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  1. Good day, Dear maxcheaters users. I would like introduce you mine roulette script of steam skins. Site Based on Laravel + socket.io Features: Deposit confirmations Multi currency/language system Fair game with md5 system Bot Based on nodeJS community modules Features: Full support for Steam ESCROW REST-client data transfer and sharing site Additional information Fully secured Live support Project always in develope, adding new features You can test it here Price 150€/170$ Purchase contacts skype - dazzle_sup ICQ - 3223773 email - pavel@itred.ru Thank you for
  2. Looks like yes, i bought and use this design at january-february 2013
  3. Gr8, and i code it, but before i bought it for 300 euro. I dnt sale design, i sale code checkitout http://l2mxc.com/mid/css/style.css So? I didnt sale them :) I show thats i code this designs... Its just demonstration of my skils. And its old works, really old - like 2013 years :)
  4. Nope, check client screenshots. Its old interlude UI with gracia design
  5. Топики выпилвали. Скрин на ЗГ помоему есть
  6. Квест на русском и при чем здесь эгоизм? На макси уже начали барыжить
  7. Special thanks to IOException for share Download mega Password: l2scripts-ostalis-bez-clientov
  8. Calm down little girl, this code is totally mine.
  9. My new client http://lineagera.com/
  10. u can check css styles Im coding not first year so...
  11. Greetings to all forum users are respected... Last few months has been busy retraining, studing the new, learning Zen. Now decided to join the jet with new powers and skills. Offer services HTML coding and php develop. Adaptation to any CMS or creating your own I can promise: Responsibility, honest High quality of work Cross-browser compatibility, rubber, valid, adaptability and semantically Sane deadlines Those who are interested and willing to cooperate can appreciate my old works: http://lab.diasolution.ru/icarus/ http://lab.diasoluti...u/icarus_promo/ http://lab.diasolution.r
  12. Live demo in russian only html (sale version - English with php files)
  13. Good evening, i would like to sale a website which is fully coded. (CSS/HTML/JS/PHP) Designed by: Evil-S Coded by: ApoloSeR Price: 40 euro Live: watch Payment Methods How to contact me - mail me - pavel@itred.ru - Add me on skype (dazzle_sup).
  14. EURO PTS platform Exp:x100 Sp:x100 Adena:x50 Drop:x30 Spoil:x20 RB:x3 Quest: x1 Link http://lineage2.ws/
  15. Soon we will make normal english version :)
  16. From the start (August 25) Every newbie (Character to level 40) will receive a bonus. The list of bonuses: 1.x2 Adena rate from Monster 2.After entering the game will be given starting Buff + Nobless There will also be available: Bonuses are coming clans Bring a friend and receive a bonus
  17. L2TheGame.ru - international craft-pvp server Opens 25 AUG About server » Server rates XP: x100, SP: x100, Adena: x100, Drop Items: x50, Spoil: x40, Quest: x20 » Shop with B-grade armors/weapons » Nobless RB - 2-4 hours, respawn remaining RB is accelerated in 4 times. Off-like epics » Simplified nobless a quest » All professions it is free » Autoloot, automatic skill learning! » An offline trade/craft » Character starts in TOP NG things and with 50k aden » Services mammon in our shop » Buffer without resist and summon buffs! 36 slots » The maximum quantity o
  18. 1. Template for SW 11 (lineage2 CMS) - Price 50 $ 2. PSD - Price 20$ Contact with me: ICQ 3223773 Skype ApoloSeR
  19. Download: ftp://fort.megaline.kz/patch/freya_scripts.zip Mirrors: http://www.zshare.net/download/86587899def21b00/ http://www.2shared.com/file/UYR44I8T/freya_scripts.html http://rapidshare.com/files/448066082/freya_scripts.zip http://rghost.ru/4390233 http://depositfiles.com/files/rxp8ye25z ty Fr3d