us but we've set a plan to do more from here on. Enchanting Rates have been increased! Adena drop has also been increased! Check our FB page to read the detailed changes. Some progress is done, we're far from perfect however this is not a disadvantage, it motivates us to continue development! We've read negative opinions but there have also been very positive opinions as well. So far the community we've established consists of long time L2 experienced gamers who enjoy the world we created. We hope our world can be you
  4. What we offer is a world different than the rest where you can focus in PVP but as well farm your way to the top. The team is very active, we discuss about the server's condition every day and plan our next move. We are still very motivated and are looking for players to understand that. We're listening the suggestions players make as well as opinions about each update, the server has been tested by us and tried to fix every little issue we could find. If there are issues that haven't been found yet we're counting on you and the rest of the team to get rid of them.
  5. Why do you feel the need to spam? If you checked us we have 2 GMs. The population is low but not 5, we go up to 20 players online. As admins we're trying to remain active at all times solving issues that may pop up. I don't know what your problem is and why you're retarded, there could be a bug in your brain or something that you're not aware of. :(
  6. Every game has it's rules, if you don't like our game rules do not join. No one forces you to do anything. Kisses from the team to your hate cheeks. :*
  7. The logic behind this is to spend time earning your enchanting. We will probably do special events where the rewards will be permanent +1 enchancements. Moreover, you won't see overpowered players you won't be able to defeat because of their gear being over enchanted, PVP will give out a variety of results and it's already working pretty good.
  8. The enchant rate promotes competition between players and it's one of the most characteristic features of our server. This way all the new players won't be tens of enchancements behind even from the players that are already playing for sometime. Enchanting is a big factor and we thought it should be earned hard and won by events, luck and persistence through time. Devoting some of your time in our world provides us with some support that people are trying to help with their own way so we get motivated to work harder and faster. Thanks for reading our thread and for the replies. :)
  9. -This thread will be kept updated to provide you with our latest news! Come back and check regularly! Community: L][Koo Hardcore-PVP Interlude Server The server is online right now! WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | FORUMS | DISCORD XP/SP: x5000 Adena/Spoil/Quest: x1000 Contact: Skype: l2koo.info Updates (Check Regularly, visit date link to view detailed changelog-No need to register) *MXC THREAD UPDATED 19/12/2016* *SERVER UPDATED 20/12/2016* ~Planned Events~ PvP 1vs1 Tournament - 24/12/2016 Hide and Seek - 30/12/2016 1st Day of 2017 - 1/1/2017 *Links will be defin
  10. However I think people want to join private servers just to beg for admin rights, anyway have fun... Here: http://dcuniverseonlineprivateserver.blogspot.gr/ always check the websites you've been given via https://www.virustotal.com/en/#url
  11. Each of them are different. Dota 2 has a lot of free champions and almost the same thinking when it has to do with the game except that you don't have to leave your lane to buy items IF of course you buy a courier. + You get loot when every battle ends, You need to buy keys for the chests though. :) LoL though has a lot of champions that you need to buy in order to play with different heroes.It's simple LQ. what is HoN? :P
  12. GameBoy Color : Pokemon Silver PS1: Armored Core
  13. Warrior all the way, he is unstoppable if he uses hundred blades + quickness. Thief was kinda kewl to play in pvp or WvW but they nerfed him because he was too OP.
  14. However, I've heard that if any game expansions come out you'll need to pay to get them. :) Do not be afraid to buy it though, it deserves it's money.
  15. Guild Wars 2 is nothing like you've ever played and it deserves every euro you'll spent on it. I actually pre-ordered it and participated in their Closed Beta. The game is fun, huge and the developers always release something new. Come to Blacktide if you ever consider buying it :)